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We are happy to announce that preorders are now up for the next 2 releases on Medical.
– MR-029 ALOA “S/T” LP – 180gram green vinyl $18
– MR-031 Roladex “Anthems For The Micro-Age” 180gram blue vinyl $18
– MR-002 Alexander Robotnick “Ce N’Est Q’Un Début” LP 160gram black vinyl 3rd pressing. $16
– MR-012 Gay Cat Park “Synthetic Woman” LP 160gram clear vinyl 2nd pressing. $16.
All can be purchased at https://medicalrecords.bandcamp.com/merch and come with instant download (except Robotnick which are sold by his site).  These should be here in about a month!
Here are descriptions of Aloa and Roladex:
Aloa ”Aloa” MR-029
Release date 2/13/14
Medical Records presents a reissue of one of Germany’s most interesting records. The German duo Aloa only made one album in 1982, but it is one of the most peculiar and innovative records of the Neue Deutsche Welle movement.  Long out of print, somewhat obscure, and very expensive, this record is due for an official reissue. The duo consisting of Al Kanz and Matthias Brendel both grew up in Kassel, Germany.  Though both had different tastes of music, they fused influences and injected them into their own unique blend when they purchased Roland 606 and 808 drum machines plus a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.  After much development and evolution, the Aloa project came to life. The album explores a whole spectrum of textures, moods, and atmospheres. Ranging from dark complex synthed-out tracks to diverse instrumentation-laced almost Krautrock motifs, this album is definitely one of a kind. From the commanding first track “Weisser Wal” with it’s almost Bryan Ferry style vocals to the atmospheric “Banane Zitrone”, the twists and turns are endless. This is a very sultry record as well evidenced by the band’s constant obsession with sexy women who occupied their time. Definitely will appeal to fans of The Residents, Neue Deutsche Welle, and anything and everything that lives in the outer reaches of synth territory. Sadly the record was overlooked and misunderstood by the press and radio stations alike likely due to it’s obvious unorthodox and experimental interpretation of synthpop. Restored and mastered from the original master tapes by Klearlight Studios in Dallas, TX. Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight green vinyl.  Features bonus LP insert with liner notes and interview by Dave Segal. Limited Edition.
Roladex ”Anthems For The Micro-Age” MR-031
Release date 2/13/14
Medical Records presents it’s second contemporary artist release with Roladex. Imagine Kraftwerk playing Steven Merritt songs.  Roladex was formed in Texas by Tyler Jacobsen and Elyssa Dianne. Producer/Member, Tyler Jacobsen holds an MFA in Electronic Art and this becomes apparent as they find lyrical and musical inspiration through the films of David Cronenberg and John Carpenter, the works of authors such as J.G Ballard as well as video artists such as Vito Acconci and Nam June Paik. Jacobsen has been on a hiatus from his work as college art professor since the formation of the group. Using an arsenal of analog instruments, Roladex nostalgically borrows ideas from music of the past to carefully craft a unique brand of futuristic-mechanized pop, with an emphasis on songwriting and layered production. Weaving sparse, sequenced arpeggios into fuzzy bass and bubbly melodies to create a bed of sound where they layout a somehow bright melancholia. Part minimal synth-wave, part dream pop, Roladex fits nicely with other non-traditional pop acts such as Ariel Pink as well as Synth contemporaries like Police Des Moeurs and Black Marble. With previous singles on Night-People Records, AMDISCs, and Beko, Medical is proud to present their debut LP.  At times their music cold and moody, at others it is bright and dimly warm. Themes such as nuclear war, cosmology, false memories and technology as the “opiate of the masses” become apparent as the listener plays through the LP.The opening track “Anthem For The Micro-Age” sets the tone with dreamy atmospheric synth textures and interwoven male and female vocals.  “Love Surgery” is chock full of pop hooks and synth leads interspersed with angular guitar accents.  “Empty Streets” has an almost minimal John Bender bedroom aesthetic.  The Last track, “Nuke Em’ Out” is an apocalyptic disco track for the end of the world, and the electro-mechanical new wave Cathode Rays (for the the group produced a video) is one of the catches tunes on the record. Fans of early Wire (esp 154), Drinking Electricity, Fad Gadget and even noisy 90s shoegaze are sure to enjoy. Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight electric blue transparent vinyl and features a bonus LP insert with lyrics.  All tracks and versions recorded exclusively for this Medical release. Mastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK.  Limited Edition.
Backstock available:
Lou Champagne System “No Visible Means”                    MR-009            $12
Dalek I “Compass Kum’pas”                                         MR-010            $12
Christof Glowalla “Erde 80″ 10”                                    MR-014            $12
Disco Volante “No Motion” 7″                                       MR-015             $8 (4 left)
Tony Carey “Explorer and Yellow Power” 2LP                  MR-016             $20
Gina X Performance “Nice Mover”                                 MR-017            $18
Mathematiques Modernes “Les Visiteurs Du Soir”            MR-018             $18
Die Gesunden “S/T”                                                                   MR-022              $18 (1 left)
Body 11 “Youth”                                                        MR-023              $18
Laugh Clown Laugh “S/T”                                            MR-025              $18
Play “Red Movies”                                                     MR-026               $18
Paul Nelson “Vortex” LP                                             MR-024                $18
Illustration Sonore “Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions”     MR-027               $18 (low stock)
V/a Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1 LP                         MR-028               $18
If you want to combine with distro orders, let me know.
DISTRO stock (some of these will be here in a week or so)
Anna Logue:
SLEEP MUSEUM “White Like Summer Suture LP         $24
VARIOUS ARTISTS “Tunes That R… Attractive!” LP      $24
MICK MILK “Wait For Go” 7″EP
THE TOY SHOP “4PlayEP” 7″         $10
PAUL CHAMBERS “Stations / Absorptions” LP+CD         $24
MICK MILK “Half Lives” LP+7″         $22
DAVID SINFIELD / LEAGUE OF NATIONS “Oblique Strategy / Music For The New Depression” LP/7″             $25
ISINGLASS “One 3 Four” 12″EP         $16
RED FETISH-The Future is now in Your Hands 7″EP   $8
Funeraria Vergara “Después De Un Dia Antes” LP   $20
Night moves “Transdance” 10″  $18
El Ultimo Vecino S/P LP  $20
Artificial Organs “Memento Mori” LP  $20
Little Nemo “past and future” LP  $24
Sequencer People “live at the rosco louie” 10″ $18
The Ne-21 “s/t” 7″  $12
Private Records:
Gerhard Heinz – Library Music x 4+2      $20
Alex Cima – “Cosmic Connection”      $20
Michael Bundt – “Neon” LP    $20
Schaltkreis Wassermann – Psychotron  LP $20
Upperseption – Cornicula (private Krautrock) $18
Let’s go into space II comp LP  $33
Josep Llobell 2LP “The Best of 1975-1980)           $32
Sergio Ferraresi “Horizons Vol. 7 Galaxi” LP  $22
Blush “out of this world” LP        $22
Lebanon Hanover “The World Is Getting Colder” LP   $18
Lebanon Hanover “why not just be solo” $18
Grupo q “Back up” LP   $20
Dusk to dawn LP    $18
Septimo Sello “Vuelo 747” LP $18
Onderstroom Records:
TWILIGHT RITUAL – “Rituals” LP                            $21
KURUKI – TV Scape LP   $16
COMPANY OF STATE – Dance Remotion LP           $21
(GHMN.004) The Reporters – Bare Hands/30th Anniversary Edition double 10″  $28
(GHMN.005-N.01) Wonky Doll And The Echo – Pleasant Thoughts  LP  $19
(GHMN.008-N.02) Art Telepaths – Heaven Up There… Red Carpets Down Here 10″ $15
(GHMN.009) Statues In Motion – S.I.M LP $20
(GHMN.010) Metallaktiki Epikindini – Farmakio LP    $20
(GHMN.012) Rehearsed Dreams – Anthology 1983 – 1985 2lp  $28
Chromagain “Any Colour We Liked” LP   $18
intelligence dept “Sleeping City” LP     $18
survive LP          $18
V/a “end of civilization” LP  $18
Monuments “age”  LP         $18
tommy de chirico “close your eyes” 12″      $13
Musumeci “Schwarz Morgen / Zusammen” LP      $18
Danza mecanica vol 1  LP (red vinyl)    $22
Police Des Moeurs s/t LP  $20
Sixth June “pleasure” ep   $14
Deathday “no future” 12″  $14
This Statement Records:
Distant Drums EP         $19
Hunter Complex “heat” LP          $14
The Refrigerator-Refrigerator-The Refrigerator-Refrigerator Lp (No wave/avant garde) $22
Brigade Internationale Lp (cold wave/minimal synth) $22
Alexandros Lp (minimal synth/synth pop) $20
ODOS 55 7″-ODOS 55 (synth-punk/experimental) $11
Troy Wadsworth
3519 E. John St.
Seattle, WA  98112


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