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Hi Friends!
Summer has arrived and we have some great news for you:

If you haven’t seen the sensual 3rd video from BJØRN SVIN’s new album “Browen” check it out here:

This new project will premiere live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse the 26th of June as a full band consisting of Fanar Ghali (voc/oud), Jens Berents Christiansen (laptop/g/efx), Morten Svenstrup (cello/melodica) from Under Byen, Balder H. Brüsch (synt/theremin/omnichord) from Fifty Foot Spiders and Jens Lopes Andersson (percussion) from The Way Out.
The project fuses music from the Middle East, Arabia, North Africa, Scandinavia with different electronic genres.
Tickets can be bought here:

‎فنار غالي في حفل موسيقي على خشبة الجاز هاوس ثانية
‎هذه المرة سيكون عملا تجريبيا جديدا عن طريق مزاوجة الموسيقى العربية مع الموسيقى الالكترونية الدنماركية والاعمال هي ثمرة تعاون وعمل وتجريب مع فرقة روم بيستوول للفنان ينس بيرينتس كريستيانسن، من خلالها سنستمع الى أعمال جديدة أو مركبة لنصوص عربية ودنماركية أو بلغات أخرى. يذكر أن فنار غالي باشر الإعداد والعمل لبرنامج الحفل الموسيقي المشترك فور عودته من زيارة لبلده العراق لأول مرة منذ عشرين عاما، مصطحبا معه أصوات الفرح والحزن من الجنوب، مطعّمة بمشاعر خالجته أثناء رحلته جاءت بكلمات وموسيقى نتمنى أن تستمتعوا بها
‎وذلك يوم السبت 26/6 الساعة التاسعة مساءا

After the sad breakup of People Press Play, we are happy to announce that SYSTEM will release their new album entitled ‘B’ on Rump in October, 2010!
It is Systems first full album since their debut on ~scape in 2002, and the album sees the group return to more ambient and melodic territories (- previously a trademark when they were called FUTURE 3), while still being influenced by dubstep and UK garage, which could also be felt on the ‘Tempo EP’ from 2007.
System will also reunite briefly as FUTURE 3 for one gig only at this years Strøm Festival in Copenhagen. The reunion comes excactly 15 years after the release of Future 3’s highly acclaimed ‘We are the Future 3’, which gave the group quite an international response (top producers of that era Kruder & Dorfmeister listed it as one of their top 5 albums of all time!).
Check out System’s MySpace-page here:

As most of you probably already know BJØRN SVIN’s astonishing new album “Browen” came out in March to much applause.
It’s the first full album in 8 years from DK’s very first techno-star, and it has received airplay at BBC’s On The Wire and from The Wire’s editor Rob Young among many other places.
Apart from receiving well-deserved top marks from the Danish critics, the album has also been praised by the international press, to whom Bjørn Svin might not be a familiar name:

“Browen sounds like little else in the contemporary electronic scene … and bring a refreshingly new sensibility to the experimental electronic playing field” – Textura (CAN)
“the craft he learned as a slave to the dancefloor has supplied him with a set of tools to brew something warm and wonderful.” – Penny Black Music (UK)
“a calm, reflective record displaying a considerable inner peace” – Incendiary Magazine (US)
“Des traits rudes, des bleus mélancoliques des variations libres autour des collections solitaires, froides, transies d’une lumière glacée.” – Downtempo (F)
“..auch in den ruhigen Momenten überzeugt: Dort hört man das spezielle Sirren der Svin’schen Schaltkreise am besten.” – Groove (DE)

There is a nearly fresh interview with Bjørn Svin to be found here:

+ two more beautiful videos taken from Browen:

On our new website you can order all physical releases and exclusive merchandise which can’t be found anywhere else (Bjørn Svin T-shirts anyone?) with free shipping worlwide! You can stream all albums in their entirety and check out our unique editions, where all artwork has been handmade by different artist.
You can also subscribe to RSS feeds from our news section, so you will be updated with all new releases, musicvideos, livedates and free downloads. Simply go to: WWW.RUMP.NU

Once again you can find us at this years Roskilde Festival in the Your Space area, where we will sell records and merchandise along with our fellow labels Statler & Waldorf, Rumraket, Jenka Music & Escho. There will also be a secret live performance with SNöLEOPARDEN on sunday the 4th of July!

Last thanks to everyone who came and saw us play during the PERLER FOR RUM-SVIN TOUR in March and April. You were great!
Upcoming livedates for all Rump artists can be found here:

Over and out!



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