INSANE RECORDS expands roster with the signing of Hypermond.


And again, the expansion of the roster on INSANE RECORDS, we are increasing the number of EBM teams on our label!

Meet the Belgian-American duo with Russian roots HYPERMOND.

HYPERMOND. is a Russian analogue EBM internet project with female vocals between Brussels (Belgium) and Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA). The project originated in the autumn of 2019 founded by Masha TZKTLPK and Nick Zoll.

The name “hypermonde” originates from the French and refers to “imaginary worlds” as well as “the immaterial space created by the convergence of information technologies”.

The beginning of the collaboration will be the re-release of the latest EP of the project «D.» which received the label «Insane Edition». The release will include an additional new track recorded with the participation of Evgeny Gurov from the famous Russian EBM formation STRONG PRODUCT.

This version of the release will only be available on the label’s Bandcamp page!

Track list:

1. Definition

2. Disturbio

3. Double

4. Deus

5. Doxa

6. Paranoia feat. Evgeny Gurov

7. Deus (STAHLSCHLAG Remix)

8. Definition (Asdean Remix)

9. Deus (BloodConnek7ion Remix)

10. Deus (Dreadfool Remix)

11. Definition (Okkulta Remix)

Release Date: June 15, 2021


Available at: Official Label Shop, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play and 150+ other major digital distribution platforms around the world.



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