With their new full-time album “The New Resistance”, VIGILANTE bring the big guns in! Mastermind Ivan Muñoz created an album in which each song is a musical collaboration with members of famous bands like Clawfinger, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Atari Teenage Riot, Leaether Strip, Tyske Ludder, Die Krupps, Birmingham 6, Feindflug and many more. This is for sure a breathtaking peace of music which will smash your ears on March 25th… Join The New Resistance!

Ganz schwere Geschütze fahren VIGILANTE für Ihren neuen Longplayer “The New Resistance” auf. So kreierte Mastermind Ivan Muñoz jeden einzelnen Song als Kollaboration und aktivierte dafür Mitglieder so namhafter Bands, wie Clawfinger, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Public Enemy, Atari Teenage Riot, Leaether Strip, Tyske Ludder, Die Krupps, Birmingham 6, Feindflug usw.! Entstanden ist dabei ein wirklich umwerfendes Album, welches am 25.03. das Licht der Welt erblicken wird… Join The New Resistance!

Con su nuevo álbum “The New Resistance”, VIGILANTE saca las armas pesadas! La mente maestra de Ivan Muñoz creó este álbum en que cada canción cuenta con la colaboración musical de miembros de famosas bandas como Clawfinger, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Atari Teenage Riot, Leather Strip, Tyske Ludder, Die Krupps, Birmingham 6, Feindflug y muchos más. Seguramente éste será un álbum que te quitará el aliento y aplastará tus oídos este 25 de Marzo…Únete a la Nueva Resistencia!



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In these times, when we are faced with a world where our leaders more and more take away our liberties and rights every day. In these times, when we wake up in a society where we feel more and more controlled and paralysed by the media every day. With his latest album, the South American artist VIGILANTE wants to break the chains of an unfair system. According to himself, this is his best record so far in a short but intense career. He describes it as “the soundtrack for a new revolution” provocatively naming it “The New Resistance”. By skillfully mixing elements of Electro, EBM and Metal, he created a hybrid, powerful and passionate sound. Ivan Muñoz joined a group of musical underground heroes including members of Clawfinger, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Public Enemy, Atari Teenage Riot, Leaether Strip, Die Krupps, Birmingham 6, Feindflug and many more. They form an alliance which confronts the minds of those who believe that they own the world and that the flame of revolution has been extinguished.This revolutionary musical manifesto demonstrates that there are still dreams to fight for, truths to be told and ideals to die for. Join The New Resistance!
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track list:
01. Intro
02. The New Order (Featuring Hanin Elias ex-Atari Teenage Riot)
03. Prison Break (Featuring Claus Larsen from Leaether Strip)
04. Second Chances (Featuring Claus Albers from Tyske Ludder)
05. The New Resistance (Featuring Jurgen Engler from Die Krupps)
06. Our Jihad (Featuring Zero Kelvin from Feindflug)
07. Native Blood (Featuring Guido Henning from E-Craft)
08. The New World (Featuring Jens Kästel from Funker Vogt)
09. Country (Featuring Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad)
10. Army Of Time (Featuring Victor Love from Dope Stars Inc.)
11. The New Revolution (Featuring Rexx from FCFG820)
12. The Trap – The New Order 2.0 (Featuring Michael Hillarup from Birmingham 6)
13. Gone – Army of Time 2.0 (Featuring Baard Torstensen from Clawfinger + DJ Johnny Juice from Public Enemy)
14. The New Order – Feindflug Remix
15. The New Order – Soman Remix
16. Prison Break – FGFC820 Remix
17. The New World – V2A Remix

>>> out now <<<
CD – Die Sektor “Applied Structure in a Void” (NoiTekk/NTK 041)
CD-EP – DYM “The Swarm” (NoiTekk/NTK 040)
digital EP – Vigilante “Army of Time” (Black Rain Rec./BR 080)
digital Album – Neotek “Brain over Muscle” (Black Rain Rec./BR 078)
CD – Atomic Neon “Change” (Black Rain Rec./BR 079)
12″ Picture Vinyl – Covenant “United States of Mind” (Black Rain Rec./BR 076)
CD – V.A. “Black Snow Vol. 2 – the completely different Xmas compilation” (Black Rain Rec./BR 077)
CD – Dexy Corp_ “Uchronopolis” (Black Rain Rec./BR 075)
7″ coloured  Vinyl – Nude/Sabotage “Souvenir” (Black Rain Rec./BR 074)

>>> coming soon <<<
CD – Tyske Ludder “Diaspora” (Black Rain Rec./BR 083)
CD – Distorted Memory “Swallowing The Sun” (NoiTekk/NTK043)
CD – Vigilante “The New Resistance” (Black Rain Rec./BR 081)
CD – Flint Glass & Polarlicht 4.1/Transistor “Zoran’s Equation” (Funkwelten/FW 013)
CD – Jesus and the Gurus “Wut + Zorn = Revolution” (Black Rain Rec./BR 082)
CD – C-Drone-Defect “Neural Dysorder Syndrome” (NoiTekk/NTK 042)
CD – V2A “Machine Corps” (NoiTekk/NTK 044)
CD – CeDigest “The Detritus Cycle” (NoiTekk)
CD-EP – Narsilion “Elenna-nore” (Ars Musica Diffundere)

>>> FLINT GLASS live <<<
04.03. GR – Athens / Xyllino steki ASKT
15.04. USA – Hollywood CA / Das Bunker
16.04. MEX – Tijuana / Club Respekt

>>> JESUS AND THE GURUS live <<<
05.02. CH – Prattlen / Z7 (+ crematory)

>>> ATOMIC NEON live <<<
25.03. D – Essen / Grend

>>> TACTICAL SEKT live <<<
12.06. D – Leipzig / Wave-Gotik-Treffen

>>> OIL 10 live <<<
18.06. F – Paris / Le Point Ephémère

>>> FGFC820 live <<<
26.02. USA – Austin, TX / TBC
11.03. USA – Angeles, CA / Das Bunker
12.03. USA – Portland, OR / Fallout
13.03. USA – San Francisco, CA / DNA Lounge

>>> NEOTEK live <<<
14.04. S – Stockholm-Tallin / Das Boot Spring Cruise

>>> JESUS AND THE GURUS live <<<
01.04. NL – Arnheim
02.04. B – Gent

>>> NARSILION live <<<
12.06. D – Leipzig / Wave-Gotik-Treffen
06.08. NL – Lisse /Castlefest

>>> FEINDFLUG live <<<
17.07. D – Cologne/Koeln / Amphi Festival

>>> TYSKE LUDDER live <<<
26.03. D – Cologne/Koeln / Die Werkstatt
02.09. D – Deutzen (Leipzig) / NCN6 Festival


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