We hope you had a great Record Store Day and were able to pick up our Locust and Summer Hits reissues!  We are excited to open up preorders for 3 new releases for early June:

MR-059 Effetto Joule “Mechanic Soldier” 180gram green vinyl LP reissue
MR-060 Severed Heads “Stretcher (USA Stretched Version) 160gram black vinyl double LP gatefold reissue
MRT-002 Derivatives “Forwards, Futures, and Options” 12″ on Transfusions Sublabel

Here are the descriptions/links/covers:

MR-059 Effetto Joule “Mechanic Soldier” LP  $19

Medical Records in collaboration with Crispy Nuggets returns to Italy for it’s 59th release. Hailing from Bologna, Italy in the late 80s, Effetto Joule were brothers Flavio and Valero Biagi , Massimo Chericoni and Valerio Tassinari. Drawing on influences of the early 80s new wave and synth pop scene and armed with an arsenal of synthesizers (Korg Poly-800, Roland alpha juno-1 and juno-2, etc) from the mid 80s, Effetto Joule crafted their own sound. With the exception of the few of the tracks, almost all were home recorded during the years of 1988-1990. Effetto Joule self released a couple of cassettes entitled Ultraviolet A and B as well as one 12” single in 1989 on Top Sound Record (recently reissued by Mannequin Records with bonus material). The rest of their music has been unreleased demos from which thee tracks were hand selected. The tunes can best be described as densely new romantic with unquestionably catchy hooks and lovely vocals to boot. Standout tracks include Active Ray and Stars Your Memory. Fans of Visage, early Depeche Mode, and Dare era Human League will need this slab of wax in their collections to cherish. Presented on high quality 180gram colored vinyl. Limited edition. Remastered from cassette from the artist’s archive by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK. Contains four digital bonus tracks!

Preorder HERE  (Come with instant download + 4 bonus digital tracks!)

MR-060 Severed Heads “Stretcher (USA Stretched Version)” 2LP    $23

Medical Records presents it’s 60th release with the much needed reissue of  Australia’s Severed Heads and their 1985 release – Stretcher. The Severed Heads story continues with the expanded and Stretched 2LP reissue. After personnel changes in 1985 (Garry Bradbury and Paul Deering left the band), Sev was now down to a 2 piece (Tom Ellard and Stephen Jones). Stretcher was originally released to be a compilation to introduce the band to an American audience, but it was ultimately sold in three versions due to other countries desiring their own version (an EP in Canada and England and an LP in Australia). The name was taken from the sign on the emergency stretcher at the front of every Sydney ferry during that era. This version is based on the Volition release (Australian version) but with all the tracks from the other versions for a full collection of 17 tracks over 2 LPs. A bit more “accessible” than the previous City Slab Horror with a number of dance floor stompers filling out the collection such as the 12” versions of Halo and Petrol. The collection mostly consists of new tracks written for the multiple releases for each country release but also contains a few older tracks remixed and even a demo version of Harold and Cindy which would be later fleshed out on The Big Bigot. The Heads toured the LP across Australia in 1985 resulting in a lot of “exciting adventures with audiences who wanted to kill us” – Tom Ellard. Two other interesting facts in regard to this collection is that it was the first time Sev used MIDI and a DX7 and every track has some radio signal mixed in there somewhere, always by accident. The original version(s) are all long out of print and becoming rare on the collector’s market.  Presented in a beautiful gatefold 2LP on high quality classic black 160gm vinyl with original artwork as well as new gatefold layout by Tom Ellard with extensive liner notes detailing the back story and creation of each individual track. Get lost in it.

Preorder HERE (comes with instant download)

MRT-002 Derivatives “Forwards, Futures, and Options” 12″    $13

Medical Records presents the second release in our Transfusions 12” singles series. Not too far from Medical’s headquarters in Seattle, resides Josh Rose aka Derivatives in Vancouver, BC. Known for intense live hardware sets, Derivatives has been making waves in the Pacific Northwest playing alongside multiple notable producers who have toured the area. Transfusions presents the first release by Derivatives containing 4 distinct and uncompromising tracks that could be loosely associated with minimal techno but with a more complex and certainly darker edge. The tracks were recorded late 2015 in Vancouver. For fans of labels such as Token, Mote-Evolver, and Avian, you should dive in. Presented on classic 160gram black vinyl in our Transfusions 12” sleeve. Mastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.

Preorder HERE (comes with instant download)

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