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GOATVARGR | Black Snow Epoch CD (CSR126CD) £8 / £9 / £10 Shipping: 30th June
The second unholy union of Lord Nordvargr (MZ.412, Folkstorm, Toroidh etc) and Goat (USA). Time, pilgrimages and bloodlines have been bourn since the first testament of Goatvargr was witnessed in this era of false knowledge. The first covenant of Goatvargr was baleful, lycanthropic and lethiferous. A rejection of the techgnostic kingdom and circuitry idols which seduce our era. The downfall of light has brought a world of coldness. This Black Snow Epoch is a time to honour our forbearers such as MZ.412 and the elements of flesh, wood and alchemical steel. Industrial loops and analogue keyboards merge with sheet metal and chains to create a solemn winter hymn where the cold steel stings your flesh. The wolf instinctively hunts through the frost, and the goat is blamed for human transgressions, yet during the Black Snow Epoch, the true hunters will pursue. Foldout poster cover.

MP3 | MP3 | Goatvargr

VON THRONSTAHL | Conscriptvm 2 x CD (CSR118CD) £14 / £15 / £16 Shipping: Now
Cold Spring are proud to announce a double CD of rare, alternative versions, new and unreleased material from German Martial Industrial legends Von Thronstahl! The sounds on “Conscriptvm” range from Orchestral to Industrial, Neofolk to military-pop and Martial rock, all with the unmistakable, unique sound of Von Thronstahl! This is definitely a release for fans of the early ‘classic’ Von Thronstahl sound, which gained them the solid reputation they have today and could be considered a companion piece to ‘E Pluribus Unum’. Around 140 minutes of fantastic music presented in a luxurious 6-panel digipak.

MP3 | MP3 | Von Thronstahl

FIRE IN THE HEAD | Confessions Of A Narcissist CD (CSR120CD) £10 / £11 / £12 Shipping: Now
“Confessions Of A Narcissist” marks the final full-length release by Fire In The Head ending six years of sonic warfare with an assault of manic, self-indulgent industrial electronics. Drawing as much influence from early punk / hardcore as from industrial / power electronics, FI/T/H was conceived as a cathartic outlet to explore and ratify the delusions and social perversions resultant of psychosis and the darker side of man’s conflicted dual nature, to fan the flames which engulf the borders between obsession, compulsion, lust and need. The tracks on this release were recorded in 2007-2008 and are the last of the “short, sharp, shock” vocal tracks which Michael abandoned in favour of “epic” length industrial / ambient compositions. Features guest appearances from Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni) and J. Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed), with exclusive artwork from Blinko.

MP3 | MP3 | Fire In The Head

MERZBOW | Merzbow T-Shirt (CSR134TS) £11

Shipping: Now
Essential new Merzbow shirt for Cold Spring! Simple and to the point – very high quality black shirt emblazoned with MERZBOW in crimson red. The only shirt to be seen in this summer!

TENHORNEDBEAST | Hunts & Wars CD (CSR130CD) £11 / £12 / £13

MP3 | MP3
Shipping: Now
THB’s 3rd album for Cold Spring. Sub-tuned bass guitar to create rhythms and riffs that dominate vast ritual percussion and droning walls of electric dissonance, creating epic & expansive textures. 6-panel digipak.

MACHINEFABRIEK | Daas CD (CSR128CD) £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

MP3 | MP3
Shipping: Now
A provoking, haunting journey. As with the music of Philip Jeck, The Caretaker or William Basinski, these tracks are full of degrading melodies and dusty ambience. Presented in a matt laminate digipak.


– ‘Themes’ 4CD Boxset (CSR123B)
EMME YA – ‘Atavistic Dreams And Phallic Totems’ CD (CSR127CD)
ANNI HOGAN – ‘Mountain’ CD (CSR132CD)
MERZBOW | Z’EV – ‘Spiral Right / Spiral Left’ CD (CSR133CD)


• 25 Jun 10, wRacku Festival, Racibórz (PL)
7 Aug 10, M’era Luna Festival, Hildesheim (DE)

• 27 Jun 10, Mammoth Rock Festival, Tokyo (JP)

• 2 Jul 10, The Muse Gallery, London (UK)


• 4 Jul 10, Bar & Co, London (UK)

• 14 Jul, The Wilmington Arms, London (UK)


• 14 Aug 10, Wagon & Horses, Birmingham (UK) – with Vultures Quartet, Praying For Oblivion, Content Nullity, Cities Prepare For Attack. Buy Tickets


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Bloody Woods

In My Rosary

Mani Deum

Seelenthron / Traum’er Leben, Trinithos
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AWEN – ‘The Bells Before Dawn’ CD (Triskele Recordings) – £11 / £12 / £13
Inspirational, Ritual “Ancestral Ambience” and Neofolk from Texas-based Awen! Beautifully dark compositions accompanied by male and female vocals, bombastic percussion, melodies and pagan atmospheres. Songs of life, history, and blood! Features a contribution from B9 Invid of Luftwaffe. Not to be missed! File next to Coph Nia and A Minority Of One. Ltd x 1000 hand-numbered copies in a digipak.
DEAD RAVEN CHOIR – ‘Jean Genet’s Lonesome Rhino’ 7″ (Dot Dot Dot Music)
– £11 / £12 / £13
“A three-track EP which belches out some of the most ghost-ridden, wasted, slow and obnoxious guitar punk rock you could ever hope to hear outside of that sector of Hades reserved exclusively for rock stars maudits. Astonishingly, these coarse and corruptive anthems of caustic horror all seem to have begun life as cover versions, including one of a Hank Williams song. Although there’s been a lot of post-modernist water under the bridge since The Residents released their all-time murderous butchery version of ‘Satisfaction’ by The Stones, Dead Raven Choir come close to capturing some of that same gloriously poisonous nihilism” (The Sound Projector). This is one of the last ever releases from Dead Raven Choir (aka Smolken of Wolfmangler). Ltd x 300 copies on red / black marbled vinyl in a heavy PVC sleeve.

All Dead Raven Choir TitlesAll 7″ Vinyl
DRAKH – ‘Bethlehem’ CD (Essence Music) – £13 / £14 / £15
One third of the cult post-industrial Swedish legends MZ.412, one half of the amazing experimental act Beyond Sensory Experience and Nordvargr’s long running loyal partner on classic endeavors – including the abyssal black ambient duo Nordvargr/Drakh. While mostly known for his demonic, truly Swedish guitar interventions on the MZ.412 or N/D pitch black ambiences, “Bethlehem” finds Jonas Aneheim walking through slow, quasi-harmonic, subtle, yet thick drone fields weaving elaborate and unexpected damaged electronic rhythms and harsh, crackling ambient textures that can become at the same time both delicate and haunting, warm and freezing, to finally drown in a sea of reverb, glacial riffing and distortion on his own shadowy interpretation of the city of Bethlehem. Ominous sonic vistas and pallets truly honor the charming aura and tradition of the bleakest Swedish sounds. Ltd x 400 copies in a 6-panel digisleeve with photography by Seldon Hunt.

All Drakh Titles
ERIC LUNDE – ‘When You Wish Upon A Scar’ CD (traitmediaworks) – £11 / £12 / £13
Reissue of Povertech’s excellent 1997 compilation of the Noise / Experimental work of Eric Lunde (Trait, ex-Boy Dirt Car) during the period 1983-1991, including rare cassette, 7″ and compilation appearances. Compiled by Joe Colley (Crawl Unit) and issued on Lunde’s own label. Digipak with booklet.

All Eric Lunde Titles

FABIO ORSI – ‘Random Shades Of Day’ 3 x CD (Privileged To Fail) – £16 / £18 / £20
Fabio Orsi has been winning the hearts of many listeners over the past few years with both his solo and collaboration releases. This set includes two CDs of previously unreleased and out-of-print material spanning Fabio Orsi’s career. Drones, keyboard, guitar, distant vocals and field recordings can be found over the first two discs. Included are Fabio Orsi’s first EP “I’, Here”, “1000 Days Red”, “Faded On The Blowing Of Winter”, six previously unreleased tracks and more. CD3 is a brand new full length record entitled “Random Shades of Day”. This new full length continues on from “Wild Light of the Moon” with beautiful drones and relaxing ambience. Part III is also some of Orsi’s darkest work. Ltd x 500 copies in a luxurious 6-panel digipak.

All Fabio Orsi Titles

LEVIATHAN – ‘Verräter’ 2 x CD (Tumult) – £15 / £16 / £17
Pure, primitive, cult, home recorded evil! Two discs, 22 tracks, 143 minutes of buzzing, howling, pummelling black metal. Think Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal, but with all sorts of weird twists and sonic surprises. Sure, Leviathan is grimmer than grim metal that the frost and forest lords of Norway should bow down to, but it’s also pure expression unfettered by genre restraints, although informed and inspired by them. Unique and category-defying black metal… dark, weird, noisy, disturbing art embodying one man’s twisted vision. Original, evil, hateful, misanthropic, bizarre and truly black metal. “Verräter”, the first official Leviathan release, contains tracks dating back to 1998 with the first disc representing more recently recorded tracks, while disc two contains the older, rawer material. “Verräter” is beyond just black metal, it’s a collection of utterly brutal, truly innovative, and completely soul crushing musical blackness.
LEVIATHAN / CREBAIN – ‘Leviathan / Crebain’ CD (Tumult) – £11 / £12 / £13
Wrest and his genius one man grim-avant-black-metal outfit Leviathan return with what may quite possibly be his best, most intensely weird material to date. For this release he teams up with relative newcomer Ancalagon The Black and his outfit Crebain. Not quite as weird as Leviathan, Crebain channels his darkness through a more thrashing Darkthrone / Mutiilation style. This split is another nail in the coffin containing the corpses of the Nordic metal elite, as black metal’s California contingent threatens to thaw their frosty corpses with the soul shearing rays of its black sun! Ltd x 666 copies in a 6-panel digipak.
MENTAT – ‘Amarillo Abisal’ CD (Boue Records / Odio Sonoro) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
CD edition of “Amarillo Abisal” – the debut album from Valencia, Spain doom-mongers Mentat. Just under an hour of seriously heavy, epic sludge / doom / post-hardcore, with some impressive use of a brass section and a piano, which give them a beautiful and experimental edge. Six lengthy tracks of apocalyptic instrumental Doom and death atmospheres! Ltd x 500 copies.
NADJA – ‘Autopergamene’ CD (Essence Music) – £14 / £15 / £16
Call it drone-doom-dirge-shoegaze or any other in vogue nomenclature you like. It doesn’t matter. They are simply the true originators of this breed of blissful, seriously intense and ominously ethereal heavy sounds. “Autopergamene” (a spell or charm wherein you write in blood, on a fragment of skin, what you wish to happen) finds Nadja at the peak of their sonic language of slow-blooming, heavily nuanced ambient guitar constructions and slow motion, lush, epic heaviness. Blissful, paced and almost orchestral strings… super distorted and fuzzed out rumbling sludge riffages… delicate, lush acoustic guitars… hazy, sparkling, passionate and twisted vocals from Aidan and Leah. Simply breathtaking. Lavishly assembled in a custom 6-panel digisleeve packaging housing a 6 cards set with beautiful watercolor paintings and artwork by Portuguese artist L Filipe dos Santos. Mastering by James Plotkin. Ltd x 800 copies.

All Nadja Titles

ROCK-A-ROLLA – ‘Issue #26’ Magazine – £5 / £6.50 / £8
Rock-A-Rolla 26 features Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantômas). There’s also interviews with Godflesh, Harvey Milk, Emeralds, Knut, Twilight, Coliseum, Starkweather, Cleric, Celeste and Oneohtrix Point Never. This month’s Label Focus is on Crucial Blast. Also included is the usual vast selection of news, music, DVD and live reviews from the avant-rock, metal, noise and experimental scenes. Highly recommended!

All Rock-A-Rolla IssuesAll Magazines

ROCK-A-ROLLA – SPECIAL 5-ISSUE OFFER! – £22 / £29 / £37
Choose any 5 issues of Rock-A-Rolla at a special price! Please choose at least 7 issue numbers in order of preference in the ‘Additional Information’ box when ordering, as early issue numbers are very limited.

All Rock-A-Rolla IssuesAll Magazines

SEELENLICHT – ‘Love And Murder’ CD (Trutzburg Thule) – £11 / £12 / £13
Two years after the debut album, “Gods & Devils” (Cold Spring CSR86CD), Butow Maler (Kammer Sieben) and Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R.) present “Love and Murder”. Accompanied by psychedelic guitar riffs, this album is far more song-based than their debut and follows the neoclassical path with sophistication and dynamism. From the social abyss of humanity and bittersweet murder ballads, to dark rune-prayers and the absurdity and brutality of World War I upon the bloody fields of Flanders‚ “Love and Murder” also devotes attention to Romantic literature by setting to music the poetry of Novalis and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Guests including Dev (While Angels Watch), Josef K. (Von Thronstahl) and Wulf Ingessunu (Woden’s Folk) complete the apocalyptic cocktail of darkfolk and neoclassical music. Digipak with booklet.

All Seelenlicht Titles

SPECIAL INTERESTS – ‘#3’ Magazine (Freak Animal) – £5 / £6 / £7
Third issue of Freak Animal’s S.I. magazine. In English and featuring interviews with some of the best Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise artists on the scene today: Fire In The Head, Iron Fist Of The Sun, Vivenza, Isomer, Leif Elggren, Tommy Carlsson (Treriksröset / Abisko) Sudden Infant and Xiphoid Dementia – plus interviews with the following labels: Malignant, Release The Bats, Urashima, Abgurd, Filth And Violence and Posh Isolation. Also contains a reviews section. 52-pages, A5, B&W, offset printed with full colour cover.

All Special Interests Issues All Magazines

SVALBARD – ‘Heimkunft’ CD (Lichterklang) – £11 / £12 / £13
After their successful MCD, here comes the full-length debut album by this Belarussian Dark Electro, Neofolk ‘n’ Pop, Martial project. An album for those who dance to the beat of Ostara, ThouShaltNot, Wolfsheim, Derniere Volonte etc. Mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum, Sturmpercht, Triarii).
TERRA TERATOS – ‘Meditations About Secret Of My Dark Destiny. Part 2’ CD
(Electrica Caelestis) – £11 / £12 / £13
The third album of a Voronezh (Russia) based one-(wo)man project Terra Teratos – and the final part of the “Meditations About Secret Of My Dark Destiny” trilogy. Symphonic strings, keyboard passages and unhurried percussion plunge you into an oppressive ambience of dark dungeons. Breathe out the coldness of a spellbound forest, hand down shadowy echoes of the dark mass in honour of forgotten Gods. This is cold, black ambient at its best. Epic, sombre and bewitching.
THE MEMORIES ATTACK – ‘LP2’ CD (Tumult / Noyes Records) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
The Memories Attack are a duo, augmented by an occasional drummer, who sound like they were transported directly from the early 90s, bringing with them all the jangle pop, lo-fi bedroom folk, crunchy distorted guitar, gorgeous vocal harmonies, busted effects pedals, old synths, incredible hooks, shimmering metallic drones and catchy songs they could stuff into an old beat up suitcase. Every track here is some glorious strain of perfect pop, whether it’s a chunk of old school college rock jangle, a burst of synth infused almost metal crunch, wild wooly lo-fi garage-y stomp, or hushed intimate bedroom pop, it’s all so catchy and rocking and irresistible. And it’s all held together by some sort of mysterious pop music magic that few have mastered and even fewer understand, but which never fails to totally and utterly entrance every time.
THE NEW BLOCKADERS – ‘Crincum Crancum / Meta-Klamauk (For Jean Tinguely)’ LP
(Hanson Records) – £18 / £21 / £24
“Meta-Klamauk seems to return us to that garage of doom featured on Changez Les Blockeurs, only by now the mechanics have installed a noisy fan-heater device, and they are getting a lot more work done. Crincum-Crancum is, relatively speaking, a near-musical concoction. Perhaps twenty plus years hath mellowed their saturnine psyche and dulled their appetite for relentless noise; this is less urgent, and there’s almost an air of resigned weariness to this 2002 work. That said, it is no less bilious, the reservoir of hatred still fuels the evil intent” (The Sound Projector). Originally appearing on the ‘Gesamtnichtswerk’ 4-CD boxset (Hypnagogia), this is their first appearance on vinyl! Ltd x 300 copies in heavy duty silk-screened covers with the usual Hanson Droll-Flaps.

All The New Blockaders TitlesAll LP/12″ Vinyl

THE NEW BLOCKADERS – ‘History Of Nothing (1982-1992)’ LP (Hanson Records)
– £18 / £21 / £24
“Sheer sheets of onanistic sound ruin the rack and explode across the consciousness. Imagine what it would’ve been like to hear this in 1982, when it was completely new and very few frames of reference were hanging on any wall, anywhere. This is the hard rain that’s promised to fall – this sound is a rage against loneliness in one of the loneliest places on earth while pursuing one of the loneliest forms of expression. Totally interstellar, completely vital, utterly timeless” (Freq). Tracks originally released on ‘History Of Nothing’ CD (Siren). This is their first appearance on vinyl! Recorded 1982-1992. Ltd x 300 copies in heavy duty silk-screened covers with the usual Hanson Droll-Flaps.

All The New Blockaders TitlesAll LP/12″ Vinyl

VOIDWORK – ‘Horror/Forsaken’ CD (Black Drone) – £11 / £12 / £13
A beautiful release by VoidWork featuring vocals from Ann-Mari Thim (Arcana, Seventh Harmonic). “Horror/Forsaken” is a double-headed album based loosely on the concepts of fear, abandonment and mankind’s meaningless place in an impersonal Universe. “Horror”, the first half of the release, is relatively song oriented and was inspired musically by 90s darkwave, as well as traditional melodies of both Eastern and Western culture. “Forsaken” mainly carries traditional dark ambient influences and focuses on atmosphere rather than on conventional song structure or sound. Both dark halves come together to make a black whole that is organic in its origin and purpose. From waking to sleep, birth to death. Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak. Australian import.
VON THRONSTAHL – ‘Return Your Revolt Into Style’ 2 x CD (Trutzburg Thule) – £17 / £19 / £21
This is the much demanded and long overdue re-release of the extremely rare album, originally released in 2002. The album was originally limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and came in very special packaging: The CD was mounted on a glass plate inside a 6″ black box with gold-embossed logo & title on front. Regarded as one of the most original and finest Von Thronstahl CDs, this is the first time, that this long ‘lost’ album is being re-released. All tracks have been digitally re-mastered. This special re-release furthermore comes with a second CD, densely packed with rare remixes, different versions of well known tracks and a number of previously unreleased, exclusive tracks! 8-panel digipak in slipcase.

All Von Thronstahl Titles

LIKE A KIND OF MATADOR – ‘Halfway To Dangerous’ CD (Tumult)
– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

First and final release from this now defunct UK trio who meld crushing slow motion doom-drone-sludge with haunting prog and drifting abstract ambience. A swirling, slow moving prog-doom juggernaut. Essential listening for fans of Sunn O))), Harvey Milk, Earth, Boris, Monarch and all things slow, low and heavy. But at the same time, strangely alien, with a subtle muted beauty lurking at the heart of LAKOM’s gloriously epic crumbling black mass of sound, within each song a breathless subtlety, a deep haunting otherworldliness, transforming dense low end explorations into something much more expansive and divine. Digisleeve.

SOLAR ANUS – ‘Skull Alcohlic: The Complete Solar Anus’ 2 x CD (Tumult)
– £16 / £17 / £18

All published recordings ever made by Solar Anus and their very last recording “Skull Alcoholic”, which is previously unpublished. ‘Skull Alcoholic’ chronicles the band’s dizzying trajectory, from stumbling, buzzing, bloody-stumped, sludge doom behemoths to druggy, tranced out psychedelic outer space visionaries, swinging wildly toward both extremes the whole time. One of the weirdest, wildest, heaviest collections of druggy, dreamy, dirge / drone / doom / psych / kraut / space / noise / sludge rock ever! Ltd x 2000 copies with booklet, deluxe die-cut slipcover and sticker.

VON THRONSTAHL – ‘Germanium Metallicum’ CD (Trutzburg Thule)
– £12 / £13 / £14

New material with an occidental sound – a fusion of martial, industrial, orchestral, neofolk, military and apocalyptic storm-composing. Intense, dramatic and unbeatable. High quality, powerfully-mastered with a wide spectrum of sound. “Germanium Metallicum” is a musical revelation of old Europe, caught between rebirth and death, freedom and slavery, uproar and revolution. It is an apocalyptic journey with many international musicial guests from the genre, including guest vocals by Plastique of Welle Erdball, Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R., Seelenlicht) and Natacha Von Wynn (erotic starlet from Switzerland). The sounds of Von Thronstahl’s earlier works are cleverly combined with the composing quality of their latest album “Sacrificare” and the intensity and power of its predecessor “Bellum Sacrum Bellum!?”

WEAKLING – ‘Dead As Dreams’ CD (Tumult) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

The one and only album from this cult San Francisco band. Grim, hypnotic, repetitive, Norwegian-styled buzzing Black Metal. “The shocking depth of emotion, sheer musical ability and keenness of ear for all things destructive displayed on this masterpiece should be the goal for all Black Metal bands wishing to transcend mediocrity” (Chronicles Of Chaos). Features members of The Fucking Champs, The Gault and Asunder. Weakling draws upon inspiration from 90’s BM in the Norwegian tradition (Darkthrone, Burzum, Mayhem and Immortal).

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