We are proud to announce the reissue of two of our bestsellers of 2012


MNQ 30 Mushy – Breathless Lp

second press (gray vinyl) 


The End of Civilization

On ‘Breathless’ Italian artist Mushy takes the blueprint laid down on her debut ‘Faded Heart’ and blows it up to an analogue hd, a deep, evocative and immersive listening experience that cocoons the listener in sensory loss and ecstasy simultaneously. On ‘Breathless’ there’s a sharper focus on the sound and textures of her craft. Legendary 4AD artists A R Kane feature on her single “My Life So Far”, and indeed it’s that label and much of the satellite work in the mid 80s that most informs ‘Breathless.’ While more understated than the likes of Liz Fraser or Zola Jesus, Mushy’s vocals are ghostly, expressionistic and suggestive of a netherland just beyond the realms of dream. On tracks like opener ‘To Be Lost’ there’s a mournful, glacial shift of swooping synths and bass emphasising the lyrics’ drift. The singular atmosphere pervades the whole record, never letting go, and on tracks like ‘Night Dress’ it descends into a darker, lurking place rich in imagery. Elsewhere the precise snap of vintage electronics pushes and pull the listener into a hypnotised state that far surpasses Mushy’s previous work.

Breathless has been Rough Trade’s Album of the Week in Dec 2012 and Album Club in Jan 2013


1. To Be Lost
2. Dreams
3 Scratch My Skin
4. My Life So Far
5. Night Dress
6. Let Me Go
7. Rocks and bones
8. I Don’t Care
9. Black Forest
10. All is Found, All Is Lost

MNQ 26 S U R V I V E – S U R V I V E Lp

third press (black/ gray vinyl) 


An analogue incarnation of Rustie taking a couple of notes from Eduard Artemiev’s poetic account of a supernova imploding upon itself in a storm of strobe lights which are but morse signals from God’s ship as it sails across the empty black sludge of space, annotations in a sheet music for a jam bound to send Astronomers all over the planet into a frenzy of air keyboard slapping and knob twiddling”-20 Jazz Funk Greats Adam Jones, Kyle Dixon, Mark Donica, Michael Stein form the analog synth purist band SURVIVE, considered as one of Austin’s most important live electronic mainstays. With Austin’s diverse underground synth scene starting to boil over (see: Neon Indian’s world domination, Silent Diane’s new single on Matador imprint True Panther, //TENSE// early EBM shocks and Sleep ∞ Over’s debut on Hippos In Tanks), SURVIVE is creeping up, not far behind.

A1 Deserted Skies
A2 Floating Cube
A3 To Light Alone I Bow
A4 Hourglass
A5 Omniverse
B1 Black Mollies
B2 Scalar Wave
B3 Shunting Yard
B4 Dirge

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