On 19th July 1986 history was made with UK Fresh ’86…

Now exactly 25 years to the week, we are proud to announce the event of the decade:


The wait is over…This is what we have been waiting for!  The much anticipated Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion will be held on

Saturday 16th July 2011 at The Scala, London.

  • Live Performances already confirmed by the legendaryNewcleus & Captain Rock! More artists to be announced shortly!
  • DJ Sets by DJ Mirage and other major DJs renowned to the scene to be announced soon!
  • B-Boy Battles & Performances!
  • Street Sounds Memorabilia & Graffiti Exhibition!
  • Plus much more…

This event will be a roadblock!  Tickets will go on sale at 6.00pm on Thursday 31st March. Prices to be announced shortly.

Only 1000 tickets will be available and with a database of many thousands we expect the event to sell out very soon after they go on sale.  We’ve already received many emails from fans who will be organising buses and coaches from all over the UK as well as fans coming from abroad.  It is your love and support of Street Sounds that has made the label the iconic entity that it is today and this event possible.

After months of planning and visiting various venues in London, the unanimous decision was The Scala which has now been provisionally booked; the perfect Street Sounds venue.  This will be a night to remember, a non-stop party where you will be constantly spoilt for choice of where to be and what to do; in the main room will be live artist performances as well as some special artist collaborations!   Between the artist performances we will have DJs spinning Electro, Hip Hop & R&B; from ALL of your favourite Street Sounds albums from the original series right up to today.  There will also be B-Boy battles and a few other surprises!!!

Upstairs in the balcony bar there will be a selection of DJs playing various other Street Sounds genres from classic ‘Anthems’, ‘Rare Grooves’ to ‘Jazz Juice’ and House.  This is the perfect room to have a dance or just sit back with a drink, chat and relax.

In the large foyer will be a Street Sounds Memorabilia and Graffiti Exhibition for you to walk around and enjoy as well as a special lino area for those who want to get down and show off their B-Boy/Breaking skills.

Street Sounds Wall Of Fame – All those who purchase a ticket will be sent an email with the option to write about your own personal memories that you have of Street Sounds and photos from 1982 to today, maybe from when you were at UK Fresh ‘86 or B-Boying with your crew; you are a part of Street Sounds history.

The Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion will be filmed and a DVD will be released soon after the event.  Be immortalised on celluloid!

This is ‘YOUR’ night!

Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion Competition! See the bottom of the newsletter for how to enter the competition to Design the logo for the Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion and win £100 cash prize and a free VIP Package’ to the event!

R&B Street Anthems vol.1

Fresh from the hottest new R&B Artists, Producers and Labels, comes ‘R&B Street Anthems’ a passionately compiled, fresh R&B compilation that will appeal to both the underground and the mainstream.  This is much more than a compilation album; it is a collection of singles and your soundtrack to the biggest R&B hits this summer.

Click here to hear music samples & view the tracklisting!

Play them loud and hear why this album is already being called “…the most exciting and innovative artist showcase of wall to wall hits”.  Every track is an essential new tune.

This double album features an unbelievable 39 tracks with a different CD for each mood; CD#1 features R&B Soul Jams and CD#2 moreuptempo R&B including the hottest summer ‘club bangers’.

Street Sounds has championed the very best black and street music for almost 30 years and we have spent almost 6 months working and collaborating with the greatest new talents from the streets of America(and Canada).  R&B Street Anthems is set to become a major platform for breaking the next generation of R‘n’B superstars. EVERY Track has the potential to become a huge hit and monster club jam – just wait and see!  We are in the process of organising some ‘live performance’ videos so you can witness their huge natural talent for yourself.

The Street Sounds ‘loyal’ are renowned for their love of good music and we promise you  that when you hear the music clips you will be as excited as we are.  Only 500 of the Limited Edition ‘GOLD’ CDs will ever be available…don’t be disappointed please pre-order the album when it becomes available next week.

Nu Electro vol.4…


Thank you to the hundreds of artists, producers and labels who sent in tracks for Nu Electro vol.4, we have once again been blown away by the incredibly high calibre of material.

We have been asked by so many people to have a further extension on the time limit…and this can only be a good thing if we are going to excel on the already ‘seminal’ vol.3. We of course want to give everyone enough time to submit their best tracks for Nu Electro vol.4.


As you heard exclusively  from our previous Newsletter, we are in the process of putting together a multi-artist performance charity single by the greatest legends and superstars in Electro.   This will be the lead single from the forthcoming Nu Electro vol.4 album.  The moniker of the group will be the Electro All-Stars.  For years we have wanted to use the influence and power of ‘our’ music to give something back and we think this project would be perfect.  We have carefully selected Electro (Hip Hop) legends from all generations and asked them to participate in this project, a future Electro ‘anthem’.

Of course the most important benefit that will come from this single will be that a good cause will benefit financially from its sales and success.

Have your say! Let us know what artists you want to see on Nu Electro vol.4 and we will do our utmost to make it happen.

Street Sounds back catalogue

Our goal this year is to release a brand new box set of Electro 1-10 as soon as we can on both Vinyl and CD.  We are devoting all of our resources to make this happen.

As well as being Street Sounds fans you are considered our friends so we want to tell as much as possible and why this project is taking longer than we initially thought.  The main issue is cost as it involves relicensing many of the original tracks.  We are accumulating the funds to do this through all of our new projects (including the Reunion) and have been since the relaunch however we realise that it is not moving nearly as quickly as you (or we) would like.

We are working on many ideas and projects to enable us to release the original Electro albums with unique bonus material.

One way that we could radically speed up this process would be fundraising through a Street Sounds ‘Friends & Patrons Scheme’.  We will let you know all the terrific advantages this special and honorary title will give you soon.

Could this be the most devoted Street Sounds fan ever?

Paul Bate had this awesome Street Sounds tattoo done as a Christmas present from his wife Becky, now that’s what we call dedication!  Paul and Becky both received Street Sounds mugs as a thank you for this unprecedented show of love and devotion for Street Sounds.

Street Sounds have now launched our Twitter page.

Click here to follow us to interact on a regular basis and be kept in the know on everything ‘Street Sounds’.

Independent Record Stores & Labels

With many of our regular Record Shop ‘haunts’ closing down in recent years such as the legendary Groove Records being turned into a blasphemous clothing shop and similar stories, as well as all the recent coverage in the press regarding the very top of the ‘Record Shop food chain’ HMV also having difficulties, independent record stores and labels have never been in more need of your help and support.  Add to this the fact that our regular music magazines such as Blues & Soul, Hip Hop Connection are no longer in print and it paints the picture of a much harder environment for independent music companies all round.

Please help Street Sounds by supporting our albums and releases so that we can continue to invest in new music and artists to bring you the very best and highest calibre of music that you have come to expect from the label.  Thank you for continuing to support us in whichever ways you can, we rely solely on you our loyal fans.  We will be letting you know how YOU can become a Street Sounds Friend and Patron soon!

Street Sounds Mugs

Back In Stock!

Having sold out of the initial Street Sounds Mugs due to underestimating their popularity, they are now back up on the Street Sounds Gear site and available to buy again from today.

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Ask Morgan Khan…

Q. “Dear Morgan, firstly I would like to say that Street Sounds played a really important part in my musical education and now my son (16) and daughter (19) are also listening to my Street Sounds collection.  I now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after immigrating to America 5 years ago and find that there is so much more choice on radio than in England.  I fly back to old blighty to visit family and friends at least once each year and found things have got even worse lately, why is this?” Derrik ‘Jay’ S

A. Hi Derrik, radio has unfortunately changed a great deal in the UK in recent years.  There are many reasons for this but I’d say that the main factor is that the most popular radio stations are now run by large conglomerates who control the airwaves.  Their main focus is obviously to attract as many listeners as possible to gain more advertising revenue but this has come at a very high price for music in the long run.  To stop you switching to another station they do everything they can to hold the public’s attention by playlisting ‘hit’ songs from the weekly chart on a continuous cycle.

Virtually gone are the days of freedom for the DJ (especially during daytime programming), who more often than not are now told what to play.  This makes it much harder for unknown artists to break as you can no longer just walk into the studio and at the DJs discretion have your track played on air almost immediately as it used to be with many DJs.

The state of the current music scene as a whole is also to blame with most of us more often than not choosing stations which solely play classics from past decades and I would also strongly suggest you try the new breed of internet stations like Global Funk Radio, Solar, Colourful &Starpoint Radio and various pirate stations who offer something unique and fresh.  I myself started as a DJ on a pirate station, Radio Jackie, playing disco classics in the 70s. I could go on for hours about Radio so I’d better stop now lol…

Q. “Hi Morgan, I notice from my last email from Street Sounds that the email addresses have changed.  What is the correct email address to write to?” Graham N

A. Hi Graham, you are very observant; we only just changed the email addresses last week and were about to announce it but you’ve beat us to the punch  Following the URL change to www.streetsounds.co which we managed to secure last year the email addresses have now followed suit. The new general email address to send enquiries to isadmin@streetsounds.co

If you have a question to ask Morgan, please emailadmin@streetsounds.co

Original UK Fresh ’86 Logo

Have you visited the ‘UK Fresh Page’ on the Street Sounds website yet?  Featuring images of the entire original UK Fresh ’86 programme and also soon to feature audio clips of Mike Allen’s Capital Radio coverage of the event, click here to view the page.

Street Sounds UK FreshReunion Logo Design Competition

Win £100 and a ‘VIP Package’!

We are inviting you to join the various art/graffiti designers we have already approached to create the logo for the ‘Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion’.

Who better to design the logo than an avid life-long Street Sounds fan and what better reason to have a go than the fact that if you win, you will receive a £100 cash prize and a pair of VIP tickets to the event! Be one of only 50 VIP ticket holders for the event!  For more information please  emailadmin@streetsounds.co

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