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Dear friends around the globe,
here we are with one of the semi-annual updates from Boring Machines. Lots of new releases coming up, great satisfactions from recent releases and also new tours for some of our artists.

– K11/Philippe Petit “The Haunting Triptych” CD is receiving consensual praise and we are (again) very happy with this release. Philippe Petit and Pietro Riparbelli aka K11 have proved to be great artists in recent years with their works and the result of the union of this kindred spirits is one of the most intriguing, haunting and dark records we released.
“Dark, haunting, drone- like and hermetically closed. Not to be played in the dark by the  weak of hearth” VITAL WEEKLY
“The more we hear from these fellows…the more impressed we are. Wildly inventive. Top pick” BABY SUE
“Petit and Riparbelli submit their audience to a particularly chilling sonic assault.” THE MILK FACTORY
An exclusive track taken from the sessions of “The Haunting Triptch” will appear on the Under the Radar compilation on The Wire. Under the Radar is on free download to all The Wire subscribers.
Philippe Petit
K11/Pietro Riparbelli

– Mamuthones “Sator” CD is now sold out. The first edition has been so fortunate we decided to make a second pressing, again with a superblack embossed ecosleeve like the first limited edition. Very few copies of the white ultra limited edition with an extra track are still available directly from our shop, collector’s item!
Mamuthones is the solo project of Alessio Gastaldello, former drummer and co-founder of Jennifer Gentle, who previously released another fortunate album togheter with Fabio Orsi on A Silent Place.
“Sator is a splendid 53-minute journey into some mystical, esoteric and religious place where the ancient ways are still practiced. Recommended!” PSYCHOTROPIC ZONE
“…sitting here taking it all in, I am glad I am not in darkness” SUBBA CULTCHA
Promos of the second pressing available for press&radio people. contact:

We have a couple of new releases circulating in this hot summer:
– Jealousy Party “Live” is an amazing witness of the band captured live in Rome. Togheter with core members Mat Pogo and WJM Meatball, Andrea Caprara, Jacopo Andreini and Edoardo Ricci are on stage and they set the room on fire. Think of James Brown, KID606 and dada vocalism all at once. Yes we can, in Italy.
Jealousy Party
– Bachi da Pietra “Insect Tracks – live”. These insect tracks are the result of audio takes by Francesco Donadello and video takes by Luigi Conte and Rizoma Film, recorded on July 19 th , 2009 at the Teatro Dimora l’Arboreto in Mondaino. Tracks were recorded on analog tape, read by a Studer A80 tape machine and directly transferred on record by Roberto Barbolini in Bologna, in January 2010, using a Neumann VMS70 lathe and a SX74 cutting head. The recording and disc-cutting process has involved the use of the most sophisticated monophonic technologies from the Fifties along the whole manufacturing chain, from tape recording to vinyl cutting by means of a mechanical lathe. The outcome is a live record, divided into a day (without public) and a night (with public) section, and a movie, directed by Luigi Conte, witnessing the experiment by tracking its course.
Bachi da Pietra

The hot hot heat doesn’t stop us and we are preparing a bunch of new releases, set to hit the road in September and October:
– FaravelliRatti “Lieu”. FaravelliRatti is a duo comprised of Nicola Ratti (guitar) and Attila Faravelli (computer) who play with a tower of different prepared speakers and a taper recorder in between them. The idea is to fed speakers with different languages in the same space and have them resonate with the phisical space. Every speaker is prepared and positioned so the resonance can be controlled by the players, moving their bodies around the sound totem in between them. The result is liquid ambient music where the sonic ambience gains movement from guitar melodies which dive into the sonic ambience again.
The record is a limited edition of 200 LPs with a stunning cover designed by Cedric Eymener of Coriolis Lab. Release date: 15 September 2010.
Nicola Ratti
Attila Faravelli
– Andrea Marutti/Fausto Balbo “Detrimental Dialogue” CD is the collaboration between two experimental musicians whose first outputs date back in the early nineties and since then they have released many records, especially Marutti, ranging from dark ambient to industrial electronica. This collab project steps out of their personal path and put the focus on outer planets, sci-fi and weird creatures. As happened with Be Maledetto Now! “Abisso del Passato” the music is so powerful and evocative you can imagine yourself floating around distant planets on a zero-gravity spacecraft.
Andrea Marutti
Fausto Balbo
– Father Murphy “No Room for the Weak” CD. Father Murphy, the Italian weird rock trio whose previous album “…and He told us to turn to the Sun” was warmly embraced by both the UK and the US press and won fans like Julian Cope, Deerhoof and Michael Gira, are back with a new EP, four songs that are at the same time a confirmation and a step forward. There is a simply apocalyptic cover of Leonard Cohen’s There is a war and originals like You got worry are just pure Father Murphy, off kilter and dramatic in their own peculiar way.
But the crowning achievement of the EP is probably the 9-minute long We now pray with two hands, we now pray With true anger, a dark monolith of psychedelia and blackened drone rock located somewhere between early Amon Duul and Grails. Glorious and deathlike indeed, with its ringing bells and rattling guitars, but also quietly compelling and mesmerizing, a perfect realization of the band’s sound.
The record is released in October on CD, limited edition copies on 10″ will be available through Aagoo records (distributed by Cargo, P*DIS and Revolver) from September.
Father Murphy

– Father Murphy will follow the release of their new EP through Aagoo Records in the US with a long tour which will see them riding across US and Canada from early September through mid-October sharing stages with Sin Ropas, Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof. Dates and updated on Father Murphy’s space.
Be Invisible Now! is playing four shows in mid-August, part of a series of events where Boring Machines and Occulto Magazine will present their activities to some selected venues:
Aug 13th – Locarno (CH) @ Film Festival aftershow
Aug 17th – Berlin (DE) @General Public
Aug 18th – Berlin (DE) @Loophole
Aug 20th – Hamburg (DE) @POW Galerie

Thanks for reading, stay with the music
Onga / Boring Machines


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