EGIDA AUREA – La mia piccola guerra – cd – HR!SPQR XIX

14 € including shipping to EU

Out on 18 October 2010

The long awaited first release of this great band from Genoa is finally out! The Italian folk music is here higly expressed with soft melody and pop tunes. Including special guests from Green Man, Ballo delle Castagne, Hidden Place and Runes Order. Tales of ordinary urban guerilla (and not) drive the listener from the 70s  to our days. It is certainly NOT only Miltary Pop !

RUNES ORDER – Disco Nero – cd – HR!SPQR XX

(first ltd ed includes: badge, sticker, postcard)

14 € including shipping to EU

Out on 18 October 2010

The master of italian dark ambient is back with a new psychedelic killer soundtrack. More acid and closer to the early Simonetti’s work with new guitar and agressive  keyboard, Disco Nero (Black Record) is a Noir movie with unhappy ending. Aided by special guests like Diego Banchero and Carolina Cecchinato, Disco Nero is probably one of the best albums of Claudio Dondo’s career. To die for…

Still Fresh:

AAVV: Folk Studio – 10“ feat : Egida Aurea, Roma Amor,etc… – 12€

Claudedi e Nemici – SPQR – 15 €

Egida Aurea – Storia di una rondine – mcd – 10 €


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