Quartier23 News – May/June



*GOTHICK Zodios* (Album) (*Ambient, Experimental, Occult*)

“Absolutely hard to describe album from the british artist Gothick – you have to forget everything you know about music and learn everything about musick! It is a perfect mixture of surreal, curious, magical and dark moments. It is unique art – and we are absolutely sure: you never heard something like “Zodios” before!”


*HERESIARCH Fear Tactics* (Album) (Dark-Ambient, Industrial, Experimental, Martial)

“The british project Heresiarch was able to fascinate us already with the first listen to. The impressive combination of dark-ambient, industrial and martial rhythms is creating an atmosphere which feels ominous and intriguing at the same time. We are believing devoutly that „Fear Tactics“ captivating its listeners!”


*IGNIIS …Nosotros Entonces…* (Album) (Dark Occult Folk)

“”I had a great expectations for “Nostros Entonces” album by Igniis, since it is one of the best projects I came across during my cooperation with Quartier23. However, those expectations were not only satisfied, but were highly surpassed. This is such an original, immersing and emotional work, that it’s just hard to imagine that it was created by a single artist. Every second of the album is just pure magic entrancing the listener with wonderful melodies and emotional voices. Honestly, I was very sad the moment it ended, because, during the listening session, somehow all those sounds befriend you, and you just don’t want to see them leave. That is, until the moment you re-play the album again….and I’ve been doing this a lot. Truly a gem in the already amazing Quartier23 roster.” (Timur of TAMERLAN)”


*TAMERLAN *Koyunbaba (MiniAlbum) (Neo-Folk, Traditional)

“This is Tamerlan’s interpretation of a classical guitar suite Koyunbaba, written by Carlo Domeniconi. It represents an effigy to those inspirational and careless times left behind. Since this release marks the five years of this project’s existence, let’s all gather around and lose ourselves in reminiscence for a brief moment…”


COMING IN JUNE (Summer Solstice, 21 VI 2011 e.v.):

*SEPTEM *The Seven Luminaries (Double Album/Compilation) (Experimental, Vocal, Neo-Classical, Neo-Folk, Dark Ambient)

“The compilation about the seven luminaries. Include international artists like Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Andrea Nebel, Arkane, Asbaar, Eldar, Emme Ya, Gothick, Heresiarch, Hoyland, Hybryds, Igniis, Immundus, Kristus Kut, Loell Duinn, Manistramun, Melankolia, Night at Noon, Nimheil, Old Village, Ouroboros, Tamerlan, TraumaSutra, Urna, Verney 1826, While Angels Watch.”


*Nation of Quartier23*

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