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Note: Records not manufactured by Minimal Wave are designated MWX. Merchandise is designated MWZ.
Martin Lloyd – L’Amant Electronique (7″ EP)

Minimal Wave presents an exquisite 7″ EP release by Martin Lloyd entitled “L’Amant Electronique”. Martin is mainly known for his Oppenheimer Analysis (Minimal Wave) and Analysis (Survival Records) projects, yet through the years he recorded over two dozen tracks on his own, most of which never saw the light of day. The four selected tracks were recorded between 1980 and 1984 in his own “Feedback Studios” in Battersea, London. Martin Lloyd delivers vocals via the vocoder and carefully layers synth melodies which range from upbeat and danceable, to what could be the soundtrack to a 1981 post-apocalyptic science fiction film. The record is pressed on white vinyl with a hea vy black jacket (spot gloss) and is limited to 999 hand-numbered copies. Check the sound samples and images here. Purchase the release here, $9.
Track list:
A1 L’Amant Electronique
A2 Western Dreams
B1 Half-Life
B2 Science Fiction Man
Ruins – The Art Dance (LP in gatefold)

Minimal Wave proudly presents a full length LP by Ruins, an Italian electro-wave duo. Ruins formed in Mestre in 1978 with the intention of experimenting with electronic devices and mixed media. They mainly created music out of self-expression without any intention of joining the mainstream. Interested in multimedia, they had a strong visual aesthetic apparent via their album art, videos and projections. Their classic hit ‘Fire’ is one of our favorites to date, so powerful with its great energy and beautiful production (‘I don’t like your job / I don’t like your games / I don’t wanna be just a sleep-machine’). It’s where Italo meets Minimal Wave. The ‘Fire’ videos are a must-see in order to grasp the full effect of the song, check out the first version here and rare second version here. The LP entitled “The Art Dance” features a collection of songs recorded between 1980-1984, some previously released, others never released before pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a lovely hand-numbered glossy gatefold jacket lined with the band’s history and photos, and accompanied by a lyrics insert sheet. Check the sound samples and images here. Purchase the release here, $22.
Track list:
A1 Pure Desire
A2 Fire
A3 Nice Song
A4 Electronic Journey
A5 Short Wave
B1 Sexual Desire
B2 It’s Not Too Grand
B3 Your Lover
B4 Daily And Blue
B5 Good Name
Oppenheimer Analysis – S/T (EP)

The first release from Minimal Wave originally pressed in 2005, the Oppenheimer Analysis 12″ EP is back again by popular demand. This EP is a third pressing hand-numbered edition (999 copies) on 180 gram vinyl of selected tracks from the Oppenheimer Analysis cassette entitled “New Mexico” released in 1982, as well as two others that were previously unreleased. Andy Oppenheimer (nuclear weapons consultant) and Martin Lloyd (previously involved in the Survival Label, also known for his project “Analysis”) formed Oppenheimer Analysis in the early 80’s shortly after meeting one another at a Science Fiction Convention in London. They opened up for such bands as Hawkwind and Spizz Energi, and were reviewed in Melody Maker back in the day. Check the sound samples and images here. Note: the spot color on the sleeve is a powder blue. Purchase it here, $16.
Track list:
A1 Devil’s Dancers
A2 Cold War
B1 Men In White Coats
B2 Radiance
MWX028 (CITI003)
Sylvi Foster – If Are You… (EP)

Some classic Italo disco for the dancefloor brought to you by our sublabel, Cititrax. Sylvi Foster was the brainchild of the young Domenico Ricchini (who also produced music under the pseudonyms: Bandanna, Bob Salton, Delanuà, and Joe Yellow). Domenico formed his first rock band in 1974 and his first disco band in 1978. In 1979, he recorded ‘If Are You Master’, ‘Love Dawn’ and ‘Flood’ and later recorded ‘Hookey’ in 1982. This EP brings together four of his best songs, which were released on various hard to find 12″s thr oughout the years. This is the sound of early Italo disco, with its slinky pre-midi synth-funk elements and great tempos, dark synths and nonsense lyrics to match. Big thanks to Flemming Dalum for making this release possible. Limited to 999 copies. Note: this record will be available on October 18. Purchase it here, $18.
Track list:
A1 If Are You Master
A2 Love Dawn
B1 Hookey
B2 Flood
Transparent Illusion – Still Human (LP)

Transparent Illusion was the project of Roy Young (a pseudonym), hailing from Haverhill, Suffolk, UK. Equipped with just one synthesizer and a drum machine, he entered Octopus Studios located in Stowupland, Suffolk sometime in 1980 to record the ultimate minimal electronic music album. Roy’s music is quite unique and exemplifies the fact that limitation can be the perfect source for heightened creativity: his rather raw sound is based solely on his Korg MS-10 synthesizer, a monophonic synth. As illustrated on this album, Roy had a great imagination and even though the tracks are mostly quite short they are far from being poor texturally, with brilliant analogue synth sounds all throughout (bass, monophonic lead synths, effects, synthetic percussion). Engineer Dave Hoser is said to have helped in the performance, thus it can be concluded that, as a team they truly mastered the MS-10. While the lyrics are testimony to an angst-ridden teenager living in Thatcherian Cold War Brit ain (“This cage is barred – I’m trapped inside”, “I just recede – I dream I’m you”, “Dead bodies decaying – all over the town”, “There’s no way out of this nightmare”), the music, to some surprise, reveals many uplifting moments in terms of unexpected melodic parts. So, over the recent years, some people have described “Still Human” as being the ‘Holy Grail’ of minimal electronic music, while others say it is totally overrated. From own experience, it can be said that the album needs its time and a good amount of attention to be understood. The original vinyl album “Still Human” and the single “Vortex” were released on Roy’s own label Vex Records but only a few copies were sold. Transparent Illusion and Vex Records then vanished into obscurity, but the album and single were remembered by a select few. The value of these rare records continued to rise and over the last decade four-digit prices have been paid. People not only tried hard to find those records, but also tried hard to track down the mysterious Roy Young himself. Nobody managed to succeed – until one day in 2009. It wasn’t an overnight success – and that’s why Anna Logue Records refers to the ‘Holy Grail’ in terms of the true quest that was undertaken to find Roy – but Jochen Lange had persevered for more than two years. Public directories and government records were thoroughly checked and letters were sent.. and received when finally the TRANSPARENT ILLUSION materialized: the highly anticipated letter from Roy himself! The quest was over, the myth became a reality. The result of this chain of events is now in your hands. Purchase this release here, $26. Limited quantity available.
Many back catalog releases now available via iTunes, Amazon, and E-Music. These below link directly to the iTunes store:
Oppenheimer Analysis – New Mexico (first digital release of Oppenheimer Analysis’ classic material!)
Los Iniciados – Untitled 7″
Sluik – Back To Burnsley 7″
Pavillon 7B – Dark Life LP
Somnambulist / M.Bryo – Split 7″
Störung – Europe Calls 7″
Martin Dupont – Lost And Late LP
Linear Movement – On The Screen LP
Sudeten Creche – Are Kisses Out of Fashion? EP
Stereo – Somewhere In The Night LP
Bal Pare – Best of..
Bal Pare – Untitled 7″
Moderne – Moderne / L’Espionne Aimait La Musique (2LP)
Circuit 7 – Video Boys LP
Das Ding – H.S.T.A. LP
In Aeternam Vale – S/T LP
Turquoise Days – Alternative Strategies LP
The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 1
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