RAUHNACHT - Vorweltschweigen CD CD in oversized foldout-cover with inlay / Sturmklang 04 - 12,90 eur

also available on LP in foldout-cover with printed innersleeve lim.500 copies - 14,90 eur LP-version is out on 10th november!  RAUHNACHT is a dark journey through deep forests and misty mountains, full of Alpine Battle Hymns and grim Martial Anthems for mountain trolls. "Vorweltschweigen" (means: silence of the ancient world) is deeply engrained in alpine mysticism, ancient pagan rites and heathen legends around strange fairies and wild folks. This sinister album entrains you to arcane mountains, dark chasms and gloomy underwood and guides you to the most secret places in the very depth of the holy Central European Alps, where wild hunters meet creepy creatures from dusk til dawn. "Vorweltschweigen" is your personal soundtrack for misty autumn evenings and will be your closest friend in dark and frosty winter nights!  Background info:  "Vorweltschweigen" is completely based on the lyrics and sounds of STURMPERCHT the legendary creators of Alpine Folk music.

RAUHNACHT is pure AlpineBlackMetal -> ABM is based on the atmosphere of early Norwegian Black Metal, but dealing with alpine and celtic mythology, philosophy and tradition. ABM contains a large variety of (ancient) traditional acoustic instruments from alpine/celtic areas, such as the Alphorn, the Teufelsgeige, hunter's trumpets and other obscure alpine instruments, as well as organic/natural field-recordings from black forests, craggy mountains and dark caves.

RAUHNACHT is the name for the twelve nights between 24th december and 6th january, where the demons of winter and the Perchten celebrate their Wild Hunt through hidden alpine villages and forests.

www.alpineblackmetal.at www.myspace.com/alpineblackmetal

tracklist / mp3s: 1. Auf den Schwingen der Stürme – 7:09 2. Vorweltschweigen – 6:52 3. Dem Schicksalsfeld entgegen – 9:27 4. Auf zur Schlacht – 5:19 5. Untersberge – 6:33 6. Das letzte Licht – 8:50 


RAUHNACHT shirt 15,00 eur S - M - L - XL - XXL



VINTERRIKET – Zwischen den Jahren mCD CD in oversized foldout-cover with inlays / Sturmklang 03 - 8,90 eur

After years of waiting, VINTERRIKET is finally back with a new atmospheric Black Metal release. “Zwischen den Jahren” is a powerful and hyponitic Black Metal release with catchy riffs and desolate vocals. Cold chords and stirring hypnotic riffing is paired with haunting and cold synthetic soundscapes evoking an chilling atmosphere full of bleakness, coldness, desolation, solitude, emptiness, melancholy, darkness and nothingness,... The bleak mourning of desolate idleness within eerie and misty sonic landscapes. A tribute to the darkest side of nature...

www.vinterriket.com www.myspace.com/vinterriketofficial

tracklist / mp3s: 1. Quatembersturm – 6:59 2. Modranecht – 6:32 3. Winterepiphanie – 7:53 


ORCRIST – Fallen CD CD in transparent DVD-slimcase with inlay / Sturmklang 02 - 12,90 eur out on 10th november!  ORCRIST’s new album “Fallen” combines ice cold riffs with melancholic sounds, which will send a shiver over your backbone and create darkest sadness in your minds. The song “Fallen” was written by Goblin of ISVIND and is dedicated to his friend Valfar of WINDIR who died in 2004. Goblin composed and recorded guitars and bass for the tracks "Fallen", “Holocaust of Dreams” and “Judgment of the Demon ”and performed vocals on ALL tracks beside "Outro/The Return of Silence Part 2” which was written and recorded by Hugin, of the Austrian band URUK-HAI. - ORCRIST is the true spirit of pure fucking Underground Black Metal!


tracklist / mp3s: Fallen – 4:21 Holocaust of Dreams – 3:09 Judgement of the demon – 3:46 Cult mules – 4:11 The return of silence part I – 4:42 On the wings of night – 5:17 Outro / The return of silence part II – 2:23 

URUK-HAI – In Durins Halls CD CD in transparent DVD-slimcase / WAR067 – Sturmklang Distribution - 12,90 eur out on 10th november!  The world was young, the mountains green, No stain yet on the Moon was seen,...The world was fair in Durin's Day.

Going back to 1999, where all has started and URUK-HAI recorded their first Demo "In Durins Halls", a legend began: 11 years later we proudley present the re-arranged and remastered Demo from 1999 with totally new, epic & powerfull soundscapes and rough Black Metal Hymns feat. Pr. Sergiy from MOLOCH. mastered at the Luftschutzkerker Studios Suisse by cz of Vinterriket, Sturmpercht,... "In Durins Halls" is rough, epic, dark and full of forgotten legends. the album was hidden for a decade in in the mines of Moria but now its unleashed!

...No harp is wrung, no hammer falls: The darkness dwells in Durin's Halls.

also available as wooden boxset lim.100 copies - 26,90 eur out on 15th november! this is the limited wooden boxset of the remastered first URUK-HAI album from 1999! incl. Bonus CD with the original 1999 Demo (first time on CD!) 1x Inlaycand / Handnumbered 1x URUK-HAI Logo Button 1x signed URUK-HAI business card  www.myspace.com/urukhaiofficial

tracklist / mp3s: 1. Luthien - 9:53 2. Kortirion - 3:20 3. Durins Halls – 7:27 4. Uruk-Hai – 13:22 5. Moria – 9:26 6. Nordhimmel - 4:04 7. The Unknown - 4:43 8. Over old hills – 9:09 9. >video< In Durins Halls  - 6:15 

  FRÄKMÜNDT - Uufwärts e d'Föuse... mCD mCD ind oversized foldout-cover with inlays / Percht 17 - 8,90 eur

The inner-Swiss Ur-Folk group FRÄKMÜNDT is finally back after the amazing debut CD “Urbärglieder”! The new opus is entitled „Uufwärts e d’Föuse“ (Upward the rocks). In the meantime FRÄKMÜNDT has become a quartet additionally featuring Anneli of ELUVEITIE and GODNR.UNIVERSE! on bass-guitar, hurdy-gurdy and flute which is quite enriching for the band. “Uufwärts e d’Föuse” is a conceptual album with almost 27 minutes of playing time which takes the listener on an imposing musical journey to untouched alpine areas. As on “Urbärglieder” all tracks are presented in the FRÄKMÜNDT-typical Central-Swiss alemannic dialect. After a non-standard and so-called “Alp-Blessing” (“Aupsääge”) which is the intro of the album, the journey goes straight up to the mountains towards twilight and upwards to the rocks (“Uufwärts e d’Föuse”). This track is musically visualized by acoustic guitars, accordion, drums, dreamy hurdy-gurdy melodies and deep male vocals. Having reached the top, a beautiful and mystical night in the mountains awaits the listener (“S’nachtet y”) - Melancholic acoustic guitars are paired with a flute and narrative vocals in this track. On the next day the trip continues, accompanied by gleaming shafts of sunlight which are reflected by glaciers and walls of rocks (“Schyne”). This track distinguishes itself by mighty accordion tunes, catchy acoustic guitar riffs and drums.The listener has now deserved to receive some protection and fun within an alpine cabin – the night is near (“Höttehock”). “Höttehock” is a swinging and wild traditional dancing track with a catchy accordion melody and nice acoustic guitars. The end of this unique musical journey is formed by the awareness that it is the most important thing to be proud and free (”Stouz ond frey”). It is a devotional and powerful song with profound hurdy-gurdy parts, rhythmic guitar melodies and catchy accordion tunes. The very end of this unique MCD is a Dark Alpine Ambient track called “Bärgtröim” (Mountain Dreams) which smoothly leads the listener back to the valley. Join the musical trip to Ur-Swiss Alpine areas. The new FRÄKMÜNDT MCD has a playing time of almost 30 minutes and was mastered at Luftschutzkerker / Switzerland. FRÄKMÜNDT features cz of STURMPERCHT/ DÂNNÂGÔISCHD / VINTERRIKET / ATOMTRAKT / NEBELKORONA etc. The album was released in a very special packaging with two inlays. With “Uuufwärts e d’Föuse”, a varied piece of extraordinary Ur-Folk music was born once again, which perfectly describes the mystic and legendary Alpine areas.

www.fraekmuendt.com www.myspace.com/fraekmuendt

tracklist / mp3s: 1. Aupsääge - 1:45 2. Uufwärts e d'Föuse – 4:41 3. S'nachtet y - 2:52 4. Schyne - 5:23 5. Höttehöck – 4:42 6. Stouz ond frey – 4:38 7. Bärgtröim  - 2:29  

   HREFNESHOLT – Uraungst CD CD in oversized foldout-cover with inlays / Percht 16 - 12,90 eur

Going back to far away times, HREFNESHOLT digs out long forgotten, ancient tales amongst the myths of the Upper Austrian forests. These legends of sinister and primal fears were too terrible to be retold and people wanted to forget them over the centuries. Now these ancient tales are finally being retold in "Urangst", the newly released debut album of HREFNESHOLT.

„Uraungst“ is a mixture of dark, organic Ambient, Folk, a slight Black Metal touch and spoken/sung lyrics and tales in Austrian dialect. HREFNESHOLT is purest Doom Folk and uncompareable with any other music style. The initial recordings of „Uraungst“ took place in the Fluesterwald (whispering forest) Studio in 2009. In autumn 2010 the album was finally completed and mixed at Luftschutzkerker Studio by cz of Vinterriket, Sturmpercht, Atomtrakt, Nebelkorona, Fräkmündt,...


tracklist / mp3s: 1. Percht (da Einbringa)  - 1:11 2. I bin da Woid - 12:59 3. Hexnfeia – 5:37 4. Hoamat – 5:41 5. Wurzlmann – 11:51 6. Unruahnocht - 3:54 7. Fuchtelmandln – 23:56 8. Dunklmoos - 6:53 9. Stoana (da Aussischmeissa)  - 1:00  

   ÀRNICA – Numancia mCD freestyle-mCD in oversized foldout-cover with inlays / Ahnstern47 - 8,90 eur

Numancia was a small castro (name in Sapnish for celtiberian village). The inhabitants from Numancia fought against the Roman Empire for more than twenty years. It was 133 b.C. Roma sent their best military man called Escipion to create a siege and destroy Numancia so they could have controlled the entire peninsula. However, when the Romans entered the village, the survivors decided to kill their own children, set their own belongings on fire to end up with their own lives. If the Empire controled Celtiberia they could not control their people. 

Musically Numancia is a invigorating trip from the magnificence of the village to the final decision of choose to die instead of being conquered. Solid drums and ritual elements are mixed with Heathen tunes the recognizable Ur-Folk sound. All texts are written and sung in Spanish and in the ancient Celtiberian language. After this release to homage our ancestors, Àrnica will depart back to the vast mountains of the Pyrenees…


tracklist / mp3s: 1. Castro Arévaco – 2:55 2. Corona de Moncayo – 4:36 3. Asedio – 2:04 4. Bajo la Sombra del Buitre – 0:47 5. Humo y Llama – 4:19 6. Numancia Invicta – 4:50 7. Deiuoreigis – 0:54 






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