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Artist: Polluted Axis Album: The Dubsuck Chronicles Label: Crunch Pod Format: Digital Only Release Date: May 24th

Coming off the wildly popular Polluted Axis vs Dubstep series, Polluted Axis turns up The Wobble Beam* to 11 and drops a full album of their version of dubstep, DubSuck. Combining a history of Rhythmic Noise anthems and Cyberpunk influences to bring this unique take on the wobbles to new levels. So, kick on your sub woofer and get your wobble on with The DubSuck Chronicles!

Hard Gritty Distorted Wobbles of Subwoofer Ruining Proportions

* The Wobble Beam(tm) may cause “Dubstep Poisoning” Please consult a doctor if you’re suddenly using phrases like “Dirtier than Osama’s autopsy” or “This is just so epic and i don’t even like dubstep..” or “let’s go to Burning Man.


1. Polluted Axis Has An Angry Robot Bear With Chainsaw Hands With Your Name On It 2. Polluted Axis Is In Your Scene Club Wobbling Up The Place 3. Polluted Axis And Mangadrive Caught Deadmau5 And Daft Punk Naked Kissing 4. Polluted Axis Slipped Some Dubsuck In Your Drink Then Wobbled All Over Your Windshield 5. Polluted Axis Puts The Boots To You Medium Style 6. Polluted Axis Rams A Frozen Corndog Right Up Your Pooper 7. Polluted Axis Is Waiting For You In The Parking Lot To Beat You With Your Own Shoe 8. Polluted Axis Punches You In The Junk So Hard You Shit A Unicorn 9. Polluted Axis And DAQ Make It Go Tickity Tickity BOOM 10. Polluted Axis Ends The Album With A Bang

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