Soul Jazz Records – E.M.A.K. (‘Elektronische Musik Aus Koeln’)

A Synthetic History Of E.M.A.K. 1982 – 8807 September 2010
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Soul Jazz/Universal Sound are releasing today this stunning new compilation of underground German electronic experimentalists, E.M.A.K. (‘Elektronische Musik Aus Koeln’), available at all good internet and retail stores from today. You can also buy direct here on CD, deluxe double vinyl and exclusive digital download.

E.M.A.K. are the German synth-core/minimal-wave/ deutsche electronische group who made a stunning set of radical records in the 1980s. (including the killer ‘Filmmusik’ as featured on Soul Jazz’s recent “Deutsche Electronische Musik”).

Joining the dots between German electronic experimentalists such as Cluster, Conrad Schnitzler, Tangerine Dream, the synth-core/minimal-wave of Germany’s electronic new wave such as D.A.F. (itself influenced by UK groups Cabaret Voltaire, Human League and The Normal) and with hints of the cosmic disco of Giorgio Moroder and Daniel Baldelli, Cologne’s E.M.A.K. remain one of electronic music’s best-kept secrets.

This is a compilation complete with exclusive text and photos from a series of super-rare private press titles released in Germany in the 1980s. Comes in Soul Jazz special box edition CD (with free postcards) and super-loud limited edition heavyweight gatefold double vinyl.

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