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PENJAGA INSAF  Sama Sadja CD    13 eur LISTEN
PENJAGA INSAF  Sama Sadja MP3 download  8,90 eur   MP3 shop
For several years Ingo Sauerbrey made extensive travels through Indonesia,  always carrying recording
equipment  to collect sounds as an audio diary.  During periodic return trips to Germany, he started  to work
on the  recordings with electronic devices. Some sounds were edited, cut  and  transformed, while others
were kept completely intact.  To name a few sound sources only recordings from Water Puppet and
Shadow Theatres, Gamelan and  various welcoming and fighting dances like Kecak, Jegog and the Tarian Caci
were used for this  album. Some of those impressive performances were made of 60 to 90 men chanting
and dancing while a bamboo orchestra  used 4 meter long bamboo sticks playing bass drums on it. SAMA
SADJA is waving together the sounds of living traditions,  religions and languages with spherical
ambient pads and electronically edited drones from the field recordings. This is an contemplative and intimate
soundtrack from the deepest heart of South East Asia. (LOKI/PaS 27)

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INADE  The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects 2xLP     21 eur LISTEN
The vinyl edition of the latest INADE album! Includes two bonus tracks (Conquer Time & Interior Synthesis Of Polarity) which were
available first with the collectors box edition of the CD version. Comes in  gatefold cover. Limited to 444 copies!
The first 100 copies are in blue vinyl and only available via our mailorder!
(LOKI 50)



YEN POX  Blood Music 2CD  16 eur
ESSENTIAL ! “15 years after it’s original release, and out of print for almost as long, Yen Pox’ Blood Music has finally been re-issued. Regarded by many as a
benchmark recording within the realm of dark ambient music, this deluxe 2CD edition contains a completely re-mastered and remixed version of Blood Music
plus a previously unreleased track on disc 1, as well as the first cassette and various compilation and 7” releases on disc 2. Combined, the discs offer
well over two hours of colossal, mind bending atmospheri cs of the highest order, the sounds radiating outwards into a sprawling horizon of sulfur dark
skies, then descending into a relentless maelstrom of shifting textures, treacherous reverberations, and endless, sinister drift.  Packaged in a
luxurious 8 panel DVDdigipak, with completely new design by Andre Coelho (Sektor 304), this is the perfect marriage of both music and packaging, and
will further solidify Blood Music’s status as one of the all time classic dark ambient releases.” MALIGNANT

AUN Utica/Lelehuda 7inch 8 eur
“DRONE 96, Behind AUN we find Montreal’s Martin Dumais, a long time activist  in the Canadian scene. With AUN he has already released 3 solo albums on ORAL,
and lately the acclaimed Motorsleep on ALIEN8. The sound of AUN is a marriage between very harmonic/emotional drones and distorted machine-power, between
sensibility and noise-strength, usually based on guitar sound-sources. The two pieces on his DRONE EP (first AUN vinyl) show his melancholic side: “The
tracks were put together after a summer of very noisy concerts and AUN recording. Usually a split entity, AUN always has a lighter and more heady and
melancholic side to the more physical powerdrone material, these two tracks are of the lighter more luminous nature.”  The material on the A-Side (“Utica”)
is still very expansive and builds an impressive suspense curve, but especially the B-Side ” Lelehudah” is full of touching & yearnful harmonic structures, a
majestic dance of polyphonic overtones.”

BLOOD AXIS  Born Again CD 14 eur
“The end result is both unclassifiable and unforgettable: neither folk nor rock, traditional nor avant-garde, modern nor archaic. It is simply Blood
Axis. Born Again was recorded over a span of many years in remote locations ranging from rural Vermont to the catacombs of Absinthe Studios in Denver,

Colorado. Engineered and produced by founding Blood Axis member Ferbrache, the dense sonic tapestry of Born Again is simultaneously raw and refined,
synergistically more than the sum of its primal parts. Packaged in a beautiful gatefold cover, Born Again includes a 24-page booklet with complete lyrics and
translations, striking portraits of the band members, and solemn photographic images from France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and the USA. To everything there
is season. For those who are cursed, a time to die and to be forgotten. And for the blessed, a time to be born again: to live on, beyond death, in the minds of
men. Now is the time for Blood Axis to be Born Again.”

CHANGES Lament CD 14 eur
“From Changes’ inception, R. N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk have woven bardic tales of gallantry, chivalry and of larger-than-life legendary and mythical
heroes. They’ve sung of new love, love unrequited and love lost. They’ve written songs painting sonic imagery foretelling a dark apocalyptic future,
which later came to pass while currently prophesying a society in the seminal stages of an even darker fate. With their new album, Lament, they
turn their gaze inward, to their own personal apocalypses, stemming from their long marriages ending in dismal dissolution.”

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM  Thin Skinned CD 12 eur
“3rd tape from 1989 presents 2 long tracks, in total c. 45 minutes of playing time of experiemental industrial by the Japanese cult band. Those
who heard the previous two tapes re-issued, can´t go wrong with this one! Industrial Recollections.”

CTEPHIN Duad 7inch 8 eur
“DRONE 97 “For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union”. CTEPHIN is a curious “drone-family” built around the main couple StF &
Aedria Hughes who create atmospheric & noisy soundscapes, with various friends and their 7 children. Calling themselves “Umbrella Noize
Collective”, they live to the: “Law of Liberty as laid out in Liber AL vel Legis”. DUAD is their first vinyl release and uses pumping drones, field
recordings (rain), guitars, metallic effects and a kind of very harmonic cembalo instrument. The two tracks develop in a lovely way; from pure
ambience to noise and back. The same use of beautiful harmonics & noise-drones creates quite a special atmosphere,

“2-ways split album – a  mix between Martial / Industrial / Ambient / Electronic and more. five new HROSSHARSGRANI anthems featuring vocals by
Bart Piette from D.M.H. and Pr. Sergiy from MOLOCH, as well as five new monumental epics from the master of Dark Ambient, Dead Man’s Hill – this
time a lot more intense and song-oriented than on earlier releases. “Dead:Meat” is the so far most mature and complex album of both artists.
composition, interpretation and design feel like a smack in the face and leave no room for compromise!”

LAMIAVOX  …Introductio CD 13 eur
“The brilliant first album of a young impressive artist coming from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. LamiaVox is one-girl project exploring lovecraftian dark

chtonic realms with a very professional attitude to the composition and sound of her audio witchcraft. The melodic dark ambient with
a subtle touch of ritual percussion is very sinister and cold but at the same time very emotional. “Introductio” is far from being monotonous,
obviously having some evil living inside. Desiderii Marginis, Vestigial, Northaunt and of course Lustmord of “Heresy” era comes to mind when you hear
these hymns to the new aeons of Great Elders returning. The release limited to 500 copies comes in a full colour 4-panel digipak”  Ewers Tonkunst

LE TESTAMENT DE LA LUMIERE Echoes Out Of Time  16 eur
“Echoes out of time” is the band’s second album and came out more than 6 years after their debut-album “Der Tod ist ein treuer Kamerad”. Le Testament
De La Lumière is classical Dark Ambient with a strong Neoclassic touch and many Martial-Industrial elements. the album creates a dense and sometimes

even oppressive atmosphere. A monumental soundtrack born out of darkest ages. Here the special Edition with and
additional CDR, limited to 150 copies.

MELANCHOHOLICS Masking My Monkeys 7inch 8 eur
“DRONE 98, The MELANCHOHOLICS are a german trio producing “thick atmospheric  darkness” as they call it. With a background rooted in Death Metal &
Grindcore as well as in Industrial, they still use guitar, bass & electronic sounds nowadays, but their aim is to explore the realms of loneliness and
melancholy by sculpting almost filmic soundtrackish atmospheres with not much aggression anymore. This is their first vinyl-release and both tracks
are filled with beautiful accordeon drones, desert-like guitars, electronic sounds and voice-samples (for the experienced: on the second track “MESSAGE
FOR THE OPERATOR” you might recognize a very famous old man).  Thus they are enlarging the “classic” drone sound in a very fruitful way.”

PHRAGMENTS&KORINTH  Mysteries Of The Greyland CD 13 eur
“On this album, Phragments and Korinth have united into one monolithic entity, to produce a common opus. Orchestral choirs, dark ambient and ritual

passages create a perfect cinematic journey over the mysterious Greylands, an archetypal and symbolic travel through the hidden side of the world. All songs
are the result of collaboration of the two projects, resulting in a unique narrative experience. After three years of work, Phragments and Korinth deliver a ripe
album – a great journey for the listener. ‘Imagine a hidden side of the world, a landscape of archetypes and symbols. A place where reality becomes myth
and myth becomes reality. Where repressed longings lurk, waiting to be awakened. Enter the Greylands.’ This is a collaborative release of Phragments and
Korinth. The songs on this album are the effort of both projects. Written, arranged, performed and recorded 2006-2009 by Phragments & Korinth.” GREYTONE

PROFANE GRACE Nocturnal Omniscence CD 13 eur
“The first new full-length album of this excellent well-known US dark ambient project since the year 2003, “Nocturnal Omniscience” is a kind of a
return to Profane Grace roots. Being close to such early works as “Ages in Dust” and “The Seal Of Xastur”, this work is a mere reflection of the darkest

layers of todays declined and dehumanized universe. The epic and solemn chants consecrated to the most hidden and darkened immaterial entities and their
actions bring neither light nor hope for the better future of the decaying mankind. The Ancient is at the gates again and Profane Grace’s sound constructions
which glorify the unearthly grandeur of yet invisible domains are hailing its imminent coming. Musicwise it’s surely the best project’s album to date,
combining highly professional soundwork skills together with deep profound dark atmosphere, chilling melodies and sharp metaphysical intuitions. Highly
recommended to all fans of good dark ambient with an esoteric touch, not to be missed by the followers of Loki Foundation, Cyclic Law and Cold Meat Industry!
The release limited to 500 copies comes in a monochrome black mini LP-like cover with silkscreened elements.” EWERS TONKUNST

RAPOON Bush Prophet CD 13 eur
“The third Rapoon release on Ewers Tonkunst.. This work has an accent on more dark, hard and anxious sound constructions than most of its recent albums,
it is full of tension and scepticism, but with no lack of inner hope though. Like it’s last year Soleilmoon release “Melancholic Songs Of The Desert”, it deals
with isolationism and the myth of democracy. Manipulated by media and bombarded with political spin we live in a world where our political choices are reduced
to almost zero. Faced with a hostile world and lies from every direction is it any wonder that there is a need to retreat to try and find some peace
and humanity. The voices on the television make promises and soothing noises then wage unjust wars in our name. The lies fall like honey and
nothing changes. These songs are a retreat into the one place that no government has yet found a way into, the free and open spaces of the mind. They
are spontaneous and mediative reflections looking for an inner peace in a world made ugly by hatred and war. They symbolize a kind of “walkabout” and a
reconnection with a lost sense of belonging spiritually, intellectually and physically with the world we inhabit. The music here looks for a sense of inner being
that one can only find in quiet isolation. The release is limited to 500 copies and comes in a stylish digisleeve with
artwork by Robin Storey.” EWERS TONKUNST

“A new set of recordings built around the ideas of abstract compositional instructions similar in meaning and intent to those used by Karlheinz
Stockhausen in such works as “From the seven days” Eager to create a diverse
and ever changing catalogue of works Reformed Faction here embrace
improvisation, a feature fundamental to all their recordings, with a different focus and sensibility allowing sounds to evolve slowly and sub-conciously

across a unrestricted timescale. Stockhausen himself was influenced by Satprem’s writings on the nature of auditory vibrations as here quoted from
“The Adventure Of Consciousness””the more one descends the ladder of consciousness, the more do the auditory vibrations get broken up. On the vital plane,
for example , can be heard the disordered vibrations of Life, jarring, syncopated, like certain types of music which come from this plane.The higher one rises,
the more do the vibrations harmonise, unite, spin out like certain great notes of Beethoven’s String Quartets, which seem to draw us vertiginously,
with held breath, to the resplendent heights of pure light”. Reformed Faction are Robin Storey and Mark Spybey , both ex-members of zoviet*france
and both with long established and productive solo careers as Rapoon and Dead Voices On Air respectively.” GREYTONE

SANTAAGOSTINO Operazione Paura CD 12 eur
” Known from former project ONIROT. SantAAgostino play the Journey of No Return from the Death Phase. SantAAgostino sing the Dark Zone of those

who met the pain-soaked Demiurge and came back to Earth without forgiveness for their sins. SantAAgostino write about the laments and the looks of
those who saw beyond the coma and came back. SantAAgostino feel the return of those who died and are reborn more rotten and foul than before.
Operazione Paura is a tribute to music and cosmos energy: the same energy that santAAgostino  trio was permeated with during the opus and the
esecution of the pieces. Operazione Paura is a total turning not just for the band but for dark, ambient music and noise, generally speaking. That’s
because santAAgostino is like a meteor crashed onto the Earth disarranging all the balances, rhythmes and cycles. After the crash the planet seems
to be perished but, in the inner part, the new fire of life is burning. A brand new energy developed
in  a new way of living, of thinking and being.”

SMELL & QUIM A Sod´s As Good As A Wank To A Blind Arse CD 12 eur
SMELL & QUIM The Christmas Album CD 12 eur
“Notorious Smell & Quim balances on edge of works of genious and retard. Obscure aesthetics mix culture, art, sleaze, humor and noise actions

into  unique mix that can be only from S&Q! Studio recording tape originally on STF now re-issued with artwork following the original ideas and
sound re-mastered by band with slightly more clarity.” Industrial Recollections

STORMFAGEL  Eldvakt CD 13 eur
“Stormfågel spread its wings for the first time in the autumn of 2004. The  creator of Stormfågel, Andreas Neidhardt, acted in several Neofolk

and  Gothic bands since the early 90s. In February of 2005 Stormfågel released a  3-track demo named “Kinder der Vergangenheiten, Helden
aus den grauen Zeiten” and was immediately signed by Swedish record label Cold Meat Industry. During the making of their debut album
vocalist Éva Mag joined  Stormfågel. In the autumn of 2005 “Den nalkande stormen” (cmi 149) saw the light of day. The reception of the album
were overall positive and Andreas  and Éva started immediately working on some new material. During this time an old friend to both Éva and
Andreas joined Stormfågel; Mikael Bergström. In the spring of 2007 Stormfågel released their second album: “Ett berg av fasa” (cmi 171).”

STURMPERCHT  Schattenlieder CD 13 eur
“Three years have passed since Sturmpercht released their cult-album  “Geister im Waldgebirg””. now the masters of ALPINE FOLK are back

with  their new album “”Schattenlieder – eine kleine Nachtmusik für Waldteufel und Berggeister”. The album features 20 diverse and unique
songs full of alpine  mystic, heathen legends and tales about strange fairies and pagan rites. “”Schattenlieder”” entrains you into deep forests,
arcane mountains and dark  chasms and guides you to hidden places in the depth of the central European forests, where hunters meet
strange creatures from dusk til dawn.”

TRAMA AFONA Same CD 12 eur
“Paying particular attention to the individual and specific human stories, rather than to History… Focusing on what happens behind the scenes, aside,

beneath. Subjects and dynamics less showy, blurred, but not consequently  less interesting or worth caring. Opening doors and drawers using the
sole  curiosity as tool, walking backwards the traces of memory, wandering amid  shades and details given by mystery, decadence, abandon,
romanticism…  Carefully delving into psychological dynamics. Openly denouncing the social  plagues, but often humbly providing just visual
and sound suggestions.”  GREYTONE

V.A. DENSHI ZATSUON #8 Zine + 2x CD 17 eur
“Japanese high quality zine with 144 pages reports on Noise-culture and many  reviews (all in Japanese!) the magazine features reviews and

and a RASTHOF DACHAU / STEINKANG-RECORDS interview with pictured discography and label-reviews +  discography (including coverpictures)
STEINKLANG label-compilation with exclusive songs by LEGION CONDOR / DKF / ALLERSEELEN / SEKTION B / FALL WEISS / KRIEGER /

“Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Black Leather Jesus, Control Resistance,

Daniel Menche, Fuck The World/Cunnyplug, W-Project, Grey Wolves, Macronympha, Nimoy and monstrous 20 minute contribution from Incapacitants!
Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume levels balanced better than original tape, but no additional cleaning or boosting!”
Industrial Recollections

“Originally 1994 release on Zero Cabal, infamous international compilation with Streicher, Taint, Con-Dom, Daniel Menche,

Macronympha, Nimoy, Odal, Goldenrod, Fascist Imperium, Contagious Orgasm! Original art, sound from original mastertapes with volume
levels balanced better than original tape,  but no additional cleaning or boosting!” Industrial Recollections


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