Releases January-April 2011:

[BiP 064] Embryonik – Space Cadet:

Embryonik is back and after “Psycho Disko” he’s ready to rock the space dance floors with a new track titled “Space cadet”. The song is an upbeat electro dance tune based on warm pads, great vocoder vocals and spacey atmosphere. SPACE CADET contains fourteen versions of the original tune where you will find three different Embryonik remixes (“original”, “instrumental” and the cool electro but not spacey “moonbeam”) plus eleven other versions from eleven different producers… Read full review here

Available now at all the digital stores (Juno link). Expect a review on the forthcoming April issue (#497) of Dj Magazine

[BiP 065] Mike Ash – Stop The Machines:

I love records that get my head snappin’ within the first few bars. When it’s every cut off of an EP? Instant post going up on City of Bass. Mad propers to producer Mike Ash for this electro banger of an EP ‘Stop The Machines’, and mad propers to Binalog Productions for snapping this up and putting it out. All three cuts bang with the business, but ‘Let the Rhythm Hit Em’ is the one. If you’re an electro head, then you already know what I’m going to end this drop with —- Recommended.

Available now exclusively on Junodownload

[BiP 066] Noisebrigade – Plastic Fog:

The new release from Noisebrigade, PLASTIC FOG hit’s all of the right buttons and simultaneously takes you to 1982 dirty rotten scoundrel cocaine drug clubs and modern-day dark bunkers in Rotterdam and Berlin. Bunkers where the crowd rides these rhythms in lockstep with Dj’s spinning the platters. The cokes still there, but the new generation is getting off more on basslines. The PLASTIC FOG EP mixes it up with the dancefloor Italo groovers of ‘Soldiers’ and the most excellent ‘Hacking Your Brain’, as well as the more abstract funk of ‘Plastic Fog’ and ‘Bullets and Diodes’ for the headphone phreaks… Read full review here

Available now on Junodownload. Soon at all the digital stores.

[BiP 067] Diamondback Kid – Electro Superstar:

ELECTRO SUPERSTAR is the newest Diamondback Kid single and contains three blasters. Blending classic electrofunk influences as well as nu-electro sounds (see Blastromen as reference) “Humanize”, “Throw Yo Tats Up” and “Start Sum Shit” mix spacey atmospheres (check “Humanize” for this) as well as bringing in some bouncing lead synths which melodies will stuck into your head making you want to breakdance even if you don’t even know where to start (like on “Throw Yo Tats Up”) and also 80s classic atmospheres that remind me of Newcleus (see “Start Sum Shit”)… Read full review here

Available now exclusively on Junodownload

[BiP 068] R21 – Minimum Remixes:

Lifted from the Advanced Funk Vol.1 album, some of the electro worlds finest put their style on this stormer! Mike Ash, Xed, GROW, N-Ter, Microslav, Mirage, Pip Williams, Binalog and the master himself R21, offer 9 incredible remixes and lead this KILLER EP straight to the top of Juno’s Electro Charts!

Available now exclusively on Junodownload

[BiP 069] Fleck E.S.C. – Electro Space Cookie:

Words are not enough to describe this man’s music. After the excellent “Bruxia” (Ghost Technology) Franck Collin returns with a stunning album full of his unique electro madness!

Available now at all the digital stores. Get it at a reduced price via our Bandcamp page

Forthcoming releases by Jordan F, MetaComplex, Pip Williams, Hitachi II, Rogue Frequency and many other fine producers!

Binalog>>>Productions on wax!

Selected electro releases from our back catalogue are now available on vinyl format via Templeplate/ (vinyl-on-demand service)! Here’s the list:

BIPVD 042 : Binalog Freq – Transmission Ep (12”) BIPVD 042 : Binalog Freq – Transmission Ep (12”)

a1 – Transmission a2 – Transmission (Twisted rmx) b1 – Transmission (Bodypoppers United Stellar rmx) b2 – Transmission (Intergallactic B-Boy rmx)

BIPVD 046 : Alavux – Generation 1980 Ep (12”)

a1 – Generation 1980 a2 – Generation 1980 (Tsakiris Bootycall rmx) b1 – Generation 1980 (Binalog’s Funkin’ in Space rmx) b2 – Generation 1980 (Binalog’s Fightin’ in Space rmx)

BIPVD 048/052 : Binalog Freq – Accelerator/Funk Mechanic (10”)

a1 – Accelerator a2 – Accelerator (dub) b1 – Funk Mechanic b2 – Funk Mechanic (R21 Man Machine rmx)

BIPVD 051/056 : Urban Jedi – Daybreakers/Pathfinder (12”)

a1 – Daybreakers a2 – Rogue Robots b1 – Pathfinder b2 – Extraterrestrial Disc Jockey

BIPVD 053 : Pip Williams – Resistance Is Futile Ep (12”)

a1 – Resistance Is Futile a2 – Scanners b1 – Spiralled out of control b2 – Future Past

BIPVD 055 : R21 – Robot Funk Ep (12”)

a1 – Robot Funk (extended version)* b1 – Pop Bot b2 – Groove 1

BIPVD 060 : Binalog Freq – Ments 2010 Ep (12”)

a1 – Elements a2 – Elements (Pip Williams rmx) b1 – Elements (Prototype rmx) b2 – Elements (R21 5th Element rmx)

BIPVD 062 : Black Electronics – Rhythmic Ep (12”)

a1 – 808 Goddess a2 – Dub Goddess b1 – Zulu Attack b2 – 1984

*special extended version not available in the digital edition.

All tracks are remastered for maximum sonic quality. Some releases have slight (or… major) changes as far as it concerns the tracklist or they’re even consolidated, for the same reason.


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