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no 111 – 18:e maj 2010

Death Parade in Prague!

26th of June the Death Parade Festival will be held in Prague with following acts:


Highly interesting and of course a night to be remembered….

On special request:

Martin Bladh:
Stefan Danielsson:

Think about Death!
/Roger K.

New interesing items in stock and incoming!!!!

ELDAR – Amesha Spentas CD
Eldar (Marc Merinee & Merce Spica) returns with a new album and with their significant mixture of dark-ambient and bombastic martial music. As always they choose the title for their album related to a philosophical and mystical meaning. On “Amesha Spentas” the songs has been created based on the work by Goya, from the conceptual point of view. Viewing these works through an occult philosophy. Each song is placed in a specific historical moment. All sounds and instruments are also chosen specifically for each songs individual concept. Using multitude of synths, samples, tools (metals, knives, bowls, pipes, wood, etc.) together with field recordings. Creating that special dark haunted atmosphere that has become wellknown as the ELDAR sound.

Urban Alonso, who created the conceptual artwork, is a graphic designer well known in Spain by different musical genres, also as a musician under the name “Scumearth” of Ambient Noise genre.

IRM – Order4 CD
IRM has already existed for over 10 years and are recognized as one of the most interesting Industrial bands around. This time Martin Bladh and Erik Jarl are joined by a third band member Mikael Oretoft on bass-guitarr.

This new work by IRM is a deeper delving into the psyche of the self inflictor ? the core of inner regions violently exposed. Comprised by four tracks, each exactly 15 minutes in length we are thrown into a vortex of feedback, cymbaldrones, heavy bass-strumming, nightmarish pianotinkles and irreproachable synthwork. Demanding your attention all the way through ? certainly not an easy listening experience ? describing the course of events is impossible. It is again a mature and intricate work of incisive delicacies and theatrical ambiences. The sense of detail throughout is immense and the editing perfect. The clinical heaviness of earlier works are now transformed into a pure harsh, static soundwave which are most often cut off by another, slower, softer but in ways a more painful and dynamic one. The lyrics here are deeper cuts into personal matters. A man altering between life and death – a calculating and disillusive thinker and recluse who has lost the grip of reality, or perhaps found another? The strife for self-control turned into sick dedication, waging war on himself to receive recognition ? the end comes nearer. Seldom have we heard a strange work like this which turns both lyrics and music into a full whole ? stay away if deeper encounters with the human mind offends.

The creative artwork was made by the renouned Swedish artist Stefan Danielsson, who also made the frontcover artwork for Whitehouse album “Racket”

Coming in a super deluxe & stunning foilblocked 3panel ecopak with 24 page booklet.
There will be at least one resurrection on Easter Sunday, 2010, when Blood Axis unveils its latest work, Born Again. The second full-length studio album in the group’s twenty-year history, Born Again signals startling developments and a radical maturation. Old vines have been cut back and carefully tended in order to bear strange new fruit. Over the course of the twelve tracks that comprise Born Again, Blood Axis explores an epic yet human universe in which gods are summoned, kingdoms rise, riddles are unlocked, love is lost, and worlds crumble. This is psychedelia in the literal sense: a “mind-manifesting” journey through the collective psyche of its creators.

Born Again weaves a web of potent pleasures. Whereas the earliest Blood Axis music was marked by keyboards and samples, Blood Axis in 2010 is stripped down to an essential core of natural instrumentation, but with force and bombast fully intact. The sonic ingredients on Born Again include electric and acoustic strings (guitar, violin, bass, bouzouki, banjo), melodeon, piano, highland bagpipes and Galician gaita, marching percussion, the mysterious Annabel-a-tron, and Bobby BeauSoleil’s growling, prison-vintage guitar eruptions circa 1976. Underpinning the album and propelling much of the music is the traditional Irish drum the bodhr? recorded here with unprecedented power. Moynihan’s ominous voice is well matched by Annabel Lee’s elfin intonations, just as her violin finds a perfect counterpoint in Robert Ferbrache’s protean guitar parts. A selective cabal of guest musicians from Europe and the USA add tasteful embellishments to these deceptively simple arrangements. Shot through by myth and romance, the expressive lyrics on Born Again have their roots in ancient and modern poetry, archaic invocations, and tragic laments. Alongside modern English and German, songs are sung in medieval 10th-century Old English and 13th-century Middle High German. The end result is both unclassifiable and unforgettable: neither folk nor rock, traditional nor avant-garde, modern nor archaic. It is simply Blood Axis.

Born Again was recorded over a span of many years in remote locations ranging from rural Vermont to the catacombs of Absinthe Studios in Denver, Colorado. Engineered and produced by founding Blood Axis member Ferbrache, the dense sonic tapestry of Born Again is simultaneously raw and refined, synergistically more than the sum of its primal parts. Packaged in a beautiful gatefold cover, Born Again includes a 24-page booklet with complete lyrics and translations, striking portraits of the band members, and solemn photographic images from France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and the USA.

To everything there is season. For those who are cursed, a time to die and to be forgotten. And for the blessed, a time to be born again: to live on, beyond death, in the minds of men.

Now is the time for Blood Axis to be Born Again.

APOPTOSE – Bannwald CD
On a Friday in September many years ago three girls went into a large forest in northern Germany. They never returned.

Apoptose followed their path into the woods and listened closely to the voices whispering among the trees. The new album ?Bannwald? reflects the girls’ journey to a realm of witchcraft, fairy-tales and ancient goddesses. Here in the green twilight of rustling leafs and crackling twigs nothing is as it seems and reality is covered by a thick layer of autumn foliage.

The German term ?Bannwald? bears a double meaning: On one hand it stands for a protected woodland where nobody is allowed to cut trees or even to enter. On the other hand ?Bann? is an ancient word for ban or spell.

After the urban nightmares of the last CD ?Schattenmädchen? Apoptose come back to the northern wilderness once more – the home of their very first album ?Nordland?. This time with extended lineup: Those who had the chance to attend one of the rare live performances already know the voice of singer Silke and the enormous rhythms of the 15 drummers of the Fanfarenzug Leipzig. On ?Bannwald? they join forces again to invoke the spirits of moss-covered stones and hidden glades.

Needless to say, this CD comes in an outstandingly designed multiple-panel foldout cover featuring an 8-page booklet and a separate cardboard CD-sleeve.
Running Time: 51min.

Immortel, Derniere Volonte`s 5th studio album took 4 years in making and marks their 15th anniversary!
It is a huge development from the former style which redefined the therm “military pop” to a more homoguene, less neoclassic but much more modern in sounds, more electronic but organic at the same time – and reinvents a style Geoffroy D has been influenced since his early days.
The themes on Immortel are effected by books, movies or personal experiences of Geoffroy but reflects in general his personal feelings about beloved people and their spirit which is and always will be present in our souls and memories.

Immortel is another milestone in the oevre of one of France`s most interresting band from the underground scene and will for sure attract fans from the early days but a lot of new fans from other musical scenes.

The album will come as CD in nice debossed and spotvarnished Digipak with 16page booklet and as limited edition vinyl of 888 copies LP in debossed and spotvarnished gatefold cover with a bonus 7inch containing a song not featured on the CD.

The Austrian group Allerseelen is, two years after their successful cd release Hallstatt, back with a brand-new album that fascinates musically as well as optically: Rauhe Schale (Rough Shell) is the title of the opus that was released some days ago. Already the first sight into the beautiful booklete of the digipack production on Ahnstern shows that this cd differs in various parts from its precursors: Allerseelen, live having been for a long time with various members performing in many cities in North America, Europe and Russia, has been nevertheless in the studio almost a solo-project by its founder Gerhard Hallstatt, assisted from time to time by various guest musicians. This has changed now, now Allerseelen is also in the studio a real group with electronics, bass, electric guitar and drums. On several pieces there are also contributions by two well-known violinists from the world of neo-folk and folk metal. Apart from Dimo Dimov who not only drums but also plays electric guitar on some songs
and the bassist Marcel P., Allerseelen this time also features the two violinists Meri Tadic – from the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie – and Annabel Lee, the violinist of the American formation Blood Axis who also released some weeks ago a new cd.

Still it is not easy to describe the style of Allerseelen – everything moves and flows in a field of force between industrial, metal, folklore and pop. Lovers of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Einstürzende Neubauten, Laibach or Underworld could also fall in love with Allerseelen. On Rauhe Schale there are various songs with a powerful metal atmosphere with electronic, industrial recordings – some minutes later one may discover again a song that sounds more like dark pop. Gerhard Hallstatt sometimes describes his music as Electronic Folklore or Apocalyptic Rock. But basically there is no real description for Allerseelen – all attempts to find an expression for their music may be valid
for some time, yet lose their meaning after a couple of months or years.

The cd Rauhe Schale sounds like its title – the music is rough, tough, hard like already the last album Hallstatt that received enthusiastic feedback due to its fascinating combination of electronic beats and strings and some compositions reminding in some way of Black Metal.

The songs were inspired by various magical mystery tours in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia. They were recorded and mixed in 2009 at Haus zur letzten Latern, Dungeon Studio (Rhenania), Luftschutzkerker and Vitosha Studio 4.

16 songs / 70 min.

DER BLUTHARSCH – Live in Leiden CD
Live in Leiden by Der Blutharsch is the 3rd album in a series of live recordings – after “Live at The Monastery” and “Live in Copenhagen”.
Live in Leiden was recorded at “The Night of Confusion” held September 28th 2oo4 at legendary venue LVC (where already artists like Nico performed) and was the “most cntroversial” concert in the 40 years history of this venue.
Nevertheless, this night was a huge success and this recording is a document of this night. At the same time it is the last live recording of the “old” Blutharsch – a small reminder about what Der Blutharsch was dreaded for before they morphed into “era two” and turned into a dark psychedelic kraut monster.
This is a great live document of a concert of the thee band who invented “martial industrial” as well as “military pop” – a MUST of all die hard fans of this genre as well as for people who want to know why this band once has been considered “dangerous”.
The CD comes in a foilblocked digipak.
STURMPERCHT – St?s Leben wild hinein! CD
new edition of the long soldout first Sturmpercht album. This album is pure weird Alpine-Folk music with martial drinking-songs, alpine battle-hymns and strange fairie-tales out from the deepest Austrian and Bavarian forests, all embedded in a breath of black Monty Python humour. a pearl of pure Alpine Folkmusic!

12 songs / 46 min.

ARCANA – The First Era 1996-2002 4CD
Very few bands evoke such awe and inspiration than this Swedish act driven by the now legendary talent of Peter Bjärgö. ARCANA have been pillars and always at the forefront of the so called Neo Classical / Heavenly Voices movement with their poignant, ethereal and medieval inspired music since their very first album, Dark Age Of Reason was released in 1996 on Sweden’s Cold Meat Industry label on which they subsequently released 3 other albums, Cantar De Procella (1997) …The Last Embrace (2000) and Inner Pale Sun (2002) making ARCANA one of the most regarded and praised act on the label. Sorrowful strings, Doomsday horns and trumpets, massive percussion and snares, bells, Dulcimer all interlaced with exquisite Male and Female voices create a quite singular atmosphere of grandeur and of melancholy for times long gone… ARCANA’s music leaves hardly no one indifferent, it’s able to touch and move in ways very few acts have been able to achieve, it’s music is timeless and rediscovering these albums years later certainly proves this…now sold out for some years we are pleased to present these classic albums together in a special format.
This 4CD box set includes the first 4 albums with bonus tracks taken from various compilations and mini albums covering the early days of this unique act. The first 3 albums have also been carefully ReMastered, “Dark Age Of Reason” by Peter Bjärgö and the “Cantar De Procella” and “…The Last Embrace” albums by Frederic Arbour. Limited edition of 2000 copies.
ROME – Nos Chants Perdus CD book
Over a series of remarkable concept albums, the Luxembourgish band ROME have developed a totally unique ‘poetry of longing’ which rings out from the dark melancholic mist of rootlessness and which gives expression to a comprehensive feeling of modern forlornness. The protagonists of their music are the unintentional ‘rebels’ of Camus (The Rebel; original: L’Homme révolté), contemporaries from the turbulent epochs of the 20th century: the banished and the hunted; the despised and the misunderstood – always enemies of dictatorship. This is what the songs of Jerome Reuter are about, firmly in the tradition of his declared heroes JACQUES BREL and LÉO FERRÉ, (on earlier albums also TOM WAITS and NICK CAVE). As regards content, Rome are inspired by world literature and the observant listener will be able to detect references to and quotations from ALBERT CAMUS, MARCEL PROUST, JEAN-PAUL SARTRE and JEAN GENET. This serves to create a new kind of intertextuality between word and sound.

Following on from their EP ‘L’Assassin’ (2010) ROME assiduously develop their sound further on the minimalistic, simple singer-songwriter album ‘Nos Chants Perdus’, slowly leaving the apocalyptic realms behind them. Catchy melodies, which breathe the timeless atmosphere of the metropolis on the Seine, impress themselves on the memory. The sonorous voice bears the weltschmerz as well as the yearning for freedom and peace. Apart from the French song titles the lyrics are primarily performed in English, while the music is constructed primarily with acoustic instruments: piano, guitar, touches of strings, accordion. They have largely relinquished electronic elements, which marks ‘Nos Chants Perdus’ out as a further stride in the work of the band.

‘Nos Chants Perdus’ by ROME is an exceptional and valuable example of the art of singer-songwriting, the likes of which haven’t been heard in this concentration and with such gravity for a long time.

ATTENTION: The album is published as a strictly limited special first edition.

CD in digibook format
Hardcover-book bound in linen with special black hotfoil debossing
40-pages extra-booklet, precious semi matte art print on selected high-quality paper and with elaborate “Singer” thread stitching
Including all lyrics and photographs by Achim Webel


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