MonotypeRec highly recommends productions of new Polish label NIKLAS and their releases:

*-* *Vas Deferens Organization & Brad Laner: Transcontinental Conspiracy* * (n003/CD)* An absolutely must-have avant-rock classic of the 90s., one of the best albums of its kind, where advanced studio sonic experimentation meets refined influences of Faust and Can, funk, electronics, breakbeats and Dadaist humour – and results in long, crazy, multi-layered suites – a quintessence of what we are now accustomed to call post-rock…

The album’s been remastered in 2011; attractive bonus track.

*- ZEMBY 11 (n001/CD)* The ZEMBY (its English equivalent could very well be TEETHZ) are very crazy and versatile duo, and a very unique under-underground phenomenon from Szczecin city, Poland. ZEMBY comprises creative talents of guitarist Paweł Nowakowski (disguised under the STWTZC moniker) and Scandal (Przemysław Thiele, the living legend of Polish post-punk but only known as the leader of Kolaboranci – while his Zemby project remains obscure). for more details see presskit in att

*- THIELE – EGO (n002/CD)* A humble, inventive example of a unique music genre that we call „home-made avantgarde”. *Przemysław Thiele is a living legend of Polish rock, a founding member of such bands as post-punk Kolaboranci and Dada-experimental Zemby. Egocollects his most recent material, documenting years of home-experimentation. Highly recommended – originality in simplicity, creativity achieved by simple means.*

*RELEASES ARE EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE VIA MONOTYPEREC.* for more details (preeskit, samples etc) and order: *



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