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MERZBOW – ‘Another Merzbow Records’ 3 x CD Set (Dirter) – £22 / £24 / £26
Possibly the most essential Merzbow release for many years.  This 3CD set is culled from appearances on various compilations, ranging from the most obscure cassette releases, to long out of print gems on labels such as Blast First and Susan Lawly.  This material spans an entire decade from 1991 to 2001 and as such, tells its own story of the development and sonic chicanery that is the Merzbow sound during this time. The three CDs in full colour sleeves are packed inside a beautiful bronze printed slip case and the set is limited to 1000 copies.

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RAMLEH – ‘Hole In The Heart’ 2 x CD (Dirter) – £15 / £16 / £17
This material bridges the gap between the early “power electronics” material and the later “noise rock” history of Ramleh. Neither of these terms do justice to this pioneering group led by Gary Mundy.  Originally issued by Gary’s own “Broken Flag” label in 1987 on cassette, “Hole in the Heart” is now expanded and remastered. To quote Anthony Di Franco: “…swirling phased feedback, fuzzed vocals and guitars. At the same time there were melodies, words and structures in the music, which itself consisted of very simple electronic and acoustic elements magnified to a colossal scale…”  This music has a harmonic beauty, if you look for it, that all its imitators lack. Listen and you will hear the genesis of what was to follow from many 90’s underground bands such as label mates and close collaborators, Skullflower. Packaged in the classic “Broken Flag” monochrome style and encased in a double “Super Jewel Box”.

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ANDREW LILES – ”Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy)’ CD / DVD DualDisc (Dirter) – £16 / £17 / £18
Recorded in London, Paris, and Sicily “Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy)” is a travelogue that refuses to stay stuck in any one place for any extended period. The music is as diverse as the array of guests involved – Danielle Dax, Maja Elliott, Rose McDowall, Karl Blake, Edward Ka-Spel and Volcano the Bear’s Daniel Padden all bestow unique and stunning contributions. Obscure, accessible, incomprehensible and exceptional, “Ouarda” is testament to the breathtaking production talents of Andrew Liles, arguably the most vital and original soundsmith of recent years. Side one of this disc is an audio CD including an extra track and slightly remixed version of the LP. The other side of the disc is a DVD which includes – “Ouarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy)” – Colin Potter Version (A film by Michael Tang with musical adaptations by Colin Potter), ” Old Tom’s Marrow” – A film by Andrew Liles, plus truly amazing 5.1 mixes by Freida Abtan of 3 tracks.

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VON THRONSTAHL | Conscriptvm
£12 / £13 / £14
FIRE IN THE HEAD | Confessions Of A Narcissist CD (CSR120CD)
£8 / £9 / £10
Shipping: 14th May
Cold Spring are proud to announce a double CD of rare, alternative versions, new and unreleased material from German Martial Industrial legends Von Thronstahl! The sounds on “Conscriptvm” range from Orchestral to Industrial, Neofolk to military-pop and Martial rock, all with the unmistakable, unique sound of Von Thronstahl! This is definitely a release for fans of the early ‘classic’ Von Thronstahl sound, which gained them the solid reputation they have today and could be considered a companion piece to ‘E Pluribus Unum’. Around 140 minutes of fantastic music presented in a luxurious 6-panel digipak.
Shipping: 14th
The final full-length release by Fire In The Head ending six years of sonic warfare with an assault of manic, self-indulgent industrial electronics. Drawing as much influence from early punk / hardcore as from industrial / power electronics, FI/T/H was conceived as a cathartic outlet to explore and ratify the delusions and social perversions resultant of psychosis and the darker side of man’s conflicted dual nature. The last of the “short, sharp, shock” vocal tracks which Michael abandoned in favour of “epic” length industrial / ambient compositions. Guests: Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni) and J. Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed).

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