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CD 1 – The ‘R&B Soul Jams’ CD 2 – The ‘R&B Club Bangers’

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some of the artists featured on R&B Street Anthems, the new faces of R&B.

“…this is my album of the year!!” Steve ‘Smooth’ Sutherland

“…this is the ultimate R’n’B compilation.” Bigger

“How these acts are not signed to majors already? I don’t know!” Jigs

“…a great compilation…truly groundbreaking.” Simon ‘Schoolboy’ Phillips *

Fresh from the hottest new R&B, Producers & Labels, comes R&B Street Anthems , a passionately compiled, fresh R&B compilation that will appeal to both the underground and the mainstream.  This is much more than a compilation album; it is a collection of singles and your soundtrack to the biggest R&B hits this summer!

Play them loud and hear why this album is already being called “…the most exciting and innovative showcase of wall to wall hits”.  Every track is an essential new tune.

This double album features an unbelievable 40 tracks with a different CD for each mood; CD 1 features R&B Soul Jams and CD 2 more uptempo R&B including the hottest summer ‘club bangers’.

Street Sounds has championed the very best black and street music for almost 30 years and we have spent almost 6 months working and collaborating with the greatest new talents from the streets of America (and Canada).  R&B Street Anthems is set to become a major platform for breaking the next generation of R‘n’B superstars.  EVERY track has the potential to become a huge hit a
nd monster club jam – just wait and see! We are in the process of organising some ‘live performance’ videos so you can witness their huge natural talent for yourself.

The Street Sounds ‘loyal’ are renowned for their love of good music and we promise you that when you hear the music clips you will be as excited as we are.  Only 500 of the Limited Edition ‘GOLD’ CDs will ever be available… don’t be disappointed, please pre-order the album when it becomes available when it becomes available next week.

Official Release Date: Monday 21st March

R&B STREET ANTHEMS VOL.1 – Double CD Final Track Listing:

♦ CD 1  ‘R&B Soul Jams’:

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01. READY FOR THE WORLD – Shoppin’ (Street Sounds HB Remix)
03.  CASMÉ – Call Me Whatever
04.  HERSH – I Remember
05.  LENORA JAYE Giving It Up (Street Sounds Remix)
06.  SWAY PENALA – Just The Right Amount Of Perfect
07.  LEMAR KELSEY – Baby Father
08.  JEBRON THOMAS – Celebrate Life
09.  CHAZ SHEPHERD – Get You Girl
10.  LLOYD WILLIAMS – Marry Me
11.  MEAKU feat. LV – Memories
13.  JOHN MICHAEL – Supernova
14.  LEMAR KELSEY – Sex Me While I’m Driving
15.  S. ROB – I’m Afraid
16.  RAIN – Inside
17.  ANGELO – In My Dreams
18.  MEL BUCKLEY – Paradise
19.  CHAZ SHEPHERD – Insane (Street Sounds Acoustic Version)

♦ CD 2 ‘R&B Club Bangers’:

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01.  IZZY ISADORE – Way Too Drunk
02.  NABLIDON feat. DJ CLASS – Wild N Crazy
04.  MATT PALMER – Love Sick
05.  ERICA P – Put The Camera On Me
06.  FEDARRO – Wrapped Up
07.  ERIN CHRISTINE feat. PUSHA T – Say (Street Mix)
08.  TRILLOGY – Thing Called Love
09.  R-PROPHET – Headed To The Money
10.  BRIELLE POGUE – My Ish Is Hot
11.  J. POWW – Dollar Bill$
12.  TÉA – In A Minute
13.  KSMOOVE – Aisle 10
14.  GLORIA – Haters, Cameras, Lights
15.  ARMOND JAMES – Runway
16.  MACLYN LUCILLE – Head 2 Toe
17.  COKO KORINNE – Mr. Richard
18.  NI-GEL – Wobble It
19.  L-UNIQUE – Who’s Tha Ish
20.  MONEY THRILLS feat. BO NASTY – Showstopper
21.  ADONIS – I Got Paper


We know how many Street Sounds fans love their Vinyl and our intention

is to press a very Limited Edition triple album vinyl package!

Please email us if you would like to buy the album on Vinyl.  You are

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Street Sounds brings you the best new street R&B!
*Just some of the amazing reviews we had with the hugely successful ‘Urban Street Anthems’.

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