1. Janosch Moldau comes back with new Single !
“Second Best + Into This Life”  (Maxi-CD/Download/+Video)
Available November 26th, 2010
Based in the rural area of Southern Germany, over the last years, Janosch Moldau has created an international stir with his berlinesque and glamorous electronic pop sound.
“Second Best” is the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming and 3rd Janosch Moldau Album “Lovestar”. With this release Janosch Moldau brings together electronic “plush-rock”, 80ies “synth-wave” and a severe bout of melancholy. “Second Best” and “Into This Life” both create a mystical longing that has always been an earmark to Janosch Moldau’s music. The included official video clip to “Second Best” will even take you on a mad odyssey…
Tracklisting :
01. Second Best
02. Into This Life
03. Second Best. Extended Mix
04. Into This Life. Silent Mix
+  Second Best Video by Hendrik Schindler
Cover download:
official janosch moldau store pre-order link :

2. Jacques C releases new “Layers” album!
Nowadays Jacques C is not jnown in Sweden only. Because of his fantastic electronic sound-scapes he is known all over the world. So now his new album “Layers” has been released through Funk Noir, his own little records company.
On this new album he presents wonderful atmospheric electro-sounds and will make you fly with almost every song – so come on and take a ride on “Layers”.
This is the tracklisting of the album:
1. Grow And Prosper
2. Sarah’s Sharp Teeth
3. Goddess
4. Doctor Noir
5. Man Is Mortal
6. Fame’s Way
7. Rock Man
8. What’s A Love
9. An Evil Night
10. Love Is A Sickness
Here you can download the cover artwork:

3. Half Light – fresh electropop sounds from Poland
The music band Half Light came to be in May 2009 as a result of vibrant combination of two musical orbits – the vocalist Krzysztof Janiszewski’s and the keyboard player Piotr Skrzypczyk’s. To complete the musical constellation the band was joined by the guitar player Krzysztof Marciniak. And the Half Light was born.
The band’s purpose is to carry the listener into an intimate, warm, yet sometimes turbulent half light, where a man, lost in the contemporary, may find a hideout and discover himself. The cross between electronic sounds and the naturalness of the human voice, complemented by the subtleness of the guitar, blend into unique musical electro-acoustic spaces.
The debut album by the polnish electro group Half Light entitled “Night In The Mirror” has been released on October 20th  2010. The cd consists of 12 melodic electro-pop tracks.
The compositions based on electro-acoustic spaces bring solace, yet one mixed with anxiety that accompanies the modern man. The works rich in scents of the night and sounds of the urban jungle go perfectly with the real world. “Night In The Mirror” is an album which combines warm light and cool blackness. It is a struggle between night and day.
The album is promoted by the singles “Take My Hand”, “My Mary” and the title song “Night In The Mirror” which have been broadcasted by many radio and TV stations. The first single also boasts a clip produced, among other locations, on the beaches of Normandy. Songs from the album can also be found on the prestigious Polish Airplay Chart – a weekly chart of the most popular songs played by radio and music TV stations in Poland.
This is the tracklisting of the album:
1. Y.O.U.
2. Take My Hand
3. Hello
4. Night In The Mirror
5. Empty Sky
6. My Mary
7. Remember Well
8. Mówca
9. The Lonely Tree
10. Toxic Touch
11. Remedy HL
12. Don’t Lie
13. Take My Hand (JARZOMB Remix)
Cover download:
You can order this CD via: http://www.mjmmusic.pl/pl/?p=667

4. Compialtions series “electropop” continues with volume 5!
When the first “Electropop” compilation saw the light of day in October 2008, no one considered that the creators would be releasing more compilations every 6 months, and be able to maintain the high standard that was set with the first release.
But conzoom Records proved exactly the opposite! And now, two years later, we can celebrate the first anniversary of this series, with the imminent release of “electropop 5”
Most would think that with the increasing time constraints of releasing these Compilation CDs  it would be difficult to maintain our standards, but we would like to reassure you that we have maintained our level of high quality. So “electropop 5” is therefore full of innovative bands and tracks!
In addition to Daybehavior, who have returned from a long break and can therefore can almost be considered new comers, there are many other amazing contributors.
The American project “Haberdashery”, Germany’s “Lyle”, the Swedes of Monostrip or the freaky Americans Hyper Bubble who bring a really cool and fresh sound to the ears.
And visually “electropop 5” takes its place in the series. This time the shining symbol of the compilation – the spots – are presented in the color orange.
The high quality CD booklet contains information about the participating bands, in addition to numerous photographs and lyrics for all tracks.
conzoom Records impressively demonstrates in this compilation series that sometimes it is the unknown bands that makes the fan’s heart beat faster. We can always find the joy in the unexpected.
This of course allows groups such as Universal Poplab, Lowe, Parralox, Vision Talk, and now Dual Density, to then pursue ever higher popularity and fame.
01. Christopher Anton “A Shattered Mind (Extended Version)” *
02. Coloured Tears “Loneliness (Extended)” *
03. Conversation “Tell Me (I’m The One) (Extended Mix)” *
04. Daybehavior “No More Minutes (Extended Version)” *
05. Electroflex “Lost You Somewhere (Extended)” *
06. Haberdashery “Stars (Extended Remix)” *
07. Hyperbubble “Candy Apple Daydreams (Extended Remix)” *
08. Jonteknik “Hollow (Extended Remix)” *
09. Lustobjekt “Sweet Talk (Extended Version)” *
10. LyLee “Sternentanz (Extended Version)”
11. Moneypenny “Destroy (Extended Version)” *
12. Monostrip “Miami (Parralox O-Phase Remix)”
13. Neuropa “Plastique People (Extended Mix)” *
all track marked with a * are in unreleased versions
The cover can be downloaded here:
Order Link:

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