Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, our original die-hard fans who have been with us since day one, almost 30 years ago and a new growing fan base that continue to join and strengthen the family. We are ecstatic to say that due to your ongoing support and custom, we are able to bring you lots of exciting news about various projects that we hope will have you salivating!

Street Sounds / UK Fresh Reunion

We are of course currently feverishly planning the ‘Street Sounds / UK Fresh Reunion’, visiting various venues and already speaking with artists that you voted for most in our recent questionnaire. We are giving a lot of care and attention to the planning and are totally committed to getting it ‘right’ as you are the most important part of this event we want you to experience something which is unique, the memories of which will be remembered and cherished for years to come. We will update you with more info on the Reunion as and when as we confirm the details.



R&B Street Anthems Vol.1 – January 2011

We have spent months finding the best R&B tracks from the hottest U.S. record labels, recording studios and independent production houses and want this new album series to be a platform to break extremely talented unsigned artists who we believe will be the Luther’s, R.Kelly’s, Neyo’s, Usher’s of tomorrow. The first volume of this exciting new series is ‘R&B Street Anthems vol.1’, featuring brand new and unreleased tracks all of which are absolute gems with not one filler!

We will give you more information on the artists and will be uploading Music Clips to the Street Sounds website later this week!

Nu Electro vol.4 – February 2011

Some incredibly exciting news about Nu Electro vol.4 is that it will feature an exclusive charity single by the ‘Electro All-Stars’; a new Electro Super Group that Street Sounds are putting together, featuring the very best Old Skool & Nu Electro Artists on the planet, with all the proceeds from the track going to a charity mutually agreed by the artists involved. We are also already receiving some mind-blowing material for vol.4 and will make sure it lives up to and surpasses it’s phenomenally popular predecessor Nu Electro vol.3.

We are currently looking for tracks for ‘Nu Electro vol.4’, if you wish to submit material, please use our Street Sounds ‘YouSendIt’ drop box below:

UK Electro & other Original Street Sounds Back Catalogue Re-releases – 2011 onwards…

For those of you who aren’t already aware, in response to endless requests to re-release the back catalogue, we are currently in the process of re-licensing the original material to re-release the original albums from next year onwards on CD & Digitally and various albums on LPs again. They will be digitally remastered from the original analogue Master tapes so will be exceptionally high quality. (N.B – Please do not purchase apparent re-releases until they are announced on the official Street Sounds website, in case they are bootlegs.)

The first of our back catalogue to be remastered and re-released will be ‘UK Electro’, early next year. It was first released almost 3 decades ago in 1984 on Vinyl & Cassette and has become a ‘cult-classic’, still sounding just as fresh, innovative and exciting today.

Epitomising the best of the UK Electro sound, ‘UK Electro’ featured Manchester Elecro-Funk DJ Greg Wilson, who was involved in all but one of the tracks and mixed by the legendary Herbie ‘Mastermind’ Laidley. The track listing read as follows: Zer-O – “Real Time (Retrospective Dub)”, Syncbeat – “Music”, Broken Glass – “Style Of The Street”, Forevereaction – “U People”, Zer-O – “Real Time”, Rapologists – “Hip Hop Beat (Street Mix)” and Forevereaction – “B.E.D. ’34”. UK Electro will be released on CD and digital download.


Street Sounds Gear

Following the despatch of all the orders of the ‘Street Sounds Gear Autumn/Winter 2010/11 Range’ last week, we have been receiving fantastic feedback about the ‘superb’ quality of the garments, printing, and presentation. Thank you for your kind words, it makes it all the more worth it.

We now only have a few items of each size in stock and ready to go out to whoever orders them first.

Great news – All Hoodies and T-Shirts ordered currently are guaranteed to be despatched within 1-2 days while stocks last… Visit to have yours popping through your letter box within days!


Related Links & Articles of Interest

Ever wondered how your vinyl is made? Below are two short YouTube videos giving you an insight into the extremely long, complex and intricate process of creating what we believe continues to be the greatest analogue format for music reproduction. Do have a watch when you have a moment, it makes for really fascinating viewing:

Part1 –
Part2 –

On the subject of vinyl, we were almost totally sold out of the 500 Limited Edition pressings of the Nu Electro vol.3 Double Vinyl on our website but have managed to get back a handful of albums which we had allocated to wholesalers, as we very much want to make sure that our Street Sounds fans always get the option of buying new from us where possible. Please visit the Street Sounds on-line store to get hold of one of the last Vinyls.


Five Questions With… Cozmo D of ‘Newcleus’

We caught up with Cozmo D of Newcleus to ask him five questions which we believe you will find hugely interesting and enlightening…

Q1. When and what made you get into music in the first place and did you know then that it would be a life-long passion and career?

Q2. How did you form the band ‘Newcleus’ and what is the story behind your first material?

Q3. What is your proudest achievement so far?

Q4. Apart from yourself, who and what would you like to see at the Street Sounds/UK Fresh Reunion?

Q5. With your wealth of experience, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians and artists just starting out?

To read the exclusive interview with one of the greatest Electro legends of all time visit the Street Sounds website’s new ‘Five Questions With…’ page. Click here to read more:


Ask Morgan Khan…

Ask Morgan a question or advice. Submit your questions for future newsletters via the email below.


We hope you have enjoyed this Street Sounds Newsletter which will now become a regular event for Street Sounds fans; ongoing features of which will be ‘Five Questions With…’, exclusive interviews with prominent Artists and DJs, ‘Related Links & Articles of Interest’, ‘Ask Morgan Khan’, as well as other latest news and interesting information.


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