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June 18, 2010

Manafon vinyl edition

The Manafon Vinyl Edition will be released on the 26th July. It will only be available as a pre-order from initially, and then from specialist retailers from 26th July.

This two-disc deluxe vinyl version of Manafon is produced to the highest standards in a heavy, rigid card gatefold sleeve with design by Chris Bigg and featuring artwork by Ruud Van Empel and Atsushi Fukui. This release is limited to a one time pressing of 1200 units, and will be priced at $40.00 (US)

Both vinyl discs are manufactured in the UK using 180gm heavyweight vinyl, the album was mastered at Metropolis Mastering, London. Each disc comes in a printed card slip-case, and the entire package was manufactured by the same team that produced the Deluxe Manafon edition.

Spread over four sides, the album comes with a bonus track,  a remix of “Random Acts of Senseless Violence” by acclaimed contemporary classical composer Dai Fujikura, which was previously unavailable outside of Japan.

Track listing is as follows:

Side A
1. Small Metal Gods
2. The Rabbit Skinner
3. Random Acts of Senseless Violence
Side B
4. The Greatest Living Englishman
5. 125 Spheres
Side C
6. Snow White in Appalachia
7. Emily Dickinson
8. The Department of Dead Letters
Side D
9. Manafon
10. Random Acts of Senseless Violence (Dai Fujikura Remix)
Important Shipping Information:

To ensure that the album arrives promptly and in good condition, we are intending to ship them from two locations. UK and Europe orders from the UK, and North American and Rest Of the World orders from the US.

We hope that this will be of benefit to customers in keeping shipping costs down and ensuring timely delivery of the record. Multiple orders will be sent individually and single unit shipping charges will apply to each item.

One final note for you all is that the price on the shop is in US$, so please bear that in mind when calculating the actual price you are paying in your local currency.

Pre-order the Manafon Vinyl Edition at the Samadhisound Shop
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