Irish Extremists DRUGZILLA release single featuring guest vocals from Ken Sorceron / ABIGAIL WILLIAMS

DRUGZILLA, from Lisdoonvarna in the wild west of Ireland, formed in 2007 and quickly became one of the biggest names in the extreme electronic music scene. Crossing a dark sense of Irish humour with full on speedcore beats, Extreme Metal and evil sounding Trance Rhythms mashed with total Power Electronics chaos. DRUGZILLA have conquered the European Gabba scene with one of the most extreme live sets in the world [Live clip from Berlin – and are about to launch the album, ‘Simease Beashts’ (Mastered by RUSS RUSSELL (NAPALM DEATH / THE BERZERKER), which features guest appearances from KEN SORCERON (ABIGAIL WILLIAMS / ABORTED) & ALEX BONIWELL (LEECH WOMAN / TERRORIZER MAGAZINE) released October 22nd on cult technoise label D-TRASH Records (

“Try to imagine every dream, every nightmare, every memory, every thought that will ever pass across your brain, imagine every emotion you ever had multiplied by itself plus infinity, condense it all down into a pint glass, mix with Buckfast, chugg it down and smash it over your head – that doesnt even come close to DRUGZILLA hitting you with Siamese Beashts – book your therapist now!” – RUSS RUSSELL (NAPALM DEATH / THE BERZERKER)

The single ‘Drugzilla Will Lower Your Sperm Count’ featuring Ken Sorceron on vocals from US extreme metallers ABIGAIL WILLIAMS has just been made available on iTunes as of September 20th. You can hear a preview at their facebook page


Artwork was created by Mories from GNAW THEIR TONGUES

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