We are really proud to announce the release of 3 new records on our label, scheduled for May 28th 2012



Mannequin is really proud to  announce the forthcoming brand new 12” from Tropic of Cancer, one the most important realities in the modern post-punk and darkwave scene. This EP gathers the primal thrust of their bleak Post-Punk (think about Cultural Decay shaking hands with Section 25 in their psychedelic/buddhist years) and Minimal Wave aesthetics with this entirely new dimension in the music of TOC – heartfelt and deep. Cold waves have never been so warm.

“Essentially the solo project of LA-based Camella Lobo, with contributions from John Mendez (aka Sandwell District’s Silent Servant) and Taylor Burch, Tropic of Cancer’s at once funereal and exhilaratingly romantic sound – with perfect pop hooks buried deep under oceans of reverb – has earned them a considerable, and well-deserved, cult following. The three songs that make up Permissions of Love reinforce their trademark style (and what style it is), while adding some new elements: piercing guitar chimes on ‘The One Left’, waltz-time rhythm on ‘Beneath The Light’, near-ambient synthesizer wash on ‘It’s All Come Undone’”-FACT Mag

LP Version: Limited edition of 500 copies, 140 gr black vinyl


S U R V I V E – S U R V I V E LP (MNQ 026)

Mannequin is proud to present new music from Austin,TX based full-analog-synth quartet S U R V I V E. Their first LP is a highly anticipatedrelease and we’re more than thrilled that the vinyl is finally out.
“An analogue incarnation of Rustie taking a couple of notes from Eduard Artemievo’s poetic account of a supernova imploding upon itself in astorm of strobe lights which are but morse signals from God’s ship asitsails across the empty black sludge of space, annotations in a sheetmusic for a jam bound to sendAstronomers all over the planet into a frenzy of air keyboard slapping and knob twiddling”-20 Jazz Funk Greats
Adam Jones, Kyle Dixon, Mark Donica, Michael Stein form the analog synth purist band SURVIVE, considered as one of Austin’s mostimportant live electronic mainstays. With Austin’s diverse underground synth scene starting to boil over (see: Neon Indian’s world domination, Silent Diane’s new single on Matador imprint True Panther, //TENSE// early EBM shocks and Sleep ° Over’s debut on Hippos In Tanks), SURVIVE is creeping up, notfar behind.
LP Version: Limited edition of 300 copies, 140 gr clear vinyl



Mannequin is more than proud to announce the forthcoming release of Heinrich Dressel aka Valerio Lombardozzi, the italian producer and mind of one of the best techno-electro labels around, MinimalRome.

After some marvellous releases on Legowelt’s Strange Life and Minimal Rome, Heinrich Dressel is finally celebrating the use of vintage synthesizers and driven electronic machines, holding elements of electro and ambient at the same time, but breaking from the genres too, deeply inspired by Heinrich Dressel, the pioneering German archeologist sent to study in the holy city in Monte Testaccio, who drew what is now a major tool for study of Roman amphorae, the “Table of Dressel.

Heinrich Dressel is placed in a sort of limbo where John Carpenter meets Drexciya, a sonorous journey through the darker side of the electro, taking the commands of the Elka Synthex, one of the most impressive polysynths in the history of music, planned and manifactured by Mario Maggi in the early 80s, as the commercial brother of the MCS70, synth that gave birth to a masterpice album like “Automat”.  “Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves” musically speaking can be described as a captivating hybrid of styles, mixing the chilling-menacing mood of the 70s / 80s lo-fi funkadelic horror soundtracks to outerspace synthesised soundscapes in a pure classy vein. This is cryptical-kosmische psychedelica with a nice electro retro touch and avant-minimalist vibes. An important contribution and a propulsive cinematic affair. 

LP Version: Limited edition of 300 copies, 140 gr white vinyl


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