We’re very proud to announce the addition of Swedish Black Industrial legends MZ. 412 to the Cold Spring roster! The following albums will be released before the end of 2010, all beautifully remastered and with bonus tracks in stunning digipaks:

MZ. 412 – In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi

MZ. 412 – Burning The Temple Of God

MZ. 412 – Nordik Battle Signs

MZ. 412 – Domine Rex Infernum

MZ. 412 – Infernal Affairs

” Been spending months on remastering the old MZ. 412 albums, the results are fantastic… Better sound, new and old restored tracks, alternative takes… in a way you could say that the albums finally have been completed – these versions are THEE ultimate statement. When buying a MZ. 412 remaster you are not just buying a better sounding version of the same old album, you are buying a new and completed album.” (Nordvargr)

MZ. 412 will also headline our 20 year anniversary festival later this year in an EXCLUSIVE concert! This will be the first FULL line-up since 1991! More info and tickets on sale soon…

Plus an essential new MZ. 412 shirt! Plus a brand NEW album from MZ. 412 will be released in 2011!

Cold Spring will have a CD / Record stall at the Radio Black Forest festival next Saturday!
All prices will be around 10% less than those on the website. Email us with your reservations.

Buy tickets here!

Ones De Crom has a special podcast dedicated to Nordvargr. Visit here.

There’s a feature on Fire In The Head in the latest Zero Tolerance magazine.

GOATVARGR | Black Snow Epoch CD (CSR126CD) £10 / £11 / £12 Shipping: Now
The second unholy union of Lord Nordvargr (MZ.412, Folkstorm, Toroidh etc) and Goat (USA). Time, pilgrimages and bloodlines have been bourn since the first testament of Goatvargr was witnessed in this era of false knowledge. The first covenant of Goatvargr was baleful, lycanthropic and lethiferous. A rejection of the techgnostic kingdom and circuitry idols which seduce our era. The downfall of light has brought a world of coldness. This Black Snow Epoch is a time to honour our forbearers such as MZ.412 and the elements of flesh, wood and alchemical steel. Industrial loops and analogue keyboards merge with sheet metal and chains to create a solemn winter hymn where the cold steel stings your flesh. The wolf instinctively hunts through the frost, and the goat is blamed for human transgressions, yet during the Black Snow Epoch, the true hunters will pursue. Foldout poster cover.

MP3 | MP3 | Goatvargr

VON THRONSTAHL | Conscriptvm 2 x CD (CSR118CD) £14 / £15 / £16 Shipping: Now
Cold Spring are proud to announce a double CD of rare, alternative versions, new and unreleased material from German Martial Industrial legends Von Thronstahl! The sounds on “Conscriptvm” range from Orchestral to Industrial, Neofolk to military-pop and Martial rock, all with the unmistakable, unique sound of Von Thronstahl! This is definitely a release for fans of the early ‘classic’ Von Thronstahl sound, which gained them the solid reputation they have today and could be considered a companion piece to ‘E Pluribus Unum’. Around 140 minutes of fantastic music presented in a luxurious 6-panel digipak.

MP3 | MP3 | Von Thronstahl

FIRE IN THE HEAD | Confessions Of A Narcissist CD (CSR120CD) £10 / £11 / £12 Shipping: Now
“Confessions Of A Narcissist” marks the final full-length release by Fire In The Head ending six years of sonic warfare with an assault of manic, self-indulgent industrial electronics. Drawing as much influence from early punk / hardcore as from industrial / power electronics, FI/T/H was conceived as a cathartic outlet to explore and ratify the delusions and social perversions resultant of psychosis and the darker side of man’s conflicted dual nature, to fan the flames which engulf the borders between obsession, compulsion, lust and need. The tracks on this release were recorded in 2007-2008 and are the last of the “short, sharp, shock” vocal tracks which Michael abandoned in favour of “epic” length industrial / ambient compositions. Features guest appearances from Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni) and J. Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed), with exclusive artwork from Blinko.

MP3 | MP3 | Fire In The Head

MERZBOW | Merzbow T-Shirt (CSR134TS) £11

Shipping: Now
Essential new Merzbow shirt for Cold Spring! Simple and to the point – very high quality black shirt emblazoned with MERZBOW in crimson red. The only shirt to be seen in this summer!

TENHORNEDBEAST | Hunts & Wars CD (CSR130CD) £11 / £12 / £13

MP3 | MP3
Shipping: Now
THB’s 3rd album for Cold Spring. Sub-tuned bass guitar to create rhythms and riffs that dominate vast ritual percussion and droning walls of electric dissonance, creating epic & expansive textures. 6-panel digipak.

MACHINEFABRIEK | Daas CD (CSR128CD) £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

MP3 | MP3
Shipping: Now
A provoking, haunting journey. As with the music of Philip Jeck, The Caretaker or William Basinski, these tracks are full of degrading melodies and dusty ambience. Presented in a matt laminate digipak.


| Z’EV – ‘Spiral Right / Spiral Left’ CD (CSR133CD)
PSYCHIC TV – ‘Themes’ 4CD Boxset (CSR123B)
EMME YA – ‘Atavistic Dreams And Phallic Totems’ CD (CSR127CD)
ANNI HOGAN – ‘Mountain’ CD (CSR132CD)

STEVEN SEVERIN – ‘Le Sang D’Un Poete’ CD (CSR135CD)


• 7 Aug 10, M’era Luna Festival, Hildesheim (DE)
• 15 Dec 10, The Garage, London (UK)
• 16 Dec 10, Grand Classic, Glasgow (UK)
[ View Full Laibach Tour >> ]


• 14 Aug 10, Wagon & Horses, Birmingham (UK) – with Vultures Quartet, Praying For Oblivion, Content Nullity, Cities Prepare For Attack. Buy Tickets

• 22-24 Oct 10, Custard Factory, Birmingham (UK) – with Swans, Godflesh, Gnaw, Melt Banana and much more! Buy Tickets

• 18 Nov 10, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Kendal (UK)
• 26 Nov 10, Dundee Mountain Film Festival, Dundee (UK)


Full stocklist (203pp, 13/05/10)



LDRTFS / Gate To Void / Æon Nought


For a limited time only – and limited stock on each – the 4 CDs above are available at the special price of £30.00 (UK), £32.00 (EU), £34.00 (World) – Including postage. Full info and ordering

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ANAL SADIST – ‘Ugly, Still’ CD (Impulsy Stetoskopu) – £11 / £12 / £13
A solo act by William Christman, a US performance / noise artist and owner of Turbine Cassettes. “Ugly, Still” reissues two tapes (“Austere” and “Chaw / Shotgun Head”) and unreleased live tracks, spanning the years 1987-1997. Inspired by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Edgar Varèse, Morton Subotnick, Fre Firth, Merzbow and other Japanese noise artists, Anal Sadist has managed to come up with his own style of industrial. Ltd x 250 copies in black sandpaper envelopes.
ANTHESTERIA – ‘Phobos 1953 O.S.T.’ Enhanced CD (Zhelezobeton / 7Hz Records)
– £11 / £12 / £13
Russian post-industrial music from George Beloglazov, who also creates computer games with an unconventional author approach. The action takes place in March 1953 in an abandoned Soviet bunker – a place of strange experiments on the human psyche. The game explores such themes as the limits of mental possibilities, EVP, experiments with thought-transference and impact of fear on the human organism. The game soundtrack, presented on this CD, embodies the project’s concept in sound. Imbued with an industrial atmosphere, leisurely soundscapes turn into states of calm estrangement and isolationism. Excursions into the unknown corners of the consciousness bring to its surface old memories and long forgotten yet vaguely familiar images… and laboratorial claustrophobia grows into light melancholia. This musical picture is performed in the trademark style of Anthesteria combining abstract dark ambient, melodic neoclassical and experimental sonic artifacts. Ltd x 500 copies in an A5 gatefold card sleeve with full-colour cards depicting game locations and fragments of a book about mental suggestions from 1962. Finished off in a nice card slipcase.

All Anthesteria TitlesClick here for a close-up of the contents!

CUSTODIAN – ‘Toil And Waste’ CD (Syzmic Records) – £10 / £11 / £12
Custodian is the Harsh Noise project of Wisconsin based Jon Engman. 9 tracks, 29 minutes of harsh electronic noise and industrial undertow. Bleak, inhospitable works that flow and mutate between screeching Japanese influenced noise, HNW density, and churning industrial loops. “An excellenexample of HNW’s purest aesthetic of reality as what is given and not referred to” (Vital Weekly). Ltd x 250 copies in an outsize ‘DIY’ sleeve.
ELDAR – ‘Amaterasu Shiroi’ CD (Caustic Records) – £11 / £12 / £13
Eldar is a Barcelona-based Dark-Ambient / Martial project, with previous releases on Cold Meat Industry, SkullLine and War Office Propaganda. This is a CD reissue of the two old and sold out albums “Ama Terasu” (2008) and “Solve Et Coagula” (2008). All work that appears on this album has been re-recorded and re-mastered from the demo recordings from 2007/2008. Almost all the instruments and vocals that make up the album have also been re-recorded with extra features including sounds / samples of songs and inedit songs. Comes in a 6-panel digisleeve.

All Eldar Titles

– ‘Sea Cathedrals’ CD (Silentes) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
Five superb tracks of deep and evocative ambient music, enriched with echoes of ancient ritual suggestions from 3 Italian artists, lead by Enrico Coniglio (Aqua Dorsa). The immense spaces and the abyssal deepness of the sea, but also the sound of the bowels of the Earth, the colour of the sand of the desert, the energy of the wind, the strenght of all the Elements, the infinite cycle of day and night, of life and death… A long circular journey through interchanging atmospheres that shake and capture, dragging with energy, then leave room for more quiet and soothing introspective “stasis”, and again become dramatic and overwhelming, An unmissable album of “classic” ritual ambient music.
EONIC – ‘Secret Land’ CD (Zhelezobeton) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
Secret land lost in an unknown dimension… Like ancient ruins this place hides the traces of stories, which are told in this new album by the St. Petersburg project Eonic. This is their 6th release and it easily combines different stylistic approaches, making its own way to the listener’s heart. Ethno-gothic in vein of Dead Can Dance and Arcana is layered over tout electronic rhythms a la Delerium and Enigma and spiced by pleasant psychedelic arrangements. Musicians don’t hesitate to step on the territory of pop-ambient and even new-age, and it just adds more lightness and airiness to their energetic music. A firm and masterful work. Ltd x 333 copies in a 6-panel digisleeve.
F.I.N. – ‘La Esperanza Que Nunca Se Pierde… Es La De Morir’ CD (Sabbathid Records)
– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
Debut album from Chilean Funeral Doom-Ambient act F.I.N. (Funeral Inconscientemente Natural). Comprised of 3 studio tracks and 1 live bonus track, the first 3 parts are based on the Golden Section – of 9 min, 18 min and 36 min, sung in Spanish, English and French. Although the tracks are taken from their first 3 split releases, this is not a best of as the tracks were always to be an album from the beginning, obeying the laws of natural / divine forces. The bonus track ‘The March Of December’, was produced by the band as their Anthem to the Hero of Chile.
GHÄST / ABANDONER – ‘Ghäst / Abandoner’ CD (At War With False Noise /
Choking Hazard Records
) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
Two tracks each from bands coming at dark heaviness from different ends of the spectrum, but who compliment each other perfectly. The 2 Ghäst tracks are painfully slow, heavy and unrelentingly repetitive funeral dirges of ultradoom. There are some definite sludge overtones going on there but this is definitely for fans of bleak doom/sludge: think Moss / Burning Witch / Corrupted etc. Abandoner is Jay and Ryan from Unearthly Trance but this is a different proposition altogether: post-industrial soundscapes, this is almost like an alternative soundtrack to Eraserhead. Drenched in feedback, almost lost vocals, buzzing, processed guitar all come together in a massive dark, almost symphonic whole. Total void music. Ltd x 500 copies.

All Ghäst Titles

GLAUFX GARLAND – ‘Whispers For The Dead’ CD (CAPP) – £10 / £11 / £12
Dark Ambient electronics from the man behind Viridian Green / Viridian Grin. 51 minutes of cold, dark moods, deep dones and beautiful haunting sounds, based on ancient Hellenic – Peloponessian lamentations for the dead. Originally released in 2002 (under the name Glaufx Kranz), this 2010 edition comes in a 6-panel poster sleeve with new silver print artwork. Somewhere near Raison D’Etre, Yen Pox and Veil Of Secrecy.

All Glaufx Garland Titles

GLAUFX GARLAND’S VIRIDIAN GREEN – ‘Dagon’ CD (CAPP) – £10 / £11 / £12
Dark, black horror ambient based on stories of H. P. Lovecraft. Some very otherworldly and slow pagan rhythms over a haunting, ritual soundtrack. Glaufx Garland is the man behind Viridian Green / Viridian Grin. Comes in a 6-panel poster sleeve.

All Glaufx Garland Titles

GLAUFX GARLAND’S VIRIDIAN GREEN – ‘So Many Secrets Lost In Time I Don’t Want To See
You Again In My Secret Garden’ CD (CAPP) – £10 / £11 / £12
Dark, black horror ambient with gloomy gothic vocals, pipe organ, piano and electronics. A ritual soundtrack reminding of Remanence or Coil in places. Glaufx Garland is the man behind Viridian Green / Viridian Grin.

All Glaufx Garland Titles

K11 – ‘Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.’ Enhanced CD (Actual Noise) – £11 / £12 / £13
K11 is the nom de plume of the Italian sound artist Pietro Riparbelli. For “Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.”, Riparbelli entered Assisi Cathedral (completed in 1230 A.D.) in the Umbria region of Italy, not far from Riparelli’s hometown of Tuscany. The audio was recorded in the cathedral’s lower basilica, the oldest area, where the relics of St. Francis Of Assisi reside. Utilising short-wave radio as his primary instrument Riparbelli has captured a haunting array of cavernous sounds, displaced signals and found ambiance. With the addition of some voice and organ elements, “Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.” sounds not unlike the recordings of Philip Jeck and William Basinski under the influence of Crowleyean Magick and Sacred Geometry. A video shot inside the cathedral by Riparbelli is included on the disc to give the listener a visual picture of the aging structure. As in all K11’s work, the themes of magick, religion, numerology and esotericism are present throughout this reverent document of aural mysticism. Digipak.

All K11 Titles

MAAAA – ‘Decay And Demoralization’ CD (Mind Flare Media) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
“Decay and Demoralization” comes at you with 6 tracks well over 60 minutes in length.  This stuff is harsh and without a doubt the most extreme band coming out of Poland’s underground today.  “Decay and Demoralization” includes tons of Power Electronics and bizarre recordings that create an odd, otherworldly atmosphere stuck in a white noise frenzy.  Banging metal, shrieking, dying, the cover of this album should say it all.  These guys like to take the energy of punk rock and fuse it with noise, creating a sound all their own.  An excellent showcase of what’s to come. Extreme harsh analogue noise! Ltd x 500 copies.
MAAAA – ‘Sampo Distortion’ CD (24919 Records) – £11 / £12 / £13
Loud, extreme metal-junk / Soviet noise. This is the new album of ex-Karelian project Maaaa, now residing in Warsaw. Maaaa has created a completely pitiless thing, both in sound and sense. The mythical coffee-grinder of Kalevala like mighty annihilator rises from the bottom of the sea and grinds all this ugly world of evil and progress down. “Everything crashes, at out place everything crashes, here, now and then” – as one unknown lady said. And she was right, “Sampo Distortion” comes to you! File next to Macronympha. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak with booklet.
MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA – ‘Digression’ CD (Silentes Minimal Editions)
– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
After the recent reprint of historical material collected on “Sonic Deprivation”, Mauthausen Orchestra (aka Pierpaolo Zoppo) returns with brand new tracks and a new album where the fury and aggressiveness of his usual harsh sonorities of a Noise / Power-Electronics nature are merged with more quiet, wide and dark ambient parts, sometimes surprising, with unexpected and undisclosed pulsating rhythmic-electronic inserts. A great album for a project that has recently born again with an unsuspected and inspired artistic vital energy. Digipak.

All Mauthausen Orchestra Titles

MICHAEL MANTRA – ‘Amanita Lake’ 2 x CD & DVD (Silentes) – £18 / £20 / £22
Two hours and a half of music collected on a double CD set that also contains a DVD entitled “Amanita Furniture”. Two long tracks of sublime and evocative pseudo-abstract and multicoloured ambient textures, built with “discreet” and repetitive background microstructures layered with continuous and infinite variations worked out from “clusters” of sounds and “sketches” of melodic sequences made of light sonorities, “delicate” and “quiet” as well, but also hypnotic and warm… Fragile harmonies and mild dissonances in a timeless sonic continuum that enwraps and “rocks” the listener, among infinite spirals and floating waves in an everlasting movement… Another new, mind-boggling masterpiece, absolutely unmissable for all the lovers of Michael Mantra’s music. Presented in a stunning 6-panel digisleeve.

All Michael Mantra Titles

NOISES OF RUSSIA – ‘Humility’ 2 x CD Enhanced (Zhelezobeton) – £14 / £15 / £16
Under the cover of the 3rd studio album of Noises Of Russia – a project which has chosen Tanatos to be their perpetual muse – there are two post-modern mysteries at once, two doors to the viscous and twilight space over-saturated with the symbols of death of various traditions. The final countdown turns into a long immersion in a cold cerebral-sonic abyss where it’s impossible to find out for sure if you are calmed or frightened, comforted or sneered at… if they mourn for you, a mortal, or are they glad for you, an immortal. The album also contains a ritual video for the track “Spirit”, not however making the issue more clear. Ltd x 500 copies in a very nice gatefold digisleeve.

All Noises Of Russia Titles

PHAENON – ‘His Master’s Voice’ CD (Malignant Records) – £11 / £12 / £13
After the well received debut “Submerged”, Phaenon follows things up with an even deeper immersion into a world of bleak, isolationist sounds. Whereas “Submerged” was one long and infinitely expansive drone piece, “His Master’s Voice” is broken up into four separate, but flowing tracks of sprawling and spacious ambient drift, laced with interstellar disturbances, probing, alien tones and icy shards of celestial debris…a whirling specter of darkness and void-ic space, thematically based upon the 1968 novel of the same name by Stanislaw Lem, which is centered around the efforts by scientists to decode, translate and understand a series of extraterrestrial transmissions. As a whole, His Master’s Voice represents a logical progression in Phaenon’s sound and is the ultimate in headphone listening. In a gorgeous 6 panel digipak.

All Phaenon Titles

ROCK-A-ROLLA – ‘Issue #27’ Magazine – £5 / £6.50 / £8
R-A-R 27 features Melvins. There’s also interviews with Aaron Turner (Isis, Lotus Eaters, Old Man Gloom), The High Confessions (a new ‘Supergroup’ featuring Chris Connelly of Ministry / Revolting Cocks, Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, Sanford Parker of Minsk / Twilight and Jeremy Lemos of White / Light), Yakuza, Black Sun & Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Stian Westerhus (Puma), Monarch!, Edible Woman, Omega Massif and Horseback. This month’s Label Focus is on Temporary Residence Limited. Also included is the usual vast selection of news, music, DVD and live reviews from the avant-rock, metal, noise and experimental scenes. Highly recommended!

All Rock-A-Rolla IssuesAll Magazines

URUK-HAI / MOLOCH – ‘Iron Age’ LP (Aphelion Productions) – £15 / £18 / £21
Exclusive vinyl only release. Uruk-Hai presents two epic dark ambient tracks from the realms of Tolkien that should appeal to fans of Vinterriket / Ildjarn / Burzum’s work in this field. Moloch contribute two tracks of raw ambient black metal reminiscent of Striborg or an extremely low-fi Burzum. The final track ‘Isengard’ is a collaboration from both artists. Ltd x 500 copies on green / white marbled vinyl in a heavy full-colour sleeve containing an A3 poster of the cover painting from the world’s leading Tolkien artist John Howe.

All Uruk-Hai Titles All Moloch TitlesAll LP/12″ Vinyl
Click here for a close-up of the artwork!

VETCHE – ‘Vetche‘ MCD (Nihilward) – £7 / £8 / £9
Debut album from the cult project of two Black metal Ukrainian hordes: Nokturnal Mortum and Lucifugum. “… midtempo black metal, thick downtuned riffs, tons of atmosphere, droney and trancelike and mesmerizing… The second track is where it gets really strange, whooshing swaths of synth, mournful minor key guitars, acoustic guitars and electronic pulse, making it sound almost like a black metal Goblin… a dizzying chunk of electronic blackness… dirgey, electronic doom-ed blackness, deep rumbling synths and folky melodies, before finally we get to the 11 minute closer with its click bleep electronic rhythm, big slow burning distorted guitars, drone-y electronic black folk, to swirling space-y krautrock-y drift. Wow. Even with the pedigree, this might be a bit too far out for the troo grim hordes, but we’re digging Vetche’s twisted and unique swirling new age black gypsy doom folk weirdness.” (Aquarius). 29 minutes of music.
VINTERRIKET – ‘Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit Pt. 3’ 10″ (Aphelion Productions)
– £10 / £12 / £14
Final part of this 3 x 10″ series by the ultimate cult black ambient / melancholic / cold synth act from Germany. Not far from the likes of Mortiis or early Burzum, yet with a more obscure tone. An homage to the dark side of nature. Ltd x 500 hand-numbered copies with full-size insert featuring Vinterriket’s signature dark photography.

All Vinterriket Titles All 10″ Vinyl

AUBE – ‘Metal On Metal’ 2 x CD (Silentes Minimal Editions) – £14 / £15 / £16

Great reissue of Aube’s seminal 1996 album “Métal De Métal” (Manifold), with a bonus disc unreleased live material from Aube’s “Metal De Metal” tour. All sounds are processed sounds of metal, but the material here is taken beyond the obviously abrasive possibilities and reworked into something more – from cold metal to soft repeating clouds with friction at their core. Presented in a super jewelbox. Our favourite of all the Aube albums. Recommended!

NARSILION – ‘Arcadia’ CD (Caustic Records) – £11 / £12.50 / £14

The long-awaited second album from one of the most outstanding bands emerging from the medieval folk / heavenly voices scene, born from the ashes of Ordo Funebris. Inspired by Arcadia, a mystical land filled with ancient woods and deep lakes dreamed by the Mother Moon’s embrace, where all the winds dance close to their memories and the sunrises cry endlessly like golden tears shed in the middle of the autumnal hug… Elfin voices, powerful percussion, flute and lots of orchestration will take you deep inside this new dream from the hand of Narsilion. For followers of Arcana, The Moon And The Nightspirit, Trobar De Morte etc. Presented in a DVD digipak.

NARSILION – ‘Nerbeleth’ CD (Caustic Records) – £11 / £12 / £13

Born from the ashes of Ordo Funebris emerges Narsilion to drive us through those dreams that one day made us feel magic… in a world full of mysticism… where elves, fairies and more beautiful creatures dance to the unending legends… Medieval compositions and neoclassical, orchestrated with violins, magical flutes, ethereal guitars, percussion and sweet elfin voices that will carry you far away, where time lays dead and wonderful memories write again in the pages of our lost innocence. One of the most promising bands in the Spanish medieval-folk scene. For followers of Arcana, The Moon And The Nightspirit, Trobar De Morte etc. Digipak.

VINTERRIKET – ‘Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit Pt. 1’ 10″
(Aphelion Productions) – £10 / £12 / £14

Part 1 in a 3 x 10″ series by this cult black ambient / melancholic / cold synth act from Germany. Not far from the likes of Mortiis or early Burzum, yet with a more obscure tone. An homage to the dark side of nature. Originally released as a CD in 2003 (Ketzer Records), now issued onto heavy black vinyl by UK label Aphelion Productions. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies with fully-printed inlay and A3 poster featuring Vinterriket’s signature dark photography (different artwork than the original CD).

VINTERRIKET – ‘Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit Pt. 2’ 10″
(Aphelion Productions) – £10 / £12 / £14

Part 2 in a 3 x 10″ series by this cult black ambient / melancholic / cold synth act from Germany. Not far from the likes of Mortiis or early Burzum, yet with a more obscure tone. An homage to the dark side of nature. Ltd x 500 hand-numbered copies with full-size insert featuring Vinterriket’s signature dark photography.

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