only a few days until Maschinenfest 2010 – check the line-up at www.maschinenfest.de. Following label acts will perform at maschinenfest this year: WINTERKÄLTE, MONO NO AWARE, EDGEY, NULLVEKTOR and 13TH MONKEY. Following you find our forthcoming releases for November and our still fresh V.A. – 2010 HANDS (2cd):
Mono No Aware – Pachinko To Hanbaagaa  limited (cd-ep)
5F-X – Flight Recorder 5.0 (cd)
GEISTFORM – Transistor Music (cd)
EDGEY – Misfire (cd)
TYPHOID – Simulazione Di Divinità (cd)
THE PCP PRINCIPLE – Rhythmus Ex Heretica (cd)

Please be aware that the new Mono No Aware cd-ep is a limited and hand numbered edition of 300 copies and only available at HANDS.  You can get it at one of our merchandise stands like for example at Maschinenfest 2010 (5th – 7th November) or
our web shop: www.handsproductions.com. And Still available all our 2010 Releases:
V.A. – Forms Of Hands 10 (cd)
SHORAI – It Was Listening With Mechanical Precision (cd)
16PAD NOISE TERRORIST  – Utopia (cd)
NULLGRAD – The Shepherds Satellite (cd)
MORBUS M. – Forget The Past (cd)

Out on HANDS November:

MONO NO AWARE           Pachinko To Hanbaagaa                   cd-ep
HANDS D154                      Hands Paper Pack                                9 euro

This limited, 300 copy, hand-numbered, 6 Track CD-EP includes over 30 minutes of new and unreleased tracks. Regarding the title, Pachinko To Hanbaagaa, you are probably curious how it sounds, but you can be sure this mini album offers 6 typical powerful Ryhthm’n’Noise tracks from Mono No Aware, delivered from his numerous live performances in the last years, or on his 4 released studio albums. This 6 track Rhythm’n’Noise club smasher is full of energy, noise and distorted beats.  Packed in a thin version of the common Hands paper pack, the release comes with a Hamburger on the front, as well as a nice Hamburger Sample by Andy Warhol on the track Hanbaagaa. This mini album is exclusively offered for our customers at our HANDS online shop or merchandise stands.

1.Itade         2.Sora
3.Hanbaagaa     4.Radio Joohoo
5.Open Door     6.O Miyage

Out on HANDS November:

5F-X                            Flight Recorder 5.0                             cd
HANDS D155                      Hands Paper Pack                                13 euro

This new and 5th album of 5F-X continues where they left off with ‘The Xenomorphians your Friendly Invasion’, powerful club-oriented electro sci-fi tribal industrial at its best. Flight Recorder 5.0 offers 8 new tracks and 2 remixes of tracks you probably come in contact with in the clubs. Typical powerful beats meet electronica sounds, lo-fi sci-fi sounds and radio messages.  Some of these messages are difficult to understand, but we were able to record things such as files of the pulsating audionautic sequence controller – ‘a.s.c.- epsylon’ become an announcement of impending groove-quakes during the flight recordings. Giant wobbles stalking the com traffic, assimilating everything in its atmospheres. With a 5F-X crewmember working the controls, the satellite FX-5 in flight traffic-scanning mode reached down to update the xenomorphian invasion coordinates. Powerful, melting rhythmic styles catch the pilots and hypnotize their feet. The ‘Crowdscanner 5000’, capable of scanning through any life form synopsis in the airfield-spheres, is translating an audionautic groove-control unknown to Earth. Dear Earthlings this is an X-File Record! This is not a Test…

1.Audioautical-file.001 2.Audioautical-file.002
3.Audioautical-file.003 4.Audioautical-file.004 _Sountox Remix
5.Audioautical-file.005 6.audioautical-file.006
7.E.d.d.y.-scope.007 _Flight Recorder Remix
8.Audioautical-file.008 9.Audioautical-file.009

Out on HANDS November:

GEISTFORM                       Transistor Music                                cd
HANDS D159                      Hands Paper Pack                                13 euro

Rafael Martinez Espinosa aka Barcelona Geistform convinced us over the last years at all the important festivals and on his releases, as a producer with modern aesthetic of analogue industrial beats, full of energy – in some ways connected to the rhythm’n’noise scene, and in some way close to minimal
techno and idm.  On his 4th studio album, this time dedicated to Transistors, that without them, electronic music would not be possible. On the structures of static, kicking noise rhythms with minimal, analogue techno-industrial bass lines, his compositions are arranged with short wave radio sounds field recordings of background noises and frequencies captured in a electric power-station. Electrons at work.

1.Source Sensor 2.Radiacion
3.Emisor                4.Antimatter
5.First Product         6.Alta Energia
7.Tesla                 8.Vanguard
9.2osc                  10.Bad Particle
11.General Electric     12.Eightfold Way
13.Cms Detector 14.Solid State

Out on HANDS November:

EDGEY                   Misfire                                         cd
HANDS D157                      Hands Paper Pack                                13 euro

Taking the techy, aggressive powernoise of ‘Square Form Annihilations’ and the cleaner more methodical beat-driven styling’s of ‘Flawed’, EDGEY delivers his third and long awaited full-length release on HANDS.  No stranger to conflicting sound design; EDGEY’s ‘Misfire’ explores the dichotomy of rough and powerful noise with the smooth and methodical structures of breakcore-oriented drum’n’bass and idm.  EDGEY’s latest release is as dangerous as a misfire. It’s storm full of energy and roughness and for sure he is one of the brightest stars in the breakcore-drum’n’bass universe.  Stephen James Knight AKA EDGEY is a New York based electronic music producer, writer and artist working in the veins of Drum n Bass, IDM, Breakcore, Noise and Industrial for over 15 years, cataloguing a respectable number of releases in each of the varying genre’s, and continues to help shape the sound for the future.

1.Before The Storm      2.Terminal Accretion
3.Stress Failure        4.Drown
5.Chaosbane             6.Treatment
7.Left Wanting          8.Trouble Horizon
9.I Become              10.Revenge
11.Floor Crank

Out on HANDS November:

HANDS D156              Hands Paper Pack                                        13 euro

Soundartist Denise Ritter aka Schachtanlage Gegnort has been doing her electroacoustic sound art since 1997, composing industrial noise music by recording sounds of the coal and steel industry and coal-mining. On ‘aufgelassen’ she creates a blend of darkness and mystery, creating pulsating sound worlds by using the recordings of industrial sounds of pounding machines, voice samples of steel workers, sounds of steel, stone and delay rooms. Most recordings were made deep under earth in mines or steel-mills. Those sound worlds have on one hand organic structures, on the other hand mechanical structures, in total ‘aufgelassen<‘offers quite various yet exciting, deep and almost mysterious atmospheres. Denise Ritter studied sound art in Saarbrücken and has performed throughout the last years many sound installations and sound sculptures all over Europe. In 2010 she won the Deutschen Klangkunstpreis. Her self-released albums ‘Einsatzstoffe & Energie’ (1997) and ‘Erzengel’ (1998) became milestones of post industrial music, and after her release ’41 Jahre ‘ (2005) on HANDS, here is her second release on HANDS.

1. La Mine              2. St. Charles
3. Alter Mann           4. Grubenbahn
5. Südkai               6. Km 58,8
7. Saarhafen            8. Schachtwasser
9. Dillinger            10. Minette
11. Nordschacht 12. Konverterhalle
13. Site Kazebierg

Out on HANDS November:

TYPHOID         Simulazione Di Divinità                                 cd
HANDS D153              Hands Paper Pack                                        13 euro

With ‘Destinazione Magnetica’ – nearly a decade ago with HANDS Catalog number HANDS D030, the Ancona based musician Maurizio Landini released an absolute unique and magical piece of electronica; probably many years too early. Here, finally, is the second album of Typhoid. 10 years later, Typhoid’s sound has developed further, perhaps less nervous yet still keeps the quality level that is an experimental merger of empathic chillout ambient soundscapes and IDM influenced eclectic beats. Intelligent and breaky beats, sharp as diamonds, fly through warm and crystal clear electronica sounds and chill-out atmospheres. Simulazione Di Divinità offers 11 IDM tracks at its best and includes an extended Version of Biscuits And Water and an outstanding remix of Isolationaut done by label mate Orphx.

1.Ho Quello Che Ho      2.Di Nuovo Buio
3.Non Vi Conosco        4.Taiga-Graphite
5.Isolationaut          6.Vena Bassa
9.Biscuits And Water (Extended)
10.Milestoned (Feat. Zoon And Dj Mystica)
7.Raggio Di Consistenza
8.Nuovo Attese  11.Isolationaut (Orphx Remix)

Out on HANDS November:

THE PCP PRINCIPLE       Rhythmus Ex Heretica                    cd
HANDS D158                      Hands Paper Pack                                13 euro

The PCP Principle returns with his second album – a crushing blend of grinding beats and epic, cinematic arrangements unlike anything you will have heard ever before!  Probably Symphonic Rhythm’n’Noise should be the style name for the sound of R. Challenger aka The PCP Principle on – ‘Rhythmus Ex Heretica’. An astonishing and fresh mixture of absolute club orientated rhythm’n’noise beats and soundscore. Electronic sounds meet symphonic strings and powerful kicking electro industrial beats to create 11 club smashers, full of deep emotion. More aggressive and complex than the debut album ‘Electronic Violence Phenomena’, yet emotionally impacting and awe inspiring at the same time; the focus of the album being philosophy and the failings of human belief systems. This album is sure to tear up the dance floor as well get your emotions racing and your mind contemplating.

1.Annihilation Is The Only Option
2.Sanctifiction                 3.Disanthropy
4.Apocalypse When?
5.Flatline                      6.Tiny Minds
7.A Glorius Moment Of Horror
8.Nothing To Me         9.Flx
10.The Spiderheart              11.Travesty

Still fresh:

V.A.                    2010 HANDS                                              2cd
HANDS B037              Hands Paper Pack                                        19 euro
(HANDS D151+ HANDS D152)
This is the new 2cd label compilation 2010 HANDS featuring again 30 new exclusive Tracks by 10 artists or over 145 minutes and is again a must have for open minded listener of electronic music. You will get 3 new tracks of your favorite artists or can discover new artists by listening to 3 non-album tracks so it is like getting ten 7“-eps on cd format. In total a collection of progressive electronic beats from Rhythm’n’Noise and IDM over experimental Techno to dark Drum’n’Bass.
Following artists are featured: Orphx, Geistform, S.k.e.t., Greyhound, Shorai, Maschinenkrieger Kr52 vs. Disraptor, Incite/, Syntech, 13th Monkey and 16pad Noise Terrorist.
Incite/  1.memory effect  2.moonlevel  3.under construction
Geistform  4.valve base  5.iskra  6.cern
Orphx  7.anima  8.animus  9.shatter self
Shorai  10.todo a zen  11.noxious sounds
12.el recopetín – inducción industrial (piticli mix)
16pad noise terrorist  13.i met myself  14.load the x in your head  15.lovecore
Creyhound  1.lunatic  2.memories  3.inner rhythm
Maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor  4.monotonie 72  5.in vitro  6.nuke tac team
S.k.e.t.  7.deactivate consumer fascism!  8.actualise yourself in a new world order
9.no limits for heroes (2010 riot dynamix)
13th monkey  10.boulder dash  11.incus  12.syphon
Syntech  13.pandemona  14.crash  15.global impulse

hands      p.o. box 101921       44019 dortmund          germany


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