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no 113 – 17:e juli 2010Cold Meat is alive!

We are digging out tons of material hidden in boxes from just about everywhere around me, it’s a great relief for me to be able to find new better homes for these items. You can follow our work here: we are working day and night – yes she got a whip… and she never let me rest. Well – we got lots of work done so it feels really good!

If you are new to discogs and found something that you are interested in you can of course just email us and let us know, but we can not save the items for more than 2 days, so if you want something you need to be really fast! Some items are only listed on discogs for 10 mins before they disappear! People are watching us! 🙂

I also found lots of titles that’s been listed as out of stock in my mailorder, as well as I updated the t-shirt situation… so you should better have a look!
CLICK to find the 50 latest additions to the shop.
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All orders (as long as the stock lasts) will recieve a free VII Congresso Post Industriale compilation CD featuring Brighter Death Now, Con-Dom, Satanismo Calibro 9, Fecalove, Beyond Sensory Experience. Released by Old Europa Cafe. No tricks this time! Good riddance!
And of course we find more and more leftover CMI-related items such as postcards, flyers, booklets, tradingcards, trash, junk and garbage to fill up your orders with! The CMI cave is open and even old rare objects from the archives will be available on discogs, so you should pay attention to what is going on here at Cold Meat Industry now, things are happening, and it happens fast! 🙂 Soon we might even start releasing CDs!

that is all for now!

/Roger K.

additions to the mailorder – old and new….

This is Tobias?s first album from 2002 and what a great debut! Already here he presents a great mix of Electropop, classic Italo Disco and some darker synth moments. Simply includes many catchy tracks, a pretty cool homage to Trans X?s ?Living on Video? (?Videodrome?), and the wonderful ?The Sniper?. This CD was not available for quite a long time but now a stock has re-surfaced so that some more people can finally get their hands on this album at a very very nice-price. Go for it ? you never know how long stocks last!CDs are new, limited to 1500 copies and include fold-out poster.

V/A – The Anna Logue Years
It seems that time flies when you work passionately on something: little Anna truly turns five years old! So, after five years of good fun, hard work and almost 30 releases, it is a good time to look into the past, present and slightly into the future to summarize what has been done. And anyway, as little Anna is a celebrity, no anniversary without a birthday present, so here it is, a lovely little 2CD compilation offered to the world: The Anna Logue Years ? 5th Anniversary Compilation [2005-2010].
MAEROR TRI – Multiple Personality Disorder
Repress of the first MAEROR TRI CD. Original sound, no bonus tracks, yet brand new cover. A Seminal work for 1990 drone ambient.
Special Edition :
376 copies with an extra 3″ Mini CD ( real CD! )
Featuring one exclusive Pacific 231 & Rapoon collaboration !
The whole will be packed in a special screen-printed Raffia case ….
This package reminds a lot to the old and very arty covers of Zoviet France albums !!!A real collectors item, act fast if you don’t want to loose it !

Palestine is a face-2-face in memoriam between Pacific 231 & Rapoon to the late Bryn Jones 1961-1999 a.k.a. Muslimgauze.
The production also support the justified struggle for a truly free Palestinian nation, a key issue for a middle-east liberated from foreign ingerance.
Music was the modus operandi Muslimgauze wanted to carry the message and music is the medium we want to continue to convey the legacy.

DEUTERROR – Le Gueule de guerre
After the two amazing Agrippen and Cortharis Lex, available for download on his website, Deuterror offers his new realisation, and first release on CD, “Le Gueule De Guerre”. A fable on the faith that animates man and keeps him standing, getting beyond the limits of a minimalist dark ambient or the violence of an extravagant noise.
DELAYSCAPE – Morse Disco
DELAYSCAPE is different, and unique, here suddenly it was all there and in a massiveness that lead to several emotional outbursts in Anna?s office. Flemming has rare abilities: he is such a master of sound synthesis, sequencing and he has a great imagination. His tracks are so full of the most brilliant synthesiser sounds, the most wonderful pads/strings, Roland TR-808 simulated rhythms and synthetic percussions, and all is so very organic and honest and interesting. While all tracks are instrumental pieces you shall not worry at all, you will not miss the vocals as there is too much to listen to while diving though DELAYSCAPE?s own sound universe. You will find similarities to Solvent and Lowfish for sure, but DELAYSCAPE is always even more deep and melodic, also Skanfrom, of course, then almost scientifically synthesised space sounds ?a Clock DVA and lush and dreamy tracks almost ?a Raison d?être.


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