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Parralox "I Sing The Body Electric (Limited Edition)"

Tracklisting (limited CD-ep edition):
01. I Sing The Body Electric (Radio)
02. I Sing The Body Electric (Extended)
03. I Sing The Body Electric (Angeltheory Remix)
04. I Sing The Body Electric (Zynic Remix)
05. I Sing The Body Electric (Lustobjekt Remix)
06. Miracles (Tycho Brahe GM85 12 Inch)
07. Love Is Enough (Code 64 Remix Edit)
08. Acrimony (Never Endless Remix)
09. In The Night (East Village Remix)
10. Footsteps (The TL Midnight Mix)
11. Time (People Theatre’s Blessing Mix)
12. Machines (Dubstar Remix – Part One & Two)
13. Breakdown on 13th Street (NYC Remix)

Tracklisting (digital promo-ep edition):
01. I Sing The Body Electric (Radio)
02. I Sing The Body Electric (Extended)
03. I Sing The Body Electric (Angeltheory Remix)
04. I Sing The Body Electric (Zynic Remix)
05. I Sing The Body Electric (Lustobjekt Remix)

Press information
Following “Supermagic” Parralox will release on the 2/25/2011 their new track “I Sing The Body Electric”. This is the second single from their successful album “Metropolis”.
“I Sing The Body Electric” is certainly one of the strongest songs from the current album and reveals the affinity that this Australian duo has for the 80’s to come to the fore.
A crisp beat, beautiful melodies and the velvety voice of Parralox lead vocalist Amii, takes the listener on a timeless journey, to a place where you can live your life in strange dimensions.
Thus far each Parralox track is dedicated to a specific person or band, and so it continues with “I Sing The Body Electric”. Parralox Mastermind John von Ahlen has dedicated this song to the Eurythmics, a band which he holds in the highest esteem.
If you allow yourself to fall into the depths of the title, then you will certainly find elements of the aforementioned Eurythmics, as well as bands such as OMD, Yazoo and Depeche Mode.
But of course, making use of these sounds is a trademark of Parralox, but the beauty lies in embedding them in a current framework, whilst maintaining a retrospective sound. And it is this combination of past and present electronic records which gives us the unique sound of Parralox.
For the remixes of the title song “I Sing The Body Electric” artists such as Edge Of Dawn, Angeltheory, Code64,  Lustobjekt and Zynic twist the controls and dials in their respective recording studios, to move this into different areas and facets of sound. Tycho Brahe team up with Arthur Barrow (Bass guitarist for The Doors, Janet Jackson, Nina Hagen and Giorgio Moroder’s bassist and chief programmer) to bring us a remix that would be right at home on the soundtrack of “Together In Electric Dreams”.
But of course Parralox wouldn’t be a true child of the 80’s unless they also included their own wonderful “I Sing The Body Electric (Extended Version)”, in the true spirit of bands doing their own remixes (think Depeche Mode’s “Shake The Disease”).
Amongst the various remixed versions of the title track, there are unreleased remixes of other songs as well as a brand new Parralox track.

CD can be bought here:

2. Parralox "Metropolis"
Parralox “Metropolism” Album

01. Freakopolis
02. New Light (Rotersand vs Timo van Laak Rework)
03. Don’t Listen To Me (Freak In Me Remix)
04. Touched By The Hand Of God (Extended)
05. Acrimony (Markus Reinhardt Mix)
06. Machines (Dubstar Version – Part One)
07. The Hunger
08. Miracles (Tycho Brahe GM85 7 Inch)
09. Promised Land (People Theatre’s Diamond Mix)
10. So Special
11. Ancient Times (Iris Remix Edit)
12. I Sing The Body Electric (Edge Of Dawn Extended Remix)
13. Let’s Stay Together
14. Love Is Enough (Code 64 Extended Remix)
15. Failure (Metropolism)

Press information
The new Parralox album “Metropolism” makes the hearts of electro fans beat once again.
With five (!) new tracks and ten (!) exclusive remixes of tracks from the successful album ‘Metropolis’, this CD is released on 02/25/2011 featuring an abundance of new material from this Australian duo.
Appearing on “Metropolism ‘” is the mega rare, and for many years highly sought after New Order cover version of “Touched By The Hand Of God”! Also on offer here are four new, original songs “Freakopolis”, “The Hunger”, “So Special” and “Let’s Stay Together”
But these new songs are not the only pearls on this album, because Parralox have been able to  reinterpret ten “Metropolis” songs, by securing the crème de la crème of global remixers.
So we have Dubstar, Rotersand, Markus Reinhardt (Wolfsheim), Iris, Edge Of Dawn, Code 64, Tycho Brahe, People Theatre all turning their controls and creating their own grandiose visions for these songs.
Rarely has an electronic remix album been so varied and diverse, and rarely have remixes delivered so much fascination and atmosphere.
It’s not often that a remix album is worthy enough to be the focus of such attention to the viewer.
“Metropolism” is not only 100% Parralox, “Metropolism” is so much more.
It is a work of art, and strictly limited to 500 units.

CD can be bought here:


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