In next week Zoharum will release these albums: 14th of June  –  ZOHAR 011-2 BISCLAVERET – Ephemeros [ante ‘Te Deum’]

15th of June –  ZOHAR 012-2 TROUM – ‘Autopoisies/Nahtscato’

16th of June –  ZOHAR 013-2 HOROLOGIUM – A Handful of Dust and Ashes

17th of June ZOHAR IYHHH 002-2 – SYNAPSIS – Materia

We also inform You, that Bisclaveret – Engil Ljisins (10th anniversary – rarities) will be released on 11th of July.

Only in this week You can pre-order these titles in special lower price.

Pre-order only by the site

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More details:

ZOHAR 011-2 BISCLAVERET – Ephemeros [ante ‘Te Deum’]

The newest Bisclaveret release is a concept album , touching up a subject of human existance hidden in the symbolic of seven angel names.On this album you will find 7 songs – pieces showing various aspects of human’s nature and his cosmic dimension in the world.

This album is  the trip into the human’s mind through the word and sound.

Ephermeros [ante ‘Te Deum’] shows a little bit different face of Bisclaveret by using new form expression which the musicians used in the alchemic ritual of  creation.

Album released in exlusive 3- panel digipack.

The author of all graphics used in this album is Praetorian.

ZOHAR 012-2 TROUM – ‘Autopoisies/Nahtscato’

This album is the first publication on the CD of two older vinyl releases of Troum,which are almost unavailable for today. Autopoisies –was published by Italian label Small Voices on the vinyl picture disc in limited edition of 585 pieces. Nahtscato – 12” red winyl  came out for the first time in 2005 by Paranoise Records . On the Zoharum release you’ll find these two materials in remastered versions. All packed in exclusive 3- panel digipack in new layout.

The author of the graphic project is Radosław Kamiński(known from the music project Ab Intra)

ZOHAR 013-2 HOROLOGIUM – A Handful of Dust and Ashes

„A Handful of Dust and Ashes” is a collection of tracks recorded during various occasions, but united here by a peculiar sediment of dust and rust; it’s a journey in time to strictly limited “A Handful of Dust”, published by Cynfeirdd, and to “Opium”, amounts of which are long sold out and yearned for by those in search of lost time. The (re)collection is crowned by three tracks performed live in Barcelona and Bologna in 2008 and 2009. The artwork by Fab and Sophie embody fin de siècle that has never been that convincing and tangible.
ZOHAR IYHHH 002-2 – SYNAPSIS – Materia Second  part of the serie.This time we would like to present you the project which came up in 2009  from initiative of Dawid Chrapla known from the project Nojsens and Andrzej Turziak from the project Multipoint Injector, Wulgata i Penemue.From the “marriage” of these two music “profils” a new group was born.
Group based on industrial ,dark ambient and noise style.

ZOHAR 014-2 BISCLAVERET – Engil Ljisins (10th anniversary – rarities) Special jubiler release.On the Cd you’ll find the pieces from releases that are unavailable. Tracks from: Scontrum ACT VI, compilation „Tattered …..”,remixes  and unpublished tracks.
All packed in exclusive digipack.
The author  of  the graphic, picture which real size is 10,5m x 1,6 m is Iwona Murawska-young and talented graduate of ASP(Plastic Art Academy).

We also invite You for events:   RELEASE PARTY – BISCLAVERET – ephemeros [ante’Te Deum’]
13.06.2010 / OPEN. 19:00
POLAND, GDAŃSK – RIVIERA LITERACKA / Mariacka street 50/52

We also invite You on release party of  Bisclaveret Ephemeros [ante’Te Deum’]

which will take a place on 13 th June in Gdańsk.

Entrance only whith invitations.In programme:

music from the album,video projection, conversation with musicians and artists  working on the graphic and different people conected with this project,special offers and many surprises.

If You are interested please sign in on guest list by e- mail :

ARTeNATIVE #9 11.07.2010 / OPEN. 19:00
Best regards   Zoharum – New Experimental Art


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