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After The Ex, Gone Bald takes a good second place as the longest existing Dutch underground rock band. Driving force behind the group is Razorblade Jr, who founded the band in 1994 in Zagreb (Croatia). Since then, Gone Bald has given the world nine albums full of idiosyncratic, confrontational guitar rock. The band has toured extensively throughout Europe.

The band has known various line-up changes through the years. In the years after the release of 100 Ways to Become Cool, the previous Gone Bald album/book/dvd from 2007, the bass player and drummer left the band to focus on solo projects like Spoelstra and Garçon Taupe. Gone Bald is now a duo consisting of main man Razorblade Jr on guitar and vocals and the new recruit Sultan Battery on drums.

The new cd Waiting It Out was recorded last winter at the Kozmo studio in Zagreb. Using only guitars and drums Gone Bald found a way to sound like a full-blown noiserock bigband. The tempo of the long and stretched out pieces is a bit slower than on previous albums and creates an extra dramatic feel to a band that has always made very personal albums.




Gone Bald will present the new album next Saturday October 23 at Volta in Amsterdam and will be supported by Narrominded co-workers Katadreuffe and Croatian mathrock brothers Peach Pit.


Katadreuffe tour France

At the end of October, Katadreuffe will tour the harmonious nation of France. They start off at Espace B in Paris on October 28.

Van Dooren Kafka Polack Spoelstra trio plays live soundtracks on Leiden International Film Festival

On Saturday October 30 the Van Dooren Kafka Polack Spoelstra trio, with members from De Reizende Verkoper, Spoelstra, Boutros Bubba, Living Ornaments, Psychon and CSMD, will be playing live soundtracks accompanying scenes from several movies shown on the background. This will take place at OPEN, Aalmarkt 12-16, Leiden.

Fine China Superbone on 3voor12 Hollandse Nieuwe + live review by 3voor12 + reviews of Make-Machine

As you can see in the videos and read in the review by 3voor12, Fine China Superbone blew everyone away at their Make-Machine release party at TodaysArt in The Hague.


Coen Oscar Polack, Herman Wilken, Roald van Dillewijn @ StreetCanvas festival, Oude Groenmarkt, Haarlem – October 7 2010


Coen Oscar Polack, Herman Wilken, Roald van Dillewijn @ StreetCanvas festival, Oude Groenmarkt, Haarlem – October 7 2010

Fine China Superbone @ Make-Machine release party, TodaysArt, Cafe Cremers, Den Haag – September 24 2010

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saturday, october 23 2010: gone bald, katadreuffe, peach pit – waiting it out release party, volta, amsterdam

thursday, october 28 2010: fine china superbone, melt-banana – patronaat, haarlem

thursday, october 28 2010: boutros bubba, stoma, super adventure club – exit, rotterdam

friday, october 29 2010: boutros bubba, gone bald, super adventure club – sub071, leiden

saturday, october 30 2010: van dooren kafka polack spoelstra trio – open, leiden

saturday, november 6 2010: spoelstra – museumnacht, mediamatic, amsterdam

friday, november 12 2010: hunter complex, agent side grinder – patronaat café, haarlem

saturday, november 13 2010: puin + hoop, hunter complex, spoelstra, beu, murw, more tbc – door release party, theater kikker, utrecht

friday, november 19 2010: katadreuffe, herrek, pirate bride – lepel concerts huiskamerconcert, de trefkoel, groningen

friday, december 10 2010: katadreuffe – ot301, amsterdam

sunday, december 12 2010: spoelstra, le single blanc – de onderbroek, nijmegen


thursday, october 28 2010: katadreuffe, action beat – espace b, paris, france

friday, october 29 201: katadreuffe – fnac instore, nantes, france

friday, october 29 2010: katadreuffe, dubanity, mentol nomad, rocketnumbernine, bombyx, scarb – radeau aux sorcières, saint-nazaire, france

saturday, october 30 2010: katadreuffe, lazer crystal, the chap, turzi – soy festival, le floride, nantes, france

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