Enfant Terrible was one of the first labels to give recognition andattention to the pioneers of minimal electronics / proto-elektro /avant-garde pop / experimental pop music from the late 1970’s and early1980’s. Next to that it is one of the few labels in this field of musicthat truly invests in the development of new talents in this musictradition. In short: Enfant Terrible has been mapping the field of thiscounter culture and contributing to its development since the very startof its activities.

But in this world of followers and copycats we have an agenda of our own.We go furthur and dare to move into new territories. Both when it comes tocontent and ways of organizing the business part we are at the forefrontof independent music culture. We keep it real, stay ourselves and ahundred percent independent.
While Enfant Terrible for an important part has built the current niche ofminimal electronics we also have always looked beyond rigid styledefinitions and established artists. All our compilation releases havebeen highly acclaimed for this.
The time is now… we go for the logical next step… supporting andcontributing to the local music scene.
“Kamp Holland” is an overview of the current independent electronic musicscene from Holland. Some of the artists on this compilation have beeninspired by the music tradition we have been building. Others areinspiring Enfant Terrible in its current development. Always furthur wego…
This is the Royal Dutch Underground!



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