Only a few days until Elektroanschlag No 12.  Following label acts will perform this year: HEIMSTATT YIPOTASH – SYNTECH – NULLGRAD. See you there!

A few more weeks until FORMS OF HANDS 11 at 6th – 7th May 2011:
EMPUSAE (extended performance),
EDGEY (extended performance)
Tickets and infos

Following you can find our forthcoming releases for April of course available in our webshop
ORPHX – Radiotherapy (cd)
HYSTERESIS – There Is No Self (cd)
WIELORYB – Empty (cd)

Still fresh:
Mono No Aware – Pachinko To Hanbaagaa  limited (cd-ep)
5F-X – Flight Recorder 5.0 (cd)
GEISTFORM – Transistor Music (cd)
EDGEY – Misfire (cd)
TYPHOID – Simulazione Di Divinità (cd)
THE PCP PRINCIPLE – Rhythmus Ex Heretica (cd)

Out on HANDS April:

ORPHX                   Radiotherapy                                    cd
HANDS D160                      Hands Paper Pack                                13 euro

Canadian duo Orphx have been a regular contributor to the electronic music scene from the early 1990s onwards, and they have since managed something like squaring the circle. On the one hand, they are one of the few acts in the scene to have developed a trademark sound: an Orphx track is always unmistakeably Orphx. On the other hand they enjoy appreciation from a wide variety of audiences. The industrial dancefloor crowd loves them as much as the more intellectually inclined listening fraction, and more recently they have also won over the techno audience with their vinyl releases. For such a level of recognition there can only be one explanation: The sheer quality of their sound design and the immense imaginative power of their music.
 Orphx return now with their new and long-anticipated studio album RADIOTHERAPY on HANDS. Once again, the Canadian duo have taken their unique hypnotic sound into new sonic territories, this time focusing on relentless electro rhythms and deep dub darkness. Pulsating percussion and modulating frequencies mesh together with organic soundscapes and cascading waves of noise to create a journey that moves from claustrophobic tension to deep hypnotherapy. Each of the album’s nine tracks creates a different sound and atmosphere but a sense of dread and unknown danger runs throughout. Radiotherapy explores the themes of illness and health, death and rebirth, creating a mesmerizing sound world of invisible energies and lost transmissions. Embrace and enjoy!
1.Compulsion            2.Contamination         3.Radiotherapy I
4.Tensile               5.Lost Again            6.Radiotherapy II
7.Future Past           8.1200 μRH              9.Dead Zone

Out on HANDS April:

Hysteresis                      There Is No Self                                cd
HANDS D161                      Hands Paper Pack                                13 euro

Belgian act Hysteresis are no newcomer to the scene, with two albums and two Maschinenfest performances constituting a decent pedigree. Since their mother label Spectre has gone into suspension, they have now joined HANDS to release their creative output. Previous Hysteresis releases have earned them a reputation for extreme eclecticism, and THERE IS NO SELF continues that path: It opens with a disjointed rave rocker (“I Dose”), strangely familiar but queer enough in sound to make sure one won’t take it too seriously. Such tempted the listener drops into the rollercoaster seat and enjoys the ride. On the way, lots of distorted beats explore the thrillseeker’s physical capacities and samples are scattered everywhere. Unexpected detours are taken through raveland (stab, stab!), and a very prominent feature are tribal beats, blissfully proclaiming the praise of the rhythm. And every now and then there is that unique atmosphere, making for a coherent listening despite all that variation in tempo.
For the open-minded listener, there are lots of tunes to discover: “Assange” is a potential hit on industrial dancefloors, “Dark Gravity” I s a wonderful, Panacea-style rave monster, and beautifully strange tracks are to be found all over, like the anthemic “Hellish Gospel” (crazy ethno samples) or the closing track “Indub”, which is just what it’s called, Industrial Dub.  THERE IS NO SELF is a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining album, sporting a crisp production and a plethora of ideas that are very convincing.
1. I Dose               2. Homo Rapiens         3. Hellish Gospels
4. Temper               5. Shikha               6. Calculus
7. Assange              8. Mental Universe      9. Testifire
10. Past=Real           11. Dark Gravity        12. Indub

Out on HANDS April:

Wieloryb                        Empty                                           cd
HANDS D162                      Hands Paper Pack                                13 euro

Wieloryb is Polish for whale, and the band does have a lot in common with that animal: It rarely surfaces, it has a long lifespan and when it appears, it makes a massive impact. Founded in the early 1990s, Wieloryb from the city of Gdansk (aka Danzig) were a pioneering act of dark electronic music in Poland, scoring some quick success with their Euro Electro sound at the time. Around then they started performing regularly, among others with Jimi Tenor and Pan Sonic. Soon that first incarnation of Wieloryb disappeared, and only a couple of low key releases saw the light of day during the nougthies, suggesting a much more experimental and aggressive direction.
Now they’re back for good with a proper album for HANDS, and EMPTY is no quiet return for sure. Rhythm’n’Noise is the score, tough and relentless, with only the slightest distraction thrown in: A distorted vocal (in “Matt”), a metallic proto-IDM melody (in “Gear”), the occasional sample – but apart from that, pure, unadulterated rhythm terror, with a strong Industrial Hardcore flavour. This is where the experience of a seasoned performing act comes in – an album that relies so heavily on rhythm needs proper programming, and it’s all very skilfully done, with enough variation to keep it rocking all the way to the end. Among all the potential dancefloor smashers it’s quite hard to pick out standout tracks, but let me mention “Shiva” for the sheer brilliance of how they’re hammering a heavily processed Bollywood vocal onto a nail board of broken beats. All in all, this is a very modern take on the Rhythm’n’Noise genre, a workout that guarantees multiple adrenaline rushes.
1. Food         2. Time Out             3. I Want Feel
4. Now          5. Matt                 6. Signal
7. (No Signal)  8. Gear                 9. Muba
10. Shiva       11. Kdansk              12. Of Securities….
13. Gdansk      14. Posen               15. Does Not Blink

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