Ballo delle Castagne – Kalachakra – cd digipack –


13 € including shipping to EU

Out NOW!

Inspired by the Herzog documentary „Kalachakra – The wheel of time“ the second album of  Ballo delle Castagne is finally out ! A psychedelic journey from west to east. More then ever, the oriental sound is still present and expanded through a journey deep in prog rock music. From Kraut rock to West coast music with special mention to Italian Godfathers of Prog Rock, Ballo delle Castagne release his new records featuring special guest like Carolina Cecchinato (Egida Aurea) and Maethelyiah ( Blooding Mask)

Still Fresh:

Ballo delle Castagne – 108- 10“ – 10€

Ballo delle Castagne – same – cd – 12 €

AAVV: Folk Studio – 10“ feat : Egida Aurea, Roma Amor,etc… – 12€

Egida Aurea – La mia piccola Guerra – cd – 13 €

All orders to: “Noi siamo il futuro , noi siamo la verita´ “


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