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Kinetix vs Pylône “Sonology”

cd sop 014

Gianluca Becuzzi aka Kinetix is an electronic / electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the first half of the 1980’s. During the last two decades, he released many albums and performed live around Europe under various names.

Since 1999, the artistic production of Gianluca Becuzzi is characterised by a strong experimental imprint, a marked interest for the expressive possibilities offered by the digital technologies and a clear aesthetic inclination towards abstract forms and micro / macro noises / sounds. Gianluca Becuzzi deals with electronic / electroacoustic composition, sound art, audio installations, ambient post-scorings and sound design.

The relationships between art and science, audio and visual / spatial forms, as well as between composition and self-generative processes are the main themes Gianluca Becuzzi has decided to explore for Sonology.

With this third album, Pylône creates a work made of cracking, spattering, crepitating sounds and proposes a new dive in his clinical, yet always strangely poetic, musical universe. Producing bizarre soundscapes of oddly distorted, twisted noises, Pylône proposes to guide us through a labyrinthic inner world that is both extremely powerful and deeply delicate.

For the first time together on the same album, each artist addresses the theme of Sonology according to his own sensibility, Kinetix’s work being rather on the side of break while Pylône’s rests on the notion of flux. Thus, they create an extraordinarily interesting record, dense, subtle and inventive, the depth of which will reveal more and more with each new listening.

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