Ghostly International – Christopher Willits’ Tiger Flower Circle Sun out today


[FREE DOWNLOAD]: “Light Into Branches” mp3
[FREE DOWNLOAD]: “Sun Body” mp3

ARTIST: Christopher Willits
TITLE: Tiger Flower Circle Sun
LABEL: Ghostly International


01. Portal
02. Sun Body
03. Sunlight Is You
04. Green Faces
05. Uplifting The Streets
06. Plant Body
07. New Life
08. The Hands Connect To The Heart
09. The Heart Connects To The Head
10. Intend-Evolve
11. You Are Always Surrounded By Stars
12. Subconscious Transmission
13. Light Into Branches
14. Branches Into Flowers
15. Flowers Into Stardust (CD/Digital Bonus)

“…the feel of landscapes remain an area of expertise for Willits…” – Prefix

“4/5 stars…always inviting and listenable.” – URB

“…more eclectic and rich than Surf Boundaries…” – The Milk Factory

Christopher Willits occupies a unique corner of the electronic-music universe—hovering above the intersection of electronic production’s nuts and bolts and a wide-open creative mind. “I am a conduit of the process, a kind of gardener,” he says. “I simply imagine, intuit, respond and do the work laid before me.” Willits’ tireless responding and doing and working has produced 20 albums in 10 years—solo and in collaboration with artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto on 2008’s Ocean Fire —and an organic, multi-faceted sound that expands like the vines of an electro-acoustic kudzu plant. Christopher Willits is a label owner (the experimental hub Overlap ), a meditator, a tech geek, an audio/visual artist, a teacher (he’s hosted the series “What You Talkin’ About Willits?” on XLR8R.TV since 2008), and virtuosic musician in one. In other words, there’s no one out there quite like him.

Willits’ 2nd full-length on Ghostly International, Tiger Flower Circle Sun, is his most technologically complex yet—it’s also his most organic, drifting skyward in a swell of ambient hums and subtle polyrhythms. With an imagination as blissfully overactive as our friend Willits’, the only place to go is up. Tiger Flower Circle Sun is out now on Ghostly.


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