Hi Everyone!  It’s that time again.
The next two releases are below.  Both are 18 bucks each + shipping.  Release date is around July 26 give or take.  Preorders available now.
Easiest is through our bandcamp page where you get a free download when you preorder:


Pink logo Medical shirts on black Gildan with sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, women’s S and women’s M still available.  Price is 15 each for mens including shipping (to USA) and 16 each for Women’s.
Here are the descriptions:
MR-022 Die Gesunden “S/T” LP

Medical Records returns to Germany for the reissue of 2 essential pieces of wave history. MR-022 is the wunderbar release by Berlin’s Die Gesunden. Die Gesunden (translated to the healthy ones) was the mostly the duo of Mabel Aschenneller and Eschi Rehm (who sadly passed away on November 12, 2008). They were also joined on drums by Thomas Wydler (who later became known for his membership in Nick Cave And the Bad Seeds). Taking influences from Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, and ENO/Bowie (who were coincidentally recording Low in Berlin at this time), Die Gesunden was one of the first Neue Deutsche Welle outfits. The self-titled LP was released in 1982 on Innovative Communication which was the independent record label formed by Klaus Schulze in 1978 after Klaus became very interested in the earliest Berlin Neue Deutsche Welle bands (such as Ideal, etc). Mabel was very involved in the Berlin scene such as promoting local gigs for the early Einstürzende Neubauten in 1981 and shows at the Exxcess club (with shows by the Cure amongst other bands in their infancy) which also inspired the birth of Die Gesunden. Die Gesunden did fairly well around Germany with one of the highlights being a tour in 1981 supporting DAF (Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft). The LP is a diverse collection of songs that display a jagged electronic quality showcased throughout with hints of power electronics mixed with synth pop. The opener “Die Gesunden Kommen” is an upbeat track with bouncing synth leads atop treated percussion with whispered lyrics. The second track “Leutnant Miller” displays some of the aforementioned power electronics harshness with pleasant electronic melodies and commanding vocals. “Sometimes/Manchmal” is a slow and minimal track with emotional vocals and mutated synth parts with monotonous tones that are quite entrancing. Overall, the record is a very diverse listen and will surely appeal to fans of early Neue Deutsche Welle (early Der Plan) as well as proto-industrial and experimental new wave. At the same time, it is definitely one of a kind and has no record that it can be directly compared. Contains bonus track of cover of “Waiting For My Man”. This reissue is presented on high-quality 180gram opaque “baby pink” vinyl. Features slight alteration and reinterpretation of the original front cover and redesigned back cover. Limited edition.

MR-023 Body 11 “Youth” LP

Medical Records returns to Germany for the reissue of 2 essential pieces of wave history. MR-023 is the release by Munich’s Body 11. Body 11 is/was the one-man project of Tim Stickelbrucks. Inspired by the late 70s/early 80s icons such as OMD, Human League, and Cabaret Voltaire, Tim wrote and recorded 4 songs in 1987 in his apartment and self-released the “Mind” 7 inch EP in 1988. Rather obscure at the time, the 7” gained cult status later in the 90s when collectors and word of mouth fans began seeking out copies of the record. Soon thereafter, the cost of obtaining an original skyrocketed on the collector’s market. Medical Records is proud to reissue the “Mind” EP 4 songs along with unreleased recordings created at the same time. The unreleased tracks were songs that were distributed only on cassette (to friends, etc) at the time. The tracks have been transferred from cassette and have been remastered by Jacob Jacobsen for this reissue. The LP embodies the essence of the EBM (electronic body music) subgenre that was prevalent in the late 80s. Though retaining a DIY/demo feel, the tracks have a warm synth/beat laced mood that will surprise and delight fans of this era who are not knowledgeable of Body 11. The opener “Wasteland” definitely evokes a rougher/distorted vocal style over a sequenced Front 242 style rhythm with treated guitar highlights. “Attack” (from the “Mind” EP) is a dance floor cutter with industrial percussion and carefully accented synth leads and samples. The more hypnotic (but no less catchy) “Hearts” is a slightly more emotional vocal style over popping synths and drum machine rhythms. The unreleased tracks seems to interface with the “Mind” EP songs seamlessly. Fans of early Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, late 80s industrial (Wax Trax, Nettwerk) and even early Skinny Puppy will find this collection essential. This is long overdue for reissue and presentation to the world. This reissue/collection is presented on high-quality 180gram “milky clear” vinyl. The jacket art was envisioned by Tim Stickelbrucks with inspiration from the original “Mind” EP front cover art. Features bonus insert with liner notes by Kurt B. Reighley. Limited edition.

ALSO – you may have heard, but we are now distributing select titles from Anna Logue Records (Germany) and Domestica (Spain).
They are listed for sale on discogs = http://www.discogs.com/seller/sinewave93
Of course, you can combine shipping by direct orders through us (just send email).
Backstock still available:
Deutsche Wertarbeit “S/T” MR-001RP $16 (last 9 or so)

OGI “S/T” MR-008 $16
Lou Champagne System “No Visible Means” MR-009 $16
Dalek I “Compass Kum’pas” MR-010 $16
Christof Glowalla “Erde 80″ 10” MR-014 $12.50 (last 18)
Disco Volante “No Motion” 7″ MR-015 $8.50 (last 20)
Tony Carey “Explorer and Yellow Power” 2LP MR-016 $20
Gina X Performance “Nice Mover” MR-017 $18
Mathematiques Modernes “Les Visiteurs Du Soir” MR-018 $18
Near Paris “S/T” MR-019 $18 (last 21)
I Signori Della Galassia “Iceman” MR-020 (last 15)
Thanks everyone!
Troy Wadsworth


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