Pip Williams – Man vs Machine 2xEP + Shameless Toady Ltd edition white label vinyl


What i am about to announce is a very very special project put together by one of the most amazing electronic producers of our time, mr. *Pip Williams*, a bunch of incredibly talented artists and the… sincerely yours (!) About a month ago Phil uploaded on Soundcloud a track called *Man vs Machine *. Enthusiastic feedback was instant so our man decided to make the stems available for all the electroheads out there who would like to do a remix. What followed was hard to imagine: exciting (to say the least) remixes started to come from… everywhere and before Phil realise what was happening, he found himself with… *14* absolutely fantastic versions of the original killer tune! Not to mention that he’s still waiting for a couple more..! Such a great pack of electro goodies would be a shame to be available separately only on some Soundcloud pages and Phil’s… hard drives. Eventually the next move would be to release these remixes commercially. But *Shameless Toady*’s (Pip’s own high quality label) releases schedule was tight until the end of August, so there was no ‘space’ inbetween for this one. And such a gem surely couldn’t wait for its turn! Phil contacted me to ask me if i could release it on *BP*. The answer was an instant YES! and the rest was history..! * Man vs Machine will be split to 2 separate EPs due to the number of the remixes. ‘First’ EP will be out as a pre-release on BP’s Bandcamp pageon Friday, April 22, while the ‘second’ will be available a week later on Bandcamp and Juno (together with the first one, of course) *

But the good news doesn’t end at the digital release(s). There will be also a limited to *50* copies white label *vinyl edition*, with the *Shameless Toady* stamp on it, hand-numbered by Pip! A real press this one, it will be a single sided thing, including the original tune and one remix. Both tracks will be available ONLY ON VINYL, not digitally! And this is the reason why WE NEED YOUR VOTE!! Up now on the *Electro Empire forum*there’s a poll for you to vote for the remix which it will be included in the vinyl edition! Please get involved and help us to pick one of these great remixes. The most popular will make it to the wax! So it’s a community thing, it’s you who decide! Below is a link to the teaser made by the 14 remixes that caught our deadline. Listen to the clips of the remixes and… VOTE!!


Teaser tracklist (tracks were chosen randomly):

Datacrashrobot remix Dez Williams remix Lungwah remix Black Electronics remix The Hidden Persuader remix Embryonik remix R21 remix MCU remix E:machinery remix Replicante Norman remix Noisebrigade remix Robert Cosmic remix Binalog remix Diamondback Kid remix

Almost everyone of the remixers have uploaded their version on their individual Soundcloud pages, so check also full tracks there!


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