Sombre Soniks Studios has officially launched its own label, Sombre Soniks, with three great works already released and one koming on thee 13th April. Firstly, there is thee ‘Do What Thou Will’ kompilation. This features 34 of thee best artists from thee darker side of Muzik, both old and new, each kreating a komposition based around an 11min akoustik piece by Akoustik Timbre Frekuency. First released on thee Quartier23 website, it received 2,069 downloads. This re-release features a bonus komposition of ATF’s own variation of thee original audio source. (Free Download)

Sekondly, there is thee excellent ‘Dark Ambient vol.1’ kompilation. This is thee first in a series of releases featuring 23 karefully selekted Dark Ambient artists to be released bi-annually on thee Equinox. Again, this was originally released via thee Quartier23 website and received 249 downloads before it transferred to Sombre Soniks. (Free Download)

Finally, there is thee Live Performance Excerpts from a live stream performed by thee exceptional Ethereal Ambient artist Melankolia on 23/03/11, with tek-support and post-produktion by Sombre Soniks Studios. (Donations of at least 23p per komposition)

Koming on thee 13th April: Alchemist – Fire This is thee first release by thee new and promising Dark Ambient akt from ‘Parts Unknown’, with a 5 trak ep. They will be releasing a series of four eps, each dedikated to an element and to be released on thee 13th of thee next four months… “An alternative to natural sound. Brought forth from deep within the soul of Alkemisti, the sole member of Alchemist, this project endeavors to search the dark side of thought and sound. Founded in the past, as the tracks pave the way for the future. Alchemist is a project of unknowns…a study in mystery. Who is Alchemist? The tracks will surely lead you to the truth….”

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