Zoharum presents
IYHHH serie – Chapter III
Arkona ‘Acid Landscapes’
Over 70 minutes of sounds from the city
prepare yourself for a psychedelic trip
Limited edition to 444 hand numebered copies
Packaged in ekopack + postcard
More about release:
Arkona is a project of a certain Karol Su-Ka. He’s been expressing his artistic activities in many fields for over 20 years. Karol is a painter (his works can be admired in, e.g. ‘Chaosmos’ album which is available in our shop), performer, DJ, VJ, musician and vocalist. His sound creations include Arkona (a crossover of ambient structures and dub beats, their first album was released on the same label as Different State’s debut), Street City Nomads (punk meets acid house), he also records solo as Karol Su-Ka (he collaborated with Polish avant-jazz darlings Wojtek Mazzolewski and Macio Moretti) and as a DJ Karel God.
‘Acid Landscapes’ released by Zoharum is the first regular publication of the tracks from the series of the same title. It includes 4 privately released albums with songs recorded between 2002 and 2009. This album collects the most atmospheric pieces from this series. ‘Acid Landscapes’ is a psychedelic journey through the city at night. The music on this album simply refuses to be pigeonholed. A careful listener will find ambient textures, dub or illbient rhythmic structures, post-industrial atmosphere and even acid twist. Everything bathed in a specific sense of humour. It’s more than 70 minutes of music that provokes and teases, yet fascinates.
In Karol’s own words: ”The idea for Acid Landscapes series came from looking through the old Arkona tracks I had in my archives. There were loads of them, since I have always been recording a lot and most of it was shelved as leftovers of low quality. After a closer look I thought that a significant part of it has artistic merit and coherent feel. That’s how the idea for Acid Landscapes was born. Soon I realised that I have enough material for a couple of albums.
The process of creation has remained unchanged for years. I use my tiny home studio. I have recently exchanged my archaic PC for a laptop with a 24-bit soundcard. However, only 3 years ago I was using a PC with a 16MB RAM memory. While composing Acid Landscapes I was using the following equipment-samplers: boss sp 202 and sp 303, roland mc 303, roland jupiter 4, farfisa, elektronika em 25, korg m-500, hohner psk 60 + a couple of effects and analogue filters. All external sounds were recorded using a condenser microphone which is built in boss sp 202.
Currently I’ve been working on the next instalment being more of a tekno acid space dub part. Simple and spatial to the max.”
For Fans: Scorn, Psychic TV, Coil (‘LSD’ period), Techno Animal, Material
Check these websites: www.alchembria.pl lub  www.zoharum.com
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