Our 2 new titles, 1 Transfusions 12″, and a limited re-press of ECT vol 1 will ship soon.

All of these technically come out 4/22 (Record Store Day), but none of them are “exclusive”. That means we can ship them when we want and will send them out soon!

MR-070 Ironing Music “S/T” LP (in conjunction with Crispy Nuggets)
MR-071 Autocreation “Mettle.” 2LP
MRT-004 L/F/D/M “tele-” 12″
MR-028 V/A “Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1” LP re-press!

Links below:

MR-070 Ironing Music “S/T” LP  $20


Preorder HERE (Come with instant download).

MR-071 Autocreation “Mettle.” 2LP

Preorder HERE (comes with instant download)

MRT-004 L/F/D/M “tele-”  12″ single  $13

Preorder HERE (comes with instant download)

MR-028 V/A “Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1” LP $18

Preorder HERE (Comes with instant download)

Purchase Backstock here 

We have TONS of great distro stuff (from clone, Domestica, Atemporal, Mecanica, VOD, etc etc).

Full Medical Distro List 


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