To continue our exploration of the current Dutch electronic scene in its
broadest sense we present two bands from the Kamp Holland compilation
(Enfant17) with a record of their own.

Both Neurobit and Staatseinde were noticed by many journalists who wrote
about Kamp Holland. Neurobit got press coverage because of the excellent
lo-fi minimal music this act produces. The track ‘Ruimtevaart Vooruit’ by
Staatseinde proved to be a modest hit judging by the reviews that
mentioned this track, the airplay in radio stations (among them college
radio stations in the USA and Dutch broadcaster VPRO) and the selection of
the track by Gonzo Circus for their Mind The Gap cd.

Dutch 8 bit project Neurobit presents his Enfant Terrible debut after some
releases on smaller indie labels. Expect some bleeping pyschedelics like
an 8 bit version of Klaus Schulze and Terry Riley.

The crazy Dutch DaDa pop band Staatseinde delivers its debut EP. This 7
inch EP consists of two cabaret influenced tracks and on the B side is a
smashing remix of the Kamp Holland hit ‘Ruimtevaart Vooruit’ by Rude66.

These 7 inches are expected around mid October. Neurobit will perform live
at Moira Art Gallery, Utrecht, NL on saturday 16 October at 17:00 hour.

More releases with artists from the Kamp Holland compilation and other
upcoming Dutch artists are being imagined and planned as we speak.


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