(2010, SynGate CD-R 2183)

(2010, SynGate CD-R 2182)

Fratoroler are Thomas Köhler and Frank Rothe. Their sequencer based music is inspired by Mario Schönwälder and performed with a Schrittmacher, a Memotron and more.

(2010, SynGate CD-R 2181)

‘Escape’ was Torsten M Abel’s first professionally released album in 1993, after a few homemade tapes recorded with different bands. That was the high point of his musical career. During that period he produced his best music. However, in 1994 – when his son was born – he quit making music and sold all of his equipment. In 2006 he met Thomas Hermann from the Ambient Circle and his passion for electronic music was rekindled. He got in contact with SynGate through his friend Wolfgang ‘Alien Nature’ Barkowski, with whom he already recorded the forthcoming album ‘Medusa’ by ‘Alien Nature + TMA. Sequentrips stems from events occurred during the past two years that have affected him deeply. He has encountered many nice people, and several of those encounters have turned into friendships. His musical skills have been rapidly improving and that, along with all these new positive external influences, resulted in this album.

(2010, SynGate CD-R 2180)

(2010, SynGate CD-R 2177)

Syndromeda (anagram of ‘The synthesizer syndrome of Andromeda’) is the Belgian composer Danny Budts.
His music is strongly inspired by the Teutonic ‘Berliner Schule’, but Danny is not afraid of using deep atmospheric soundscapes. He tries to combine these two musical forms to produce his own sound.

(SynGate Vertrieb SSCD 2006 [SinSyn])
released 2006

(SynGate Dist. SSCD 2005 [SinSyn])
released 2005

(Spheric Music SMCD 8304)

released 2010

Sabine Lubitz
Musikproduktion, Tonträgerherstellung und -vertrieb
Eibenweg 10
53894 Mechernich



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