Lots of NEW 2010 releases at our mailorder!

Dperd – Io Sono Un Errore (Darkwave)

Dreddup – El Conquistadors (Industrial)

Goatvargr – Black Snow Epoch (Power electronics)

Gospel of the Future – The Eclipse (Doom metal)

Inner Vision Laboratory – Anywhere Out Of The World (Dark ambient)

Ion – Immaculada (Ethereal folk)

Mystified – Passing Through The Outer Gates (Dark ambient)

Nekrasov – Cognition Of Splendid Oblivion (Black metal)

Nekrasov – Extinction (Black metal)

Nihil Novi Sub Sole – Jupiter Temple (Martial industrial)

Phaenon – His Master’s Voice (Dark ambient)

Rajna – Offering (Folk)

Secret Druid Society – Restless (Dark drone ambient)

Sehnsucht – Wuste (Noise/Dark ambient)

Skitliv – Bloodletting (Doom metal)

Thy Catafalque – Tuno Ido Tarlat (Black metal)

Von Thronstahl – Conscriptum (Martial industrial)

Von Thronstahl/The Days Of The Trumpet Call – Pessoa/Cioran (Martial industrial)

Wolfskin – Stonegates of Silence (Dark ambient)

Yen Pox – Blood Music (Dark ambient)

The full list of new stuff can be found here: http://blackdrone.com/products-page/new-arrivals/


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