Sombre Soniks Update #2

NEW RELEASES I am pleased to announce two new releases for this month:

Alchemist – Water ep 2nd in a set of 4 ep’s to be released on thee 13th of thee month starting in April, each named after one of thee elements. “An alternative to natural sound. Brought forth from deep within the soul of Alkemisti, the sole member of Alchemist, this project endeavors to search the dark side of thought and sound. Founded in the past, as the tracks pave the way for the future. Alchemist is a project of unknowns…a study in mystery. Who is Alchemist? The tracks will surely lead you to the truth….” Available for £2.50 from:


Ulug-Khem – Live Improv Session 01 Ulug-Khem is thee meeting ground of thee Muziks kreated by Tamerlan and Akoustik Timbre Frekuency… A fertile playground of Shamanik evokations to sink into your very soul… This is komprised of three excerpts from a live online improvisation between thee two artists. Kurrently seeking a label to further explore this kollaboration! Demo available to stream here:

FUTURE RELEASES June: Alchemist – Air ep & Tamerlan – Anti-Existence (re-release with bonus audio and artwork) July: Alchemist – Earth ep & Snowfade – Nostalgia remix ep August: Kristus Kut – Black Queen Kompendium (bringing together all 4 of his ‘Black Queen’ quadrilogy for thee 1st time with new artwork!) September – Catacombs of Doom – tba & Syrinx – tba


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