*out on 10th June!* *shipping after Wave-Gothic-Treffen (WGT)*

V/A – Pagan Folk und Apocalyptic Psychedelia – Kapitel III CD – zum Schließen ins Bild klicken

*V/A – Pagan Folk und Apocalyptic Psychedelia – Kapitel III * CD in cardboard cover / *4.00 euro*

*SEELENTHRON* – Die Reise ***CAFÉ DE L’ENFER* – Je ne veux plus être pieux *STORMFAGEL* – As we fall *ALLERSEELEN* – Schiachste Percht (exclusive song for this compilation) *AELDABORN* – Parthenian Circles *FRÄKMÜNDT* – Tanzlaubehond *ÀRNICA* – Humo y Llama *STURMPERCHT* – Die tausendjährige Eiche ***HOROLOGIUM* – Affirmation ritual *****DÂNNÂGÔISCHD* – Wipflwenndle *STEIN *- Fahrende Schüler (May 1912) *****ATOMTRAKT* – Triumphzug *VINTERRIKET* – Landmannalaugar *RAUHNACHT* – Vorweltschweigen ***********THRUBYRED* – Abyede Bye…


CAFÉ DE L’ENFER – Marchant à quatre pattes … CD – zum Schließen ins Bild klicken

*CAFÉ DE L’ENFER Marchant à quatre pattes au-devant de la rédemption* digi CD / SteinklangSK54 – 12.90 eur

*CAFÉ DE L’ENFER* is one of the most promising new projects under the unconquerable sun of pure *MARTIAL / NEOCLASSICAL* music. Although the band is now located in Austria, their roots are manifested in the early 20th century of French underground society. Their music amazingly reflects the age of pre-Industrialisation and pure decadence. best to compare with *DERNIÉRE VOLONTÉ*, *ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO*, *ELEND* and a slight touch of *LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE* – total Steinkang tip!!!

*listen to song-excerpts here!*

also available as: *CAFÉ DE L’ENFER boxset* *lim. 51 copies – 34.90 euro* black wooden box including: digipack CD-album French Flag 150x90cm 3inch CDR with 3 exclusive songs postcard




*MIT FESTER HAND – Allerseelenlieder CD* 6-side digipack CD / Ahnstern 43 – 12,90 eur

brilliant new compilation with coverversions of personal friends of Gerhard Hallstatt (Allerseelen) – 88 minutes! * listen to song-excerpts here!*

*Ernte* – Santa Sangre* Tyr-Kreis* – Ernting* Haberfeld* – Olle Lust wui Ewigkeit* Die Weisse Rose* – Flamme* Fanes* – Sonne Golthi-Ade* Sagittarius* – Musa* Scivias* – Idun* Fräkmündt* – Firnföuskamerad* Hrefnesholt* – Herbstlied* Ô Paradis* – Marqués de Púbol* Blood Axis *and*Sangre Cavallum* – Sonne Golthi-Ade* Sturmpercht* – Sturmlied* Larrnakh* – Knistern* Àrnica* – Foc de Salamandra* Klammheim* – Allerseelen* Der Arbeiter* – Flama* Der Feuerkreiner* – Feuersalamander* Cawatana* – Alle Lust will Ewigkeit* Svarrogh* – Heiliges Blut* Allerseelen* – Mit fester Hand

_____________________________________________* *Horologium-10inch *HOROLOGIUM – Fyre 10″* 10” LP lim.300 / Midnight Productions/Steinklang Distribution – 12,90 eur

Fire has been a point of reference for Horologium’s musical endeavours since the very beginning of the band. It is now high time for you to experience a release specifically centered around this meaningful theme. Let us invoke the fire that gave birth to the Earth, the flame stolen from the gods by Prometheus, the all-changing element of Heraclitus… Horologium hope to set your hearts on fire! Released as a black 10” vinyl, once again with an outstanding artwork by K.Meizter. – finest industrial/ambient!

*ATTENTION:* Box edition (wooden box w/ “Fyre” 10”, “Tellurian Anthems” 12″ (La Esencia Records) + bonus CD with unreleased songs) will come soon. If you prefer Box edition, please be patient and we will keep inform about updates regarding this edition!!!

*mp3 excepts: Invocation Soul Ignition*

____________________________________________________ * more news:*

DER BLUTHARSCH / DEUTSCH NEPAL – Apöcalyptic Climäx 2 CD *DER BLUTHARSCH / DEUTSCH NEPAL – Apöcalyptic Climäx 2 CD* Artikelnummer: WKN05 Preis: ¤ 12.90 -> on stock in around 7-10 days


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