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Dear friends and customers,* * we are back now from way too short holidays and we will answer all mails/orders/requests in the next days.

*saturday, 24th and sunday 25th Sept.**

**BIG SHOP-OPENING SALE- 1500 titles for **total kickout-prices!*

*IN GOWAN RING / BIRCH BOOKin concert on saturday 24th! *as always, the concert will take place on the Auerhutte/Seewaldsee in St.Koloman- more infos at the end of this email ! * *


*two mega-classics out now!*

MORTIFICATION TO THE FLESH – Le Trésor Maudit CD *MORTIFICATION TO THE FLESH – Le Trésor Maudit CD* CD lim.600 / Final Muzik – 12,90 eur

*a no.1 classical album from the early Dark-Industrial and pre-Martial aera! The song “GERMANICA” fills Industrial-dancefloors since the late 80ies even til today! ABSOLUTE STEINKLANG TIP!!! *First official CD-reissue, previously released in 1988 as vinyl LP in an edition of 300 copies. Even though it was released in a strictly limited edition (original copies of the LP are now sold at very high prices), “Le Trésor Maudit” reached a huge cult-status within the industrial scene. Following the best 80’s German music tradition, the band put together different styles into an unique sound, strong and suggestive at the same time. Rhythmic, hypnotic “new wave” (with female vocals) meets courageous experimental music, classic industrial and art-electronics. An essential album for the fans of German industrial music and underground new wave. – Digi-slim sleeve *+ bonus tracks*.

BLOOD AXIS – Ultimacy (1991-2011) CD *BLOOD AXIS – Ultimacy (1991-2011) CD* CD / Storm – 14,90 eur

Track listing: The Ride – Wir rufen deine Wölfe – Mandragora (Alraune) – The March of Brian Boru – Follow Me Up to Carlow – Der gefallene Engel – Herjafather – The Hangman and the Papist – Bearer of 10,000 Eyes – Lord of Ages – Electricity – Life – Eternal Soul (Germania Mix) – The Storm Before the Calm – Walked in Line

Ultimacy (1991-2011) brings together on one CD the definitive versions of all the singles and compilation tracks released by Blood Axis during the first two decades since the project was founded, expertly re-mastered by Robert Ferbrache. Blood Axis has never been bound to a particular style of music, here the material spans from aggressive folk rock to atmospheric ritual pieces, all the way to menacing electronica. The topical themes of these songs encompass European folklore; early 20th-century German occultism; Norse and Perso-Roman mythology; fatalism, militarism, and Nietzschean romanticism.


our next releases will be:

*STORMFAGEL* – new album *MARCH OF HEROES* – new double-album *FRÄKMÜNDT* – new album

*DISSECTING TABLE* – classical live-recordings in best quality from 1988 and 1991 *DISSECTING TABLE / VASILISK* – new conceptual split album of these two great Japanese artists, dating back to the mid-80ies. *GRIM* – after 25 years of silence we bring you the *NEW ALBUM* of the famous Japanese veterans of Power-Noise!

there are some more nice releases planed… be surprised! 😉


*Mr.STORMFAGEL* himself (on picture below) arrived here today in St.Koloman! he turned his back on Sweden and will live in St.Koloman in future, at least for a longer while. many people who came to visit our place want to stay here… and some of them just do it! 😉

*welcome to St.Koloman, Mr.Lumberjack!*



* still fresh! **FALKENSTEIN – Die Grosse Goettin CD*- 12,90 euro*



*our new shop-address: * *Steinklang Industries Kolomaniplatz 27 5423 St.Koloman Austria Tel. 0043-6241-21555*


our *RARITY-SHOP*: **


*INFOS ABOUT IN GOWAN RING / BIRCH BOOK concert on 24th september:*

*in case of bad weather,* *reservation is necessary*, as the Alphouse holds only 40 people, so please *email us*! in case of good weather, the concert will be open-air and no limit of people.

we will meet at the NEW Steinklang-shop on saturday 24th September. we will be at the shop from NOON on, so come whenever You want, but latest at 5pm! at around 5pm we will drive to the Auerhuette on the Seewaldsee (5km from St.Koloman).

the concert-fee is 9 euro, to cover at least a part of the band’s travelling costs. if You want to give more, You’re welcome! 🙂

if You need a room, here is our local hotel, right beside our shop: price per night incl. breakfast is 35 euro

_*map to NEW Steinklang Shop:*

_*coming from NORTH (Munich): *You pass Salzburg on the highway to south (Italy). 10km after Salzburg You leave the highway at HALLEIN. there You cross two traffic-circles straight and on the third circle You already see the signs to St.Koloman. the new Steinklang shop is right beside the church – no chance to miss it 😉

*coming from SOUTH (Italy):* 20km before Salzburg You leave the highway at *GOLLING*. the exit is right after 2 looong tunnels. then just follow the signs to St.Koloman when You come from Golling, our house is the very first house in St.Koloman on the right streetside.

the address is: Kolomaniplatz 27 5423 St.Koloman Austria

some impressions from the Seewaldsee / St.Koloman:

Jausenstation Auerhütte am Seewaldsee, Mangalizaschwein am Morgen Seewaldsee Morgens über dem Seeörner am, Seewaldsee So schön kann der Morgen sein – Mit dem Ausblick Pferde vor dem Göll

* *the owner Seewaldsee-Hütte is a local bio-farmer, who has specialised on growing ancient (and nearly extinct) breeds of farm-animals and he is producing all their meat, ham, cheese, saussages… himself, so beware offantastic Alpine Food and drinksthere ! the concert will maybe start at 7 pm, let’s see – everything is open for that evening. 😉


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