One of the most anticipated electro releases for 2010, the double vinyl/digital compilation album Advanced Funk Vol.1, is now available for purchase on our store and the digital outlets over the net (see full list here)
17 tracks (vinyl edition contains 12) by the ‘cream of the crop’ of nu electro artists, like DJ Xed, Keith Tucker, Darxid, LektroiD, Protorype, R21, Paul Blackford and Robodrum, are already rockin’ this planet, having already enjoyed heavy broadcasting by all the favourite electro shows, including the famous White Noise, Dave Clarke‘s weekly show on the dutch radio 3FM (listen to the podcast here).
4 months in the making, this album is destined to define the nu electro scene, with its uniqueness in terms of quality and diversity of the sounds included. Here you can find all the ‘standard’ elements of original electro (vocoders, syncopated rhythms, futuristic effects and, of course, (((BASS))), enhanced with the bits that make the (unfortunately, still overlooked) nu electro scene special, like breakbeats, smart sampling, acid, techno and idm references. There’s already a nice review of the album on Amazon, that almost sums up all the above (read here)
This product is brought to you by people who really love and care about this scene and not by irrelevant A&R men or ‘gain chasers’. That’s why both the vinyl and the digital edition have been processed to their last detail in terms of compiling, production and mastering, and the sonic results are simply incredible!

Vinyl tracklist:

Side A

1.Eleztrik Body – Future LoFi
2.R21 – Minimum
3.Hitachi II – Tokyo City (Dub Mix)

Side B

1.Darxid – Eternity
2.DJ Xed feat. K-1 – Bass Your Fears
3.Morphogenetic – The Secret War

Side C

1.DJ Mirage – ElectroMech
2.Paul Blackford – Bacteria
3.Alavux – Natasha’s Funk

Side D

1.Prototype – Stimme Der Energie (Advanced Remix)
2.LektroiD – Parametric Shift
3.UKV – Mizar

Digital tracklist:

Vinyl tracklist, plus:

1.Robodrum – Army Of Droids
2.Dwellz Rawkz – Alien Menace
3.The Boyz From Tronn – The Rock
4.Ctrl.Alt.Del – Nightvision (GPS Updated)
5.George Tsakiris feat. Binalog – Afro Spacecraft

Extra info, artists bios and links, plus 1-minute high quality (mp3, 320kbps) soundclips of the tracks here. Stream and download for free the edited version of ‘AF1 Megamix’, mixed live by one of the best electro djs, Chris ‘Spotta’ Hawkins, here (this mix has been given away with the pre-orders of the vinyl edition and it is not available commercially)

This is going to be a classic compilation for the nu electro genre. Grab your vinyl copy while you still can; tomorrow it may be gone* forever!!!
*limited edition of 250 2×12” copies, standard black vinyl, 140g

Best Regards
Evangelos aka Binalog Freq


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