The new Swedish synthpop act Dual Density is releasing their debut album “Soul Ecstasy” in april this year on the german label conzoom Records. The band consist of Tess Fries, Jonas Asp and Pontus Olsson.
Their music could be described as hit-oriented modern synthpop with strong lyrics influenced  by 80´s italo disco and synthpop to the 90´s eurotechno.
Jonas and Pontus, the two cousins, grew up with bands like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Rational Youth and have made music for as long as they can remember. Pontus has been fiddling around with synthesizers since the early 80´s and Jonas was a well reputed computer musician in the amiga scene. During the 90´s and 20´s Jonas and Pontus had a project called Vision Factory producing trance, techno and synthpop. They never found a good singer to their music so most of the songs were instrumental tracks. Their music has always been the result of a genuine passion for the synthesizer and the mesmerizing sounds you can extract from the instrument.
Both Jonas and Pontus are compulsive synthspotters who can appreciate the art of a decent filtersweep. Tess on the other hand is a passionate textwriter with an affection for the supernatural and has a natural talent for melodies. The lyrics are influenced by a great interest of the mysteries of life, including things that’s sometimes hard to see and things that cannot always be seen no matter how obvious they sometimes really are.
Dual Density was formed in the spring of 2008 and the story goes something like this:
The young vocalist and music-student Tess Fries had heard about Vision Factory and contacted the guys for a musical co-operation several years before. Due to circumstances involving another third party the co-operation came to nothing. Some years later Tess came across Vision Factory on myspace and contacted the guys once again. Jonas mailed over an  instrumental track to Tess and she went into the studio with Lund-based producer Niklas Ringström and in a flash the song “Soul Ecstasy” was completed. By this time Jonas and Pontus had never met Tess so you could say that this was a very modern approach to musicmaking in the 21th century where music is accomplished over the net.
The following months were very prolific with a new completed song every month and they decided to form a band and came up with the name Dual Density and released the songs on myspace.com where they had instant success. Soon they got fans all over the world and climbed the myspace charts for unsigned bands which caught the attention of record companies. One of these record companies was Rodenberg based conzoom Records which signed the band in 2009.
During 2008 and 2009 Dual Density played a couple of live shows and received an overwhelming response. The peak was when they were asked to play with Swedish synthpop veterans S.P.O.C.K, Mobile Homes and Elegant Machinery at the legendary KB in Malmö and got very nice reviews. The first album “Soul Ecstasy” has been released on June 4th 2010.


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